Tissot Tissot Watch With Accurate Timing Glory To Witness The Opening Of The 2019 Fiba ​​basketball World Cup In China

[August 31] In the attention of the world fans, the 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball WorldCup (2019 FIBABasketballWorldCup) started wonderfully. The Chinese team played against Côte d’Ivoire for the first time, and the battle was fierce. The players from both sides presented a fierce and bloody duel. In the end, the Chinese team defeated Côte d’Ivoire with a 70-55 record and made a great start to the World Cup. TISSOT will be used as the official timer partner of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup in this fierce battle consisting of a championship trophy, 32 national teams, 92 matches and 650 million basketball fans. A 24-second timer and a timing and scoring system that are fully operational in each venue are used to accurately watch every moment with you.

TISSOT watches the 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup with precise timing

Minutes of the field, providing precise timing

   With the great expectations and warm cheers from the world’s basketball fans, the biennial FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup was held in China for the first time this year, and it instantly set off a wave of basketball fanaticism. In a basketball court where every minute counts, it is especially important to have reliable and accurate timing to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the results. Adhering to the concept of ‘innovation, derived from tradition’, TISSOT has become the official timer partner of this event with its leading timing technology. TISSOT has a long history of sports genes. Since 1883, the brand has been involved in sports events, and manufactures professional timers. For more than 100 years, TISSOT has always provided official designated timers for many international sports events with advanced technology, successfully ensuring accurate recording and transmission of various data, and this technology will also be used in the current FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. The game became one of the focus of much attention.

Highlights of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup China 2019

   TISSOT developed a 24-second timer and scoring system specifically for this game, which can provide real-time, comprehensive and accurate data support for the game. The new TISSOT 24-second timer, in addition to the hardware system including the three modules of 24 seconds, pause and match time timer, also uses the latest research and development of LED display technology, its display effect and digital jump rate Both are industry-leading levels, and their strength and toughness have also been significantly improved. In the manufacturing process, using steel balls to freely fall from a height of 9 meters will not cause any damage. And the timer’s digital jump speed is very fast, even high-speed cameras can not capture this process, which can provide referees with reliable image records and assist referees and playback centers to make key decisions. At the same time, the system uses the touch tablet terminal developed by TISSOT to perform timing operations. The operation interface is simple and clear, and the function is powerful, which simplifies the operation of the timekeeper as much as possible, and further improves the accuracy of time recording and competition The clarity of the rhythm indication.

TISSOT 24-second timer and scoring system

   In addition to providing time records, the system is also responsible for scores, data statistics, and releases. It has strong data processing and transmission capabilities, and provides accurate, reliable time, score, and technical statistics for on-site, media centers, and world audiences. The new timing and scoring system is the core industry authority of the TISSOT brand. This system will play a key role in the current FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, leading fans around the world to experience and record the passion of basketball.

TISSOT Tissot timekeeping and scoring system leads fans to experience the surging blood of basketball

Motor genes, leading interactive experiences

   In addition to the exciting and exciting games, the dazzling TISSOT interactive experience area in the venue once again attracted the attention of many fans. The container-type booth design is dominated by bright red, and the overall design is full of blood and youthfulness. It has a visual impact and echoes the enthusiasm of basketball on the court. The open TISSOT Tissot exhibition hall is equipped with a shooting machine, which arouses the enthusiasm of the guests at the scene. It seems that the fiery passion of the game has spread beyond the stadium. In the immersive experience, you can feel the dynamic nature of the TISSOT Tissot brand, and the constant Pursue precise spiritual core. At the same time, TISSOT has also expanded and upgraded the brand experience circle strategy through an interactive experience space to allow more modern young people and sports enthusiasts to deepen their understanding of the TISSOT brand spirit.

