Tissot V8 Series Limited Edition Grandly Launched

The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot is proud to announce that it will become the official designated timekeeper for the Fifth East Asian Games. The Games will be held in Shanda, Hong Kong from December 5th to 13th, 2009. This cooperation once again demonstrates Tissot’s enthusiasm for sports and its commitment to accurate timekeeping, and reflects the brand’s emphasis on the Asian market. At that time, Tissot will join hands with this biennial sports event to bring dynamic, energetic and wonderful moments to Asia. It will also write a glorious history in the history of Tissot sports sponsorship.

At the same time, the brand has launched a limited edition Tissot V8 Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games limited edition watch for this sports event. Each watch’s bottom cover is printed with the official logo of the East Asian Games and is engraved with a unique number in the world to witness Hong Kong. An important historical moment in sports. Its series name ‘V8’ is derived from the V8 engine, which has 8 cylinders and is arranged in a ‘V’ pattern. At present, this engine is used in F1 cars, showing its stable performance. From the name point of view, it has the pure blood of racing watches. And its precise timing function also makes full use of the fast and precise control performance of the car. As a true sports watch, the V8 naturally possesses two superb ‘professional skills’, namely, cumulative cumulative timing and simultaneous segmented timing. When coupled with a precision speedometer, the rapid gallop time is under control. Tissot’s V8 upgrade series with high precision and racing elements will definitely inspire the wearer’s unlimited power and bring extraordinary riding pleasure. The watch is limited to 888 pieces worldwide, and it is believed that it will attract collectors’ pursuit.

Technical Parameters:

-Water-resistant to 100 meters / 10 atmospheres
-Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-316L stainless steel strap with safety buckle

Jaquet Drozthanks Without Limits

Mother love is a great hymn to bear the time of life. The warmth of May, which is warmed by the spring breeze, also welcomes the most beautiful festival in the world-Mother’s Day. The fascinating charm of watches is that the invisible and invisible shadows stop the years and settle the pulse of tenderness. Just like what a mother means to her children, the blood-soluble love will not fade away at any time.

 The white horse travels through the ages without change and has nearly three centuries of historical JAQUET DROZ. In 1785, it first created the Grande Seconde concept of the large second hand, interpreting the passage of time in a new way and becoming a brand classic. The dial design is inspired by the number 8. On the same dial, the hour and minute display eccentrically set at 12 o’clock, and the second dial set at 6 o’clock hug: perfectly fit the aesthetic idea of ​​JAQUET DROZ’s poetic avant-garde. The intertwined inner dial, like the true and endless love between mother and child, embracing and relying on each other is the permanent spiritual pillar of the other party. The number 8 also contains the meaning of ‘∞’, just like the great continuation of the life that mothers give their children, creating the eternity of affection. The time is flowing, but the tenderness is precipitated. On this special festival, JAQUET DROZ is grateful to his wrist with his unending eternal symbol, and is a gift to every great mother.

Grande Seconde Circled

 For more than 200 years, the JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde series has fulfilled an eternal promise with its elegance and elegance. The JAQUET DROZ gold ring inlaid large seconds watch with diamonds, its gems are dazzling under the light, exposing superb jewelry setting technology. The art of timing makes the noble and gorgeous under the glittering diamond. Make every woman who wears it feel happy. . The pure white mother-of-pearl dial is like the mother’s pure selfless love, condensing the ingenuity of JAQUET DROZ, like drawing the craziest painting on a blank canvas. Excellent craftsmanship combined with exquisite aesthetics, JAQUET DROZ gold ring inlaid large seconds hand watch with its graceful form gives the most affectionate record of time.

 The white mother-of-pearl faceplate shines pure purity, and the total weight of the inlaid diamond is 2.186 carats representing infinite thanks.

 Grande Seconde Ceramic Mother-of-Pearl

 JAQUET DROZ ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds watch once again shows the brand’s ability to continue to surpass itself in the production process. Behind the white and flawless rustic appearance is the essence of superb craftsmanship and innovative spirit. The ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds watch uses the classic pattern of JAQUET DROZ: the number 8. The case is made of extremely exquisite ceramic material, which is more modern. A pure white strap made of rubber is set with 4 diamonds, and the bright colors change with the change of light. The white mother-of-pearl dial exudes a rainbow of light, giving the wearer a refined elegance. No doubt a great choice for Mother’s Day.

 Ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds watch is affectionate and elegant

Hamilton Adventure Elvis 80th Anniversary Edition Tribute To The 80th Birthday Of The King Of Rock With Future Design And 80 Hour Power Reserve

Under the ultra-modern outerwear, Hamilton Adventure Elvis Presley 80th Anniversary Edition is full of vitality, paying tribute to Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday. Ventura Adventure is the iconic product of the Hamilton brand. Its unique shield-shaped case is memorable. It joined the King of Rock in the film ‘Blue Hawaii’ in 1961. In 2015, this adventure, commonly known as the “Elvis Watch”, conquered many technical and material challenges and entered a new era of design. Its automatic model is specially equipped with a Hamilton H-10 self-moving core with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, pushing the legend to the future.
Lead the times
   Innovation is the label of the Adventure watch, born in 1957, it is the world’s earliest battery-powered watch. The 80th Anniversary Edition of Adventure Elvis uses a breakthrough process and design. The mirror is a large arc-cut convex sapphire. The dial is also designed in a retro-style arch. The case is full of modernity. Strap. These new elements are fused between the square inches of the triangle, creative and compelling. The new case uses two brushing processes, smooth brushing and polishing. Compared with the 75-year-old Elvis watch with sharp edges, the appearance is smoother. Elvis Presley’s genre blends country and blues blues, leading a popular era. The Elvis Presley 80th Anniversary Edition watch also uses future design and innovative materials to bring the legend to the future.

Hamilton Adventure Elvis 80th Anniversary Automatic

Wrist symbol
   The Hamilton Adventure Elvis 80th Anniversary Edition is not only eye-catching, but also fits the wrist and is comfortable to wear. It has two configurations of automatic mechanical movement and quartz movement, and there are many materials and colors to choose from. Black and black meet on the automatic model, and the black PVD stainless steel case is equipped with a sporty rubber strap or a coiled leather strap. The quartz model has the original metallic luster of stainless steel, with three straps: stainless steel, rubber and cowhide. The strap and the irregular case are perfectly spliced ​​at the two ends to blend together. The second hand and 12 to 3 o’clock scale of the watch are painted in the prominent Hamilton brand color-orange. The traditional triangular dial evolved into a chic and irregular trapezoid under the creativity of the designers.

Hamilton Adventure Elvis 80th Anniversary Quartz

   Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Watch combines the free spirit of the American spirit with the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. He has performed well in the field of aviation watches, and has gained a reputation for his deep relationship with Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters so far. Hamilton is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor.
Technical Parameters
Hamilton Adventure Elvis 80th Anniversary Automatic
42.5 mm x 44.6 mm
Case Stainless steel, black PVD
Dial black arched
Hands Nickel-plated, white Superluminova
Strap black rubber or leather
Movement H-10 automatic, power reserve up to 80 hours
Mirror anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistant to 50 meters
Suggested Retail Price RMB 11,050
Hamilton Adventure Elvis 80th Anniversary Quartz
42.5 mm x 44.6 mm
Case Stainless steel
Dial black arched
Hands Nickel-plated, white Superluminova
Strap Stainless steel, black rubber or leather
Movement F06.111 Quartz
Mirror anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistant to 50 meters
Suggested retail price RMB 7,700 – 8,300

Beautiful Picture Scroll Montblanc Star Series 103111 Watch Appreciation

Montblanc is a well-known German watch brand. It is well-known in the country and has achieved little success in many industries. Watches are one of the important industries. In addition to continuous innovation, outstanding appearance And performance gradually leaves a mark in people’s hearts.
The spring of all things has entered, the arrival of spring symbolizes a new cycle, and the changes of the stars and the moon have performed the life cycle since ancient times. Today, we will introduce a Montblanc Star Women’s Watch with moon phase display. Its official model is 103111.

Montblanc Star Series 103111 watch has a 36 mm diameter and stainless steel case. Eight mother-of-pearl diamonds are evenly distributed on the mother-of-pearl dial. The classic three-handed pointer accurately indicates each wonderful moment. The onion-shaped crown is engraved with Montblanc’s iconic hexagonal star shape, demonstrating the nobility of its famous origins.
 Three hexagon stars of different sizes on the dial closely connect the moon phase display window with the unique date display at 6 o’clock, forming a beautiful picture.

