Jaeger‑lecoultre Launches More Casa Fagliano Classic Creative Designs

Following the launch of the rose gold Reverso Tribute Duo double-sided watch earlier this year, Jaeger‑LeCoultre once again presented a feast of watches and launched a number of new CasaFagliano watches in the boutique.

Model of cooperation

   The top Argentine bootmakers and the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops work together to create a milestone in craftsmanship. The ReversoTributeDuo double-sided flip watch uses a rose gold case, which highlights Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s superb professional craftsmanship and subtle, understated, timeless classic elegance. Following the design concept of double-sided dual time zone flipping, the double-sided dial is exquisite, elegant and contrasting, and can show the time in different time zones. The famous Argentine bootmaker CasaFagliano adheres to the ancient tradition, using soft and flexible leather to create a comfortable wristband. In 2018, we cooperated with Jaeger-LeCoultre to design a unique Cordova leather strap, which is warm and warm Soft rose gold complements each other. This watch has a light brown and dark brown flip cover. The two sides of the dial are decorated with tonal edges and exposed threads. The strap is handmade to give it a unique gloss. Rooted in authenticity and originality, and following traditional and exquisite craftsmanship, it has created a masterpiece that explains the two parties’ attention to details, their love for products, and their endless pursuit of perfection.

Fine craftsmanship and chocolate brown leather

   The ReversoClassicDuo double-sided small seconds watch (medium or large model) uses the CasaFagliano calfskin strap, which is elegant and charming. It is equipped with a single manual winding movement that drives both the front and back dials. The elegant stainless steel case Provides time in two time zones. The front dial of this flip watch features silver guilloché and vertical brushed effects, decorated with Arabic numerals; the rear dial features a contrasting black brushed satin and Paris guilloche pattern, with a Barton time scale to display the second Time zone. Looking closely at the dial, the minute hand track follows the full circular curve of the timepiece, while the hour marker moves slowly on the guilloché surface of the Paris Guilloche pattern. The day / night logo at 6 o’clock adds dial functionality and informs travelers that the second time zone is day or night. The ReversoClassicDuo double-sided small seconds watch features a chocolate brown leather strap carefully designed by CasaFagliano. This strap has a delicate and delicate touch, is comfortable to wear, has a distinctive edge of the same color matching color stitching, and complements the case with the classic round mold carving decoration.

Inspired by Art Deco, a subtle blend of comfort and flexibility

   The ReversoTribute small seconds watch is a new member of the CasaFagliano series. It has a shiny stainless steel case and a dark blue dial. It is accompanied by the iconic soft and comfortable strap of the master shoemaker, which subtly expresses elegance. The design of the ReversoTribute small seconds watch is inspired by the first Reverso in 1931. The minute hand track moves around the dial, using a rich and deep blue tone. The dial is satin-brushed to show the effect of sunlight. The lines of the dial are clean and neat, the small seconds hand looks like floating, and it is more elegant with the polished and rhodium-plated inlaid hour indexes. The ReversoTribute series of small seconds with the iconic comfortable and flexible strap, decorative arts as a source of inspiration infiltrated into every detail, creating an outstanding personality watch in the minds of every man.

Master’s Sapphire Shelby® Cobra Unique Chronograph Watches Will Be Auctioned At The Antigoron Auction House On December 15, 2015

In March 2015, Baume & Mercier announced the launch of two unique limited-edition watches with Carroll Shelby International Corporation, perfectly adhering to the extraordinary essence of Mr. Shelby Cobra Cobra racing. After the successful release of the high-end timepiece series, Baume & Mercier announces the addition of a new work to the series: Kaplan SHELBY® COBRA’s only treasured Cobra chronograph watch will be auctioned on December 15th, 2015 at the Antigulum Auction House in New York. All donated to the Carol Shelby Foundation. Bidding will take place simultaneously on the web, phone and on-site.
 ‘We are very honored to cooperate with the Carol Shelby Foundation. This cooperation is because everyone has the same philosophy. Elegant lines, attention to and insistence on high quality and humanism are our common features.’ Baume & Mercier CEO Alain Zimmermann said.
 ‘Shelby and Baume & Mercier have an international reputation for quality, precision and craftsmanship.’ Carol Shelby authorizes the company’s CEO and co-CEO Neil Cummings of Carroll Shelby International Mr. said. ‘Our shared pursuit of the ultimate has made both companies legendary. We are honored to create a unique watch listed at the Shelby Automobile Museum, which is designed to inspire a new generation of cars around the world Lovers. ‘
Unique Treasure Kaplan Blue Shelby® Cobra 18K Red Gold Flyback Chronograph
 In keeping with the two Baume & Mercier Sapphire Cobra SHELBY® Cobra watches released earlier, Baume & Mercier has designed a unique and precious timepiece inspired by the graphic logo of Shelby Cobra Cobra Extreme. This precious and unique chronograph is full of sportsmanship, perfectly embodying the skills and subtlety of Swiss watchmaking: the gray dial is decorated with blue and white Cobra cobra stripes, and the case diameter is 44mm. It is polished in 18K red gold Crafted with a black calfskin strap and top-of-the-line blue alligator crocodile leather lining, grey stitching and 18K red gold pin buckle. The back of the sapphire crystal is engraved with a personal signature of Carol Shelby and the words ‘Shelby Cobra 1965-2015, Unique Piece’. This flyback chronograph is equipped with Swiss-made La Joux-Perret self-winding mechanical movement, highlighting the extraordinary quality of Baume & Mercier watch. The watch box is also lined with black crocodile leather and blue alligator leather with grey stitching.