TISSOT interactive experience area in the 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup competition venue

    In the TISSOT exhibition stand, a new Tissot Speedline FIBA ​​special watch is displayed. With a sporty and exquisite appearance, many guests stop and admire. This watch draws inspiration from the design and materials of basketball. The strap is equipped with the FIBA ​​official basketball leather strap, with a large 45 mm diameter dial, showing the dynamic and passion of basketball on the wrist. The back cover engraved with the official logo of FIBA ​​not only shows the sincere respect of TISSOT for this cooperation, but also becomes a precious memorial for this event. The Tissot Speeder series FIBA ​​special watch, with its sporty design, has become the perfect choice for basketball fans to include in their pockets.

Tissot Speeding Series FIBA ​​Special

    The 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup has begun in China, and will be held in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Foshan, and Dongguan in 16 days from August 31 to September 15 . As an official timer partner, TISSOT uses superb watchmaking technology, advanced timing technology and interesting interactive space to bring a wonderful viewing experience for basketball fans and sports fans.

Movado Concerto Series Couple Pair Table

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for lovers who fall in love. In the face of their beloved, the lover will make every effort to give some special gifts, although flowers and chocolates are Valentine’s gifts Eternal theme, but people always want to express their deep love for love with unique gifts. Swiss professional watch brand-Movado MOVADO has created several couple watch pairs for everyone during this romantic moment, bringing the romantic atmosphere that permeates the wrist, presenting the sweetest gift from the lover.
  Modern people’s lifestyles are different. The constant companionship of lovers may be a luxury, but such a beautiful love can be retained forever through a special token of the watch. Movado’s new concerto series couples watch, classic chain link bracelet, interlocking, like an inescapable love network, netting you, netting him, no matter where you are, within easy reach Like romantic interdependence.
The Movado Men’s Concerto Automatic Watch was introduced for the first time at the 2012 Basel Watch Fair. It is modern and elegant without losing the determination of men. The 40mm polished round case is equipped with an embedded crown, the iconic Museum & reg; the dial of the museum is decorated with a subtle and subtle minute scale ring, hour and minute indexes, silvery hands, and a date at 6 o’clock Display window and classic ‘sun’ pit design at 12 o’clock. The women’s concerto watch, with its soft and elegant design, was well received when it was launched in 2010, perfectly interpreting the elegant and agile temperament of women.
  The Movado Concerto series watches have a moist round shape as the design theme, integrating nostalgia and legendary dial design, highlighting the distinguished and unique temperament.
Product Information (Men’s):
Movement: High-quality Swiss automatic movement.
Dial: Black three-handed Museum & reg dial, with subtle and subtle minute scale ring, hour and hour scales at 12 o’clock, classic rhodium-plated ‘sun’ design, with silver crown hand There is a date display window at the location.
Case: Pure stainless steel case, embedded crown, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 3ATM.
Bracelet: Polished and brushed stainless steel bracelet with button butterfly clasp.
Size: Men’s (40mm)
Model: 0606542
Product information (women):
Movement: High-quality Swiss quartz movement.
Dial: White mother-of-pearl Museum & reg; dial with a subtle and subtle minute scale ring, the classic rhodium-plated ‘sun’ design at 12 o’clock, with silver crown hands.
Case: Polished stainless steel case, bezel set with 36 diamonds (0.36 carats), embedded crown, wear-resistant sapphire crystal. Water-resistant to 3ATM.
Bracelet: Polished stainless steel bracelet with butterfly clasp.
Size: Ladies (30mm)
Model: 0606421

Bingfeng Challenge Tasting Emilon Challenger Bingfeng Watch

The climbing environment is severe, suffering and crisis, but in the high latitude mountains, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of Jun Shi and Bingfeng. At the 44th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2016, Emilion launched the Challenger series Ice Cliff watch, the official model: 08.1170.G.
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

  The round case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 40 mm. The polished and satin matte surface is interwoven with light and shadow, and is waterproof to 30 meters.

   Equipped with a pitted crown, shoulder guards on both sides, and engraved with the brand logo on the crown for easy and safe adjustment.