The simple and low-key noble atmosphere shows off the elegance of the wrist. The streamlined lines of the Montblanc Star Women’s Moon Phase watches are exquisite and elegant, which contains the unique charm of women. In addition to this watch, the Montblanc Star Women’s Moon The watch also has a watch with bezels set with fine diamonds, and the brilliant fine diamonds are more elegant and charming.
 Watch details: montblanc / 8245 /

Parmigiani Opens A Shop In Yas Mall In Abu Dhabi

Recently, Parmigiani, Switzerland’s top independent watch brand, joined hands with long-term retail partner Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons to open a new shop-in-shop in Yas Mall.
A corner of Yas Mall Parmigiani
Yas Mall Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons Store Entrance
   Yas Mall is located on Yas Island and covers an area of ​​2.5 million square feet (approximately 235,000 square meters). It is only 20 minutes and 10 minutes away from the city center and Abu Dhabi International Airport, providing unparalleled local residents and international tourists. shopping experience.
A corner of the Emirates Palace Parmigiani store
Emirates Palace Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons Store Entrance

   In addition, Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons also recently refurbished Parmigiani’s formerly located in Emirates Palace.
   The refurbished Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons retail store features an open space design that presents a luxurious shopping experience, and displays Parmigiani’s rich collection of watches and fine watchmaking. Emirates Palace is a traditional Arabic architectural style. As many as 114 18-meter-high domes are breathtaking, gorgeous rooms, precious furniture, gold and marble decoration all interpret the essence of luxury.

Recommendation Of Jaeger-lecoultre’s 2014 Sihh New Flip Watch

Jacques Jaeger-LeCoultre is a well-known Swiss watch brand with a long history and rich experience in watchmaking. It is a pioneer of top watchmaking technology. The flip series is a very classic series of Jaeger-LeCoultre. It was introduced in 1931 and was specially designed for polo sports. It has a history of nearly 100 years since its development. Watch use.
The flip series is the most individual style in the Jaeger-LeCoultre series. It is not just a watch concept, but also the meaning of accessories. The square dial may not be so beautiful in the eyes of our people, but it is still very much recognized by foreign friends. The steel case is also more solid, so there will not be too much burden on the price.

Its function is a 24-hour day and night display, which is not a very practical function. Perhaps it is not prominent in daily life. However, the value of this function can be reflected in a dark place, which can effectively distinguish between day and night.

This watch is a new model launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre this year. It is expected that it will be domestic at the end of this year. This is also a custom, and the price should be around 10W. The case size is 46 * 28 millimeters, which is a normal size in the field of square watches, but you will feel unbelievable. The inscription on the back is also its biggest feature, which is unmatched by other watches. The function is not bad. It can be used in cave exploration. It should not be used in daily life.
 Watch details: lecoultre / 32605 /