 ‘Antigollon is proud to be auctioning a Baume & Mercier unique Copland Shelby Cobra flyback chronograph in December in honor of Carol Shelby’s legendary Cobra Cobra Extreme.’ Officer Ms. Evan Zimmermann said. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Carol Shelby Foundation, which seeks to raise money for children with severe heart disease. It also provides scholarships and learning opportunities for young students across the United States.

 Baume & Mercier will produce this precious collection of precious timepieces. The successful bidder will receive an exclusive VIP package worth $ 10,000. The package includes a visit to the Shelby World Headquarters in Las Vegas, a Cobra Cobra racing picture book signed by the legendary racer who has driven Cobra Extreme Racing, a Cobra Cobra racing experience once, two sets of custom racing suits, and a factory VIP visiting experience, a personal belonging of Carol Shelby and a group photo on the legendary Cobra CXS2000 extreme car.

An Alternative For Luxury Watches Girard Perregaux Laureato Collection Watch

In today’s era, what is the hottest watch? Of course, it is a sports watch. Although most of the sports watches are goods, they are not really suitable for sports wear, but for sports, there are still many enhancements in water resistance, wearability, time readability, etc., so sports Tables have a more practical meaning. Last year, in order to pay tribute to the brand’s 225th anniversary, Girard Perregaux relaunched the Laureato series. Regardless of Girard Perregaux’s positioning on it, at least we can feel a strong sense of movement. This year, Girard Perregaux created its original series and became one of Girard Perregaux’s most popular products.

   When Laureato was launched, of course, the sound of doubt exceeded its affirmation, because of its octagonal shell shape, the connection between the strap and the lugs, and the style of the bracelet, all lively with Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Parrot. The snail has similarities at a glance, and the latter two are the masterpieces of today’s hot top sports watches. However, Laureato is indeed not a plagiarism. Girard Perregaux launched this watch more than 40 years ago, but later the brand’s operating direction changed and it changed hands several times, so this series was broken.

   This re-launch is of course impossible like the brand said, just to pay tribute, everyone knows that the sports watch market is now hot, and Girard Perregaux suffers from the fact that there is no sports-style watch that can be worn everyday. This time series. Girard Perregaux had a professional sports watch before that, which was the Sea Eagle series, but that watch was very professional, the shape of the watch was weird, big and thick, so it was not suitable for daily wear. In the past two years, this series No new models have been released, which shows that Girard Perregaux has shifted the development of sports watches.

   So after understanding these backgrounds, I don’t think everyone will misread this watch. This watch should be said to bring a good choice to the luxury sports watch market, because its price is less than 100,000, much lower than the price of Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin’s sports watches, and at ten Wannei’s sports watch brands are nothing more than Rolex, Omega, IWC, Panerai, etc., from the perspective of luxury, Girard Perregaux is positioned higher than them, although the popularity is not.


   So we can come to such a conclusion, in fashionable words, it is a ‘dimensional reduction attack’. So it is not difficult for us to understand that although it is a steel model, the degree of luxury of decoration and craftsmanship has not fallen, an advantage of decorating this watch. We can see that the case is finely crafted, and the dial is very detailed, including three-dimensional scales and hands, and sharp edges and corners.

Octagonal bezel

   Let’s take a look at some details. The case is stainless steel, because it is a sports style, so the brushing is done more, and it looks more practical. The shell type of the middle case is also a very common type. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and IWC engineers are all this type of case. The octagonal bezel has a round lining attached to the bottom, so it has its own distinctive style.

   The dial is a Paris nail design, very beautiful, the hands and scales are polished, so the three-dimensional impression of the dial is very strong, plus the scale and hour and minute hands, and there is a luminous coating, so as a three-pin model, it With a bit of functionality. These are combined to make it more sporty, but also with some Sven, so it can be used for daily and leisure wear.

   The connection between the strap and the case is basically the same as that of the Patek Philippe Nautilus belt. The advantage of this structure is that the leather strap has high flexibility and is more convenient and comfortable to wear.

   The reason why it is a sporty watch is that it uses a leather strap and pin buckle after all. From the style point of view, it is still elegant, but it is close to the sporty style.

   Turning over the back, it is equipped with Girard Perregaux’s classic self-winding basic movement GP03300, which provides 46 hours of dynamic storage. Girard Perregaux movement has always been exquisite, very beautiful, the details are very beautiful, and it is very pleasing to the eye. This is what distinguishes it from luxury sports watches of the same price. It is more luxurious. However, due to the back coating, there will be some visual impacts, and the real thing is very exquisite.