   The three-dimensional inner shadow circle plate is matched with a silver-white sun sand plate surface, and is inlaid with a white luminous nail table mirror, which reproduces the mood of ice peaks on the glacier interacting with the rocks.

   Equipped with a fully automatic mechanical movement, with hours, minutes, seconds, and calendar display functions, the date display window is set at 3 o’clock.

   Has a stainless steel strap with folding clasp.

   The above is the information related to the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone in the future. Everyone pays attention. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)
2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Special Report

Perseverance And Tasting Tasting Emilion Ice Peak Blue Watch

Always adhere to the natural way of learning, the Swiss high-end watch brand Amyron, which is backed by Jura and faces the Alps, is still full of enthusiasm for clock creation, taking nature as inspiration for us Worn out a breathtaking classic watch. Following the successful launch of the first Ice Cliff watch, Emile Chouriet ventured into the Alps again, and launched two cliff-like timepieces at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2017. Among them, there is a new blue dial timepiece with a glacier vision that I will introduce to you today. Let’s take a look at it together:

   The new watch in the Bingfeng series is designed to express a thrilling ascent. And this watch symbolizes the quiet lake between two mountain peaks. Show us the brand’s respect for nature.

   The watch’s stainless steel case has a diameter of 40 millimeters. After grinding, it has a sharp sense of sight and is very beautiful.

   The three-dimensional dial looks beautiful and looks like a clock gear. It is designed to be majestic and awe-inspiring. On the undulating dial, the peaks are distributed clockwise, while the steep edges on the inner bezel are distributed counterclockwise, turning the entire watch into a snow-capped ice peak. Just like the plateau and the lake, its hour markers and Roman numerals seem to be covered with a thick layer of snow, shining in the dark; the date display window of the watch is at 3 o’clock.

   The watch is equipped with EC9316 movement to ensure accurate travel time. With both time and date display, it adds charm to the watch.

   Equipped with a blue PU strap, it is exquisite and generous, full of sporty atmosphere, perfectly integrated with the dial, showing the unique style of the watch.

   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Breitling Launches A Limited Edition Transoceanic Chronograph

Yellow and white dual-tone dial, retro-style chronograph display and double bottom: Breitling limited edition Transocean chronograph reinterprets the contemporary classic style of the Ocean series and Breitling with the unique spirit The chronograph is closely linked.

   The design of this watch was inspired by a star product in 1958. It is an ultra-precision watch, which is shock-resistant, magnetic-resistant and waterproof. It came into being with the booming development of international air travel. The Transocean Collection reflects the spirit of the era of luxury long-haul aircraft and great sailing. Today, Breitling relaunches it in a creative limited series.

   The dial is equipped with two retro-style chronograph displays. The date display window is decorated with silver tones at six o’clock and the capital letter ‘B’ at 12 o’clock. The technical style perfectly matches the classic chronograph.

   Let’s take another look at this watch. The double-layered back of the stainless steel case provides space and possibility for personalized engraving. Through the sapphire crystal back, you can see the beauty of the mechanical operation of the movement. The Breitling Caliber 01 high-performance self-winding chronograph movement equipped with this watch has been officially certified by COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency).

   The Breitling limited edition transoceanic chronograph is equipped with a stainless steel mesh strap. Of course, leather and crocodile straps are also available. The global edition is limited to 2,000 pieces. Pure chronograph, pure Breitling.

technical details

Self-developed Caliber 01 high-performance automatic winding movement Passed official COSC certification
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Number of gems: 47
Power reserve 70 hours
Function 1/4 second 30 minute calendar
Case 43 mm stainless steel case
Table mirror: curved sapphire lens, anti-glare on both sides
Case back Both case backs are made of clear sapphire crystal
Strap Barenia leather Alligator leather Classic military / marine style
Water-resistant to 100 meters

Panerai Panerai Contemporary Heroes Survival Timing Tools Exhibition Announces Tourbillon Timetable And Luminor Marina Blue Surface Table

What do you think of when you mention the ocean? For Panerai, the ocean world may be extremely dangerous, but it is a paradise for explorers looking for underwater giants and underwater treasures. In May of 2019, Panerai Panerai transformed into a deep and complex underwater world on the east coast of Minsheng Art Terminal in Shanghai, presenting a contemporary hero survival timepiece exhibition.