Radar Open Up It

Jane sir has a radar. I have worn it for more than 20 years. I checked it out and it was at least 95 new, with almost no old appearance. The strap of this radar case is ceramic. It is undeniable that this material is fragile, but its anti-scratch and anti-wear properties are also true. I believe that many people’s perception of the radar brand will start with ceramics. However, starting this year, I am afraid that I will have to change my mind slightly, because radar seems to have ‘knocked’ and made a fierce angle-Captain Cook, is a The most modern diving watch under this brand is a highly original work. Radar has always been a brand that is more in pursuit of modern design. Since the 1980s, the innovation of ceramics and other shell materials is the brand gene, but nowadays, almost any watch factory cannot ignore the appeal of retro style. So how to interpret modern and retro, so there is Captain Cook. It is said to be highly original, because similar designs on the market don’t seem to exist yet. Captain Cook has three diameter cases, combined with different colors and different straps, can provide consumers with more than ten choices. The three diameters are 37mm, 42mm, and 45mm. The first two are in line with most Asian wrists. There have been many articles introduced in China. This article will take a look at the largest one. The material is a scratch-resistant titanium alloy. The bezel design is very special. Inserting it inward, the overall vision is easy to focus on the simple main surface. The basic three-pin plus single calendar display function is good Luminous performance. At 12 o’clock is the iconic rotating radar anchor, a brand design detail that many people miss. The silver polished anchor under the background of the red circle can rotate freely under the effect of gravity, just like a small automaton. This kind of disk design that relies on gravity to produce different effects, I will think of Chopard’s happy diamond, but the radar anchor will not occupy the time reading space, just as a finishing touch, wonderful. The buckle is a butterfly buckle, which is easy to pick and wear. The back of the case is densely packed with an ETA C07.611 movement inside, which is actually an 80-hour movement, but it is named differently according to the brand (Tissot, Mido, Hamilton), but the radar is not added. ‘Powermatic’. The C07 movement is the exclusive self-produced movement of the Swatch Group, which is only used by internal brands. Based on the ETA 2824-2 movement, it has been upgraded and upgraded, and has some improvements in the original stability, such as the balance spring system upgrade, silicon balance spring The application of the material will make the travel more accurate. As for the vibration frequency, from 4Hz to 3Hz, I have asked such a question before-‘Does the higher the vibration frequency make it more accurate?’ The answer is ‘not exactly’. Find a balance between accuracy and durability, because frequency reduction can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the movement of the movement and delay the depletion of watch oil, prolong the later maintenance cycle, and save costs for consumers in the later maintenance. Captain Cook’s domestic public price range is between 15,000 and 20,000 in different sizes. Do you think it looks good? Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch

Received Ms. Heart Menslinger Series Watch Recommendation

The Lingni series was launched by Baume & Mercier for women in 1987. Later, in order to meet the needs of fashionable ladies, a new concept of replaceable strap was introduced, which can be easily replaced in use. Straps, and often each watch is also sold with a different color and type of strap. With the love of mechanical watches by women later, Baume & Mercier also launched the Ling Ni watch with an automatic movement for the first time, so that women who love mechanical watches can also enjoy the fun of watching the movement through the case back.

Today, we introduce to you the Lingni series chronograph model 10017. Although it is a sports watch, it does not lose its feminine elegance, and it will surely capture the hearts of many women.
Since its first launch, the Ling Ni watch has become a model for fashion women’s watches. The sparkling diamonds inlaid on the 32mm stainless steel case and the sparkling diamonds on the strap complement each other, adding a feminine femininity to the dynamic sports watch. The triple folding clasp on the stainless steel strap makes wearing more convenient and safer.

As a sports watch, the chronograph function is of course essential. The mother-of-pearl dial is evenly distributed with 60-second, 30-minute, and 12-hour chronograph dials to record every wonderful moment in your life.
 The Baume & Mercier watch series, smooth and soft lines, sexy and feminine curves, and distinctive luxury temperament, perfectly interpret the ultimate charm of women. The Lingni series also has various styles with different sizes and different materials. The colorful choice attracts every colorful and individual woman with unparalleled charm.
 Watch details: baume / 8349 /

Briefing The Legacy Of Contemporary Classics Bulgari New Watch Introduction

The years are changing, and the tide is cycling. The BVLGARI ROMA series has always been the same, and it has continued to show enduring fashion and modernity over time. In 2012, BVLGARI recreated this legendary watch, giving this watch, which has a history of nearly 40 years, a modern look again.
   The BVLGARI Bulgari family has always been keen to break tradition and challenge the long-established watchmaking conservatism with bold declarations. The appearance of the BVLGARI ROMA series, which was born in 1975, can be described as a huge change in the watchmaking industry.
   The inspiration for this creation dates back to ancient Rome. On the Apennine peninsula, the emperors of the Roman rule of ancient Rome were keen to mint coins to show off. They engraved their avatars and year numbers on the coins, declaring supreme authority, supreme power, and peerless glory. The bezel engraved with the BVLGARI Bulgari logo is a major feature of the BVLGARI ROMA series, highlighting that BVLGARI Bulgari, an outstanding representative of Italian classic art, comes from the prestige and glory of this immortal city. Today, the bezel of the BVLGARI logo has become an indispensable classic element in this series of overall design, condensed in a formal way on the I-wheel geometry. This series of condensed low-key elegance, achieves a quiet shadow, and brings people back to the era of ancient Rome.
   The birth of the BVLGARI ROMA series marks a major turning point in the watchmaking field in the mid-1970s, setting a new milestone for BVLGARI in the history of watchmaking-it has led the watchmaking industry to integrate the brand logo into the dial design. Brand new trend, BVLGARI Bulgari became the leader of the ‘innovation breakthrough’ trend.
   Since then, BVLGARI Bulgari began to more confidently introduce the brand imprint into the brand watch design. In 1977, BVLGARI Bvlgari launched the first BVLGARI BVLGARI watch, a perfect interpretation of its classic brand symbolism style. Similar to the BVLGARI ROMA series, the BVLGARI BVLGARI double logo design has developed into a fashion standard, and its significance is not limited to just a watch design, but also conveys important values ​​in architecture, sociology and aesthetics.