Panerai recently held a ‘Survival Timing Tools Exhibition’ in Shanghai to showcase the essence of the brand’s watchmaking technology

An interactive, dynamic installation covering more than 800 square meters of space, guests can enjoy 360 ° panoramic views of the abyss of the sea, accompanied by swarms of hungry sharks, walking through the wreckage of the 19th to 20th centuries

Alvaro Maggini, the first creative director in Panerai’s brand history, who took office in February this year. ‘I hope that our guests can enjoy a rare and heroic epic experience in the contemporary world while enjoying luxury. Panerai’s survival timing tool will become them in the face of the challenges we set. A reliable helper. ‘With this event, Panerai also released three new models: Luminor Tourbillon GMT tourbillon timetable, Luminor Marina 42 mm (PAM01028) and 44 mm (PAM01058) models.

The tourbillon timetable uses a P.2005 / T movement with a 6-day power reserve. The faceplate has the functions of hours, minutes, small seconds and day and night indication, and outlines extremely complex geometric figures, full of strong Architectural aesthetics

The tourbillon two-time watch has a case called direct metal laser sintering technology. Through the use of optical fiber lasers, Tier 5 titanium powders are layered on top of each other. The superimposed titanium layers are completely hardened. After forming, it can reach 40% lighter than traditional titanium metal materials. The Carbotech bezel reveals Panerai’s exciting new horizons and heights.

The Luminor Marina watch is equipped with the P. 9010 movement. In addition to its performance changed to a straddle-type balance bridge that helps stability, it is more sensible to reduce the thickness and make the model thinner.

The Luminor Marina watch (PAM01028) has attracted attention as soon as it was launched. Its chain design still reverts to the old design of 2007, which evokes the memories of many watch fans for a while, and the blue dial style makes the market more attractive. multiple choice. This time the chain belt modification is more like a retro method, that is, it has a stronger brand recognition. Generally, the price of the chain belt model will be slightly higher than the belt or tape model, but in the case of PAM01028, the price is Not so much, for those who like Panerai, this watch has its relatively rare appeal.

Luminor Tourbillon GMT “Lo Scienziato” PAM00768

Titanium, Carbotech material / P.2005 / T self-winding movement / Hour, minute, small seconds display / Tourbillon device / Dual time display / Power reserve display / Sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / Water-resistant 300 meters / Table diameter 47mm / Limited 150 pieces / Reference price: 1,030,000 RMB

Luminor Marina 42mm

Stainless steel / P. 9010 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 42mm / reference price: 60,000 RMB / 44mm style reference Price: 61,000 RMB

New Dial Factory In Glashütte For The Production Of Dials

On March 6, 2013, Glashütte’s factory dedicated to dial production was completed. Günter Wiegand, General Manager of Glashütte, presided over the inauguration of the new dial production plant in Pforzheim, Germany. Mr. Wiegand and factory manager Kurt Müller led the guests through a well-lit 1,300-square-meter building.

 With a large investment, this dial production plant in Stuttgarter StraBe 24 is equipped with advanced machinery dedicated to dial production; however, as in the past, much of the work is still done manually.

 The dial manufacturing plant has been owned by the Swatch Group since mid-2006; in early 2012, the plant was merged by the Glashütte watchmaking plant. Glashütte management decided to rebuild and modernize this old dial factory in view of the limited space and plans to expand production. There are currently 48 employees working at the Pforzheim plant; this number is expected to double in the next few years, and five trainee positions are also planned.
 Talking about the purpose of the new building, Günter Wiegand said: ‘The production of dials is undoubtedly the most difficult task in the manufacture of high-value watches. To this end, we will make full use of the traditional experience and competition of the Pforzheim plant And will expand the plant in the future. ‘

Background information on dial production
 The Glashütte dial manufacturing plant is one of the few factories producing its own blanks. Depending on the dial, the blanks will be made of precious materials such as gold, platinum, sterling silver or mother-of-pearl. In general, the dial thickness is only 0.8 mm. The special edition watch made of fragile mother-of-pearl dial is a 0.4mm thick layer of natural material on a 0.4mm bottom plate.

 Most of the work of dial manufacture is done by hand, whether it is tiling or monitoring the surface coating. For example, the blue dial of the Glashütte 1970s calendar series has a radial surface, which is created by rotating a copper brush. Then add a layer of lacquer or increase the color by electroplating, and then the color applied in this way will be sent to an oven and baked at a high temperature of 110 to 140 degrees Celsius for two hours.

 The most difficult process in this process, printing, requires years of experience. Some dials, such as those of the Senator Observer, have hands and numbers printed instead of painted. Printing is performed by so-called ‘pad printing’. The litter is dipped in ink from a negative with an engraved pattern, and then transferred to the dial by means of a rubber stamp. Before the dial is completed, it must go through six quality inspections. The entire dial, including its numerous details, has to undergo about 75 separate operations before it can be considered a finished product and can be mounted on the surface of the Glashütte timepiece.

Lighter And More Comfortable To Wear Rolex Rolex Tape

Rolex is meticulous in the design of straps and buckles, and strives for perfection, and Rolex strives to wear comfortably and pursue elegant appearance. Rolex straps are very distinctive, each with a unique aesthetic, shape and style. In recent years, Rolex has continued to develop strap design. The Oysterflex rubber strap has attracted the most attention because it is the first rubber material strap adopted by the brand. It is developed for Rolex sports watches that always show the combination of bracelets. Show more appearance.

First Yacht-Master with ROLEX Oysterflex tape in 2015

The innovative Oysterflex tape was developed and patented by Rolex and launched in 2015, first on Yacht-Master watches. This innovative design combines the ruggedness and reliability of a metal strap with the elasticity, comfort and beauty of a rubber strap. The subtlety of the strap is that the inner part is made of super-stretch metal sheet, while the outer layer is covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding, which is not easily affected under various environmental conditions and is durable. For added comfort, Rolex Oysterflex tape is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushioning system that keeps the watch on the wrist. At present, this strap is also equipped with 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, and 18ct eternal rose gold oyster safety buckle to prevent the buckle from accidentally opening.

The oyster safety buckle has undergone 26 different types of drop tests during the research and development process. Among them, the lever has been soaked 100,000 times in the chlorine and salt water tanks added with sand, which is about three times the life of the buckle.

The design of the oyster safety clasp with Rolex tape is quite simple. The moderately curved outer cover is close to the inside of the wrist. After assembly, the buckle, the Rolex Glidelock buckle and the Oyster discount extension system are hidden, and the beveled design makes the solid and simple appearance more prominent. To use its structure and functions, only two simple actions are required. First, gently lift the safety buckle with your finger or thumb, and you can see the core of the strap buckle, which is the patented buckle. Then, press the fingertips against the edges to pull the spring lever apart, and the delicate and elegant buckle will loosen. With a moderately calculated force, the strap can be opened and closed smoothly without any mechanical stress. Buckle the buckle is also a satisfying experience. All parts are closed with moderate pressure, which is not bad, to avoid tightening the wrist. Two clear clicks in a row indicate that the watch is properly fastened to ensure peace of mind.