   Over the years, the BVLGARI ROMA series has become more timeless and classic. In 2012, its light engraved with the beauty of classics will be re-interpreted. From the original symbol of bold innovation, to the brilliance of elegance and luxury, to today’s exquisite and elegant endorsement, this watch engraved with the double BVLGARI Bulgari logo travels through the eternity of time and has a rich and diverse expression. Today, the brand-new BVLGARI ROMA series has been carefully crafted to create a style image with a sense of time, but still retains the unique classicism of the classic style. BVLGARI Bulgari’s self-confidence and admiration for this classic style can be seen in this classic design that has not changed in nearly 40 years, and this spirit is unprecedented in the entire 20th century watchmaking history.
   2013 will be an important year for BVLGARI Bulgari to create the classic beauty of contemporary watches, and at this time the BVLGARI ROMA series is launched, which can be seen as BVLGARI Bulgari’s best interpretation of classics. The launch of this series reflects the infinite creativity contained in BVLGARI, an ancient brand that originated in Rome.
  The signature theme on the bezel of the BVLGARI ROMA series opens up a whole new concept for watch design, and strongly proves the classic aesthetic values ​​of BVLGARI Bulgari-the simple and refined classic refinement can also convey the ultimate elegant taste. The application of BVLGARI’s self-winding movement is the finishing touch. BVLGARI’s self-developed movement is housed in an elegantly curved 18-karat rose gold case with a black alligator leather strap, creating the BVLGARI ROMA series of watches that reflect timeless beauty.
   The BVLGARI ROMA series is limited to 250 pieces.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Purely Creative Tasting Athens Nautical Observatory Watch

Since 1846, Athens watches have been famous for making innovative and precise timepieces. Therefore, naval commanders and merchant ship captains around the world have successively pursued the figures of Athens watch astronomical clock and observatory pocket watches. The Athens watch in Le Roque, Switzerland, always releases stunning and award-winning watches every few years.

   Athenaeum’s work has always been unique and creative, presenting real technology in a pure way, incorporating the epitome of innovative technology, such as this Athenian Maritime Observatory (model: 1182-310 / 40).

   The watch uses a 42mm 18K rose gold case, a white dial, and a white dial with a standard needle layout, making this watch look dignified and retro. The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap and a folding buckle. It is equipped with the Athens UN-118 movement. The watch has passed the Observatory certification and the Athenian Observatory professional certification.

   18K rose gold crown, with the Athens brand logo engraved on the crown.

   Black alligator leather strap with black stitching and an 18K rose gold folding buckle.

   Coin-shaped grooved bezel with the number of the next watch printed on the side of the case.

   White dial, standard hand layout, power reserve display at 12 o’clock, small seconds and date at 6 o’clock. The watch has the classic characteristics of the Marine series, including the characteristic hour and minute hands, Roman numerals, showing a hint of retro.

   The watch is equipped with the UN-118 movement and uses a gold oscillating weight to get rid of the decoration of the Athens brand logo. The movement uses silicon technology and DIAMonSIL technology to ensure accurate and stable travel time and provide a 60-hour power reserve. This watch has passed the Observatory certification and the Athenian Observatory professional certification.

Summary: The Athens Marine series full of ocean flavor brought us a grand feast of watch viewing, the dial’s orthodox standard needle layout, unique watch design and precise and guaranteed watch core, from the outside Impeccable inside. This watch is currently on the market.