Moon Phase Table Adjustment Method

As we all know, most of the moon phase tables are adjusted by buttons. Some moon phase tables are not easy to adjust, and the old 59-crankset is easier to adjust.
   The moon phase shows the state of the moon on the moon phase disk according to a period of 29.5 days. This moon phase disk has two moons with 59 teeth on the edge. The moon phase wheel is pushed forward by one tooth every day after being pushed by the transmission wheel. At this time, the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phase can be timely displayed on the dial. The 59-tooth moon phase wheel comes from the moon phase profit and loss every 29.5 days as a cycle average. Since the precise rotation period of the moon is 28 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds, the error of the moon phase display is about every 33 months. Will reach 24 hours.
   How often is the moon phase table adjusted? How long does the moon phase table run for a week? The moon phase takes about 29.5 days to run a week. Therefore, this type of watch uses 59 gears to display the month age from 0 to 29.5, which will cause a day of error about every 33 months. return.
   When is the specific time for moon phase adjustment? When adjusting the moon phase, you need to check the lunar calendar. It is best to choose the fifteenth lunar calendar. At this time, the moon is in the middle, which has the least impact on accuracy. The moon phase watch has an adjustment button next to the case, which is used to adjust the moon phase indication error. On the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, adjust the moon phase to the middle of the watch, that is, at the full moon, adjust the picture of the full moon. Go to the middle of the window. Like the calendar and weekly calendar, the moon phase disk also rotates in one direction, and it cannot be adjusted in the reverse direction. Moreover, the moon phase adjustment and calendar adjustment are independent and will not affect each other.
   Compared to the old-fashioned 59-toothed disc, the 135-toothed moonwatch is more troublesome to adjust, but the accuracy of the adjustment is higher. Because the moon phase disk travels very slowly, it can go very accurately after careful adjustment. When adjusting the moon phase disk, try to avoid around 12 midnight, because the watch’s components are changing the calendar at this time, the adjustment is easy to damage the movement at this time, the best adjustment time is about 6 am.
After mastering the method of adjusting the moon phase, it is not difficult to accurately display ‘Yue Qingyue’ on the wrist.
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The moon phase of Yin Qingyuan’s lack of moon phases


Longines Honors Its Annual Horse Racing Event With Classic Timepieces Praising Hong Kong International Races And The World’s Best Jockey Award

[December 11, 2016, Hong Kong, China / Soymia, Switzerland] Longines Hong Kong International Races (Longines International Races) presented annual horse racing at Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong under the witness of many horse racing enthusiasts Final battle. Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for the fifth consecutive year. At the welcoming banquet on December 9, Longines and the International Racing Federation presented the third LonginesWorld’s BestJockeyAward. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Longines watches show MasterMaster and EquestrianCollection watches, praising Longines’ equestrian love for more than a century.

British jockey Ryan Moyatze wins the Longines Hong Kong Cup on horse racing
Annual horse race closing event kicks off
Longines continues the year-round equestrian sport craze, presenting the Longines Hong Kong International Competition, which is known as the ‘World King of Grassland,’ and the Longines Hong Kong International Jockey Championship as its warm-up event. The closing event of the year. Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for these two events for the fifth consecutive year.

Jockey Zach Pentonce rides the horse racing ‘beauty master’ to win the Longines Hong Kong Mile Award
On December 11, the Longines Hong Kong International Event kicked off at the Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong. Four international first-level events were staged in succession, and the number of people watching reached a new high. Singapore rider Joao Moreira rides horse racing ‘SatonoCrown’ to win the ‘LonginesHongKongVase’ race, and jockey ZacPurton rides the horse ‘Aerovelocity’ and ‘BeautyOnly’ won the titles of ‘Longines HongKongSprint’ and ‘LonginesHongKongMile’ respectively, becoming the biggest winners of the day’s competition. The British jockey Ryan Moore ridden the horse racing ‘Maurice’ successfully won the ‘LonginesHongKongCup’ crown. As a title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch, Longines gives all winning owners, trainers and jockeys an elegant Longines timepiece. Previously, the Longines Hong Kong International Jockey Championship, which was designed to kick off the event, was first unveiled at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong on December 7. Australian rider Hugh Bowman topped the field with a total score of 18 points And awarded a Longines elegant timepiece.

‘Longines Hong Kong Cup’ award ceremony: British jockey Ryan Moya wins the championship and is awarded a Longines elegant timepiece
Longines awards best jockey in the world, Peng Yuyan’s new advertising blockbuster revealed
On December 9, Longines joined hands with the International Racing Federation to present the Longines Hong Kong International Welcome Dinner, and presented the third ‘Longines Global Best Jockey Award’ to pay tribute to the extraordinary achievements of the riders. The award refers to the top 100 international first-class races selected by the Longines World’s Best Horse Racing Evaluation Committee, and selects the best jockey of the year based on the race points. In the end, British jockey Ryan Moore won the 3rd Longines World Best Jockey Award for his stable and outstanding performance, and received a Longines elegant timepiece.
At the same time, at the welcome dinner of Longines Hong Kong International Race, Longines dazzledly revealed the brand-new advertising blockbuster starring elegant ambassador Peng Yuyan. In the film, Peng Yuyan appeared in Marseille with a dark blue suit, with a masterpiece classic timepiece on his wrist, showing his mature gentleman’s style.
While Longines Hong Kong International Competition is welcoming fierce competition, it also presents colorful and magnificent sceneries on the side of the field. Adhering to the watchmaking tradition of ‘elegance, true personality’, Longines watches carefully capture every fashion scene on the arena. On the day of the race on December 11, Longines presented the “Longines Elegance Award” to the fashion ladies on the spot, and presented exquisite timepiece masterpieces, praising the eclectic mix of equestrian sports and elegance.
The famous master series highlights the long-lasting charm, and the riding series interprets the elegant new style.
Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Longines presents the famous craftsman series and knight series watches, praising and the equestrian sport’s 100-year love. Masterpiece series watches, as the designated watch for the event, present the mysterious moon phase changes on the dial, complementing the elegant charm of equestrian sports. This timepiece is also equipped with a precise timing function that reminds riders and horses of the precise movements and excellent performance in the ticking time.
In addition, at the event and dinner scene, Longines also presented a new series of Kashi watches. Inspired by the harness of the Francis mountain horse, the exclusive Swiss breed, inspired by the rectangular buckle on the stable, this watch continues the elegant tradition of Longines and also houses the brand’s equestrian sport. The extraordinary enthusiasm of the modern women’s wrist style choice.
The origin of Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878, when the brand produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history. This stopwatch is engraved with a jockey and his mount, and it has been widely welcomed by jockeys and horse lovers on the racetrack in 1881. Today, Longines has become the official partner of the International Horse Racing Federation and the International Equestrian Federation, and has extensively participated in equestrian events such as flat horse racing, obstacle course and endurance competition.

[Watch description]

Longines Masterpiece Stainless Steel Moon Phase Chronograph
Watch number: L2.673.4.78.3 Suggested retail price: RMB25,000
A Longines masterpiece stainless steel moon phase chronograph with a self-winding L678 mechanical movement that swings 28,800 times per hour. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and has a barley grain pattern on the silver surface. Hours, minutes, seconds are displayed, and the half-moon-shaped central hand indicates the date. The 24-hour dial at 9 o’clock; the moon phase display function and the 12-hour cumulative dial at 6 o’clock; the 30-minute cumulative dial at 12 o’clock and the day and month display windows. The transparent case back gives a glimpse of the subtle movement. Comes with brown alligator leather strap, waterproof to 3 bar.

Longines rider series stainless steel diamond ladies watch
Watch number: L6. Suggested retail price: RMB12,500
Adhering to the enduring enthusiasm for equestrian sports and the concern for women watch lovers, the Longines Riding Series has added new watches. Inspired by the harness of the exclusive Swiss horse Franche, this new style is inspired by the rectangular buckle on the stable. The 22.00×32.00 mm stainless steel case is equipped with a quartz movement. The silver checkered dial is decorated with dazzling diamond hour markers and blued-steel hands. This model is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet.

Watches Description