Summary: Girard Perregaux Laureato is a very exquisite sports-style watch. At a price of less than 100,000, it obviously has great advantages in positioning and craftsmanship. From the perspective of daily wear, It is also very characteristic and very prominent. It is a good daily tool watch.

Louis Vuitton Presents A New Look: Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Watch Series

Tambour series came out in 2002, it is also the origin of Louis Vuitton’s entry into the watch industry. Louis Vuitton continued to publish a variety of men’s and women’s watches while maintaining the characteristics of the series. Today, the collection has become a classic, and it is also a specific symbol of Louis Vuitton’s watchmaking profession. The Tambour series has not been replaced for 15 years, and the latest version of Tambour Moon has been launched.

Tambour Moon Star Chronograph Black stainless steel case, 39.5 mm diameter, black dial with 12 polished cabochons set on the edges, rose gold star-shaped Monogram flower seconds hand, 6 o’clock set with polished cabochons, chronograph, hour, Minutes, small seconds, date, quartz movement, LV engraved on the bottom of the watch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 50 meters, and the Louis Vuitton patent can change the strap by itself.
Reverse curve
   The latest version of Tambour continues the aesthetic code of the original model: the beautiful round case inspired by the big drum, the lug of the perfect case with curved curves, the twelve Louis Vuitton letters engraved on the edges, and the wider it gets closer to the wrist Comfortable case. Louis Vuitton designers fine-tune the shape of the watch to create the unique inverted curve of Tambour Moon, giving it a crescent-like silhouette. The concave edge cleverly uses light and shadow to exude the charm of the shell curve.

The new Tambour Moon series continues the aesthetic code of the original model. The beautiful round case inspired by the big drum holds the perfect curved arc lugs, twelve Louis Vuitton letters carved on the edges, and the closer you get to your wrist, the more Large comfortable case.
Women’s Watch Series
   The Tambour Moon Women’s Moon Star watch has a polished stainless steel case and is available in many different sizes and functions. The 28 mm case version uses double central hands to display the hours and minutes, while the small second hand is at 6 o’clock. Metallic rose gold Monogram flowers rotate every 60 seconds. The flower design has surpassed the brand logo and has become the basic function of the watch and the characteristics of the Louis Vuitton women’s watch. The chronograph comes in 35 mm and 39.5 mm cases. All three models are powered by quartz movements and offer a choice of silver or black dials, as well as diamond-set lugs and mother-of-pearl dials with diamond hour readings.

Tambour Moon Star Chronograph White – Mother-Of-Pearl & Diamonds stainless steel case, 35 mm diameter, set with 42 diamonds, white mother-of-pearl dial, 12 polished cabochons on the edges, rose gold star Monogram flower Second hand, 6 o’clock inlaid polished convex gemstone, chronograph, hour, minute, small second hand, date, quartz movement, LV engraved on the bottom of the table, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 50 meters, Louis Vuitton patent You can change the strap yourself.

Tambour Moon Star Second White stainless steel case, 28 mm diameter, shiny white dial, edge set with 12 polished cabochons, rose gold star-shaped Monogram flower seconds hand, 6 o’clock set with cabochons, hour, minute, Small second hand, quartz movement, LV engraved on the bottom of the watch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, waterproof to 50 meters, Louis Vuitton patent can change the strap by itself.
Men’s Watch Series
   Tambour Moon GMT symbolizes Louis Vuitton’s most cherished theme: travel. Therefore, Tambour Moon places special emphasis on the GMT function. Its 41.5mm case offers a choice of satin-finished stainless steel and cross-section matte stainless steel with rose gold two-tone combination. In addition to the self-winding movement, you can choose a black or silver sandblasted matte dial with sunray satin matte GMT readings. The grain pattern in the center is reminiscent of Damier Graphite fabric.

Tambour Moon GMT Black stainless steel case, 41.5 mm diameter, black sandblasted matte dial, Damier Graphite-like grain pattern, clear and easy to read GMT function, adopting large yellow V-shaped indicators, hours, minutes, seconds, GMT, automatic Winding movement, 42-hour power reserve, LV engraved on the bottom of the watch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 50 meters, Louis Vuitton’s patented strap can be replaced by yourself.

Tambour Moon Star Chronograph Black stainless steel case, 39.5 mm diameter, black dial with 12 polished cabochons set on the edges, rose gold star-shaped Monogram flower seconds hand, 6 o’clock set with polished cabochons, chronograph, hour, Minutes, small seconds, date, quartz movement, LV engraved on the bottom of the watch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 50 meters, and the Louis Vuitton patent can change the strap by itself.
   The Tambour Moon chronograph is a sophisticated function that is ideal for everyday wear, combining elegance and sportiness. It combines a 44mm matte satin-finished case with a self-winding movement, and a black sandblasted matte dial with a grain pattern in the center. Only true classics can still lead the trend after the 15th anniversary, without compromising their personality and charm.

The Tambour_Moon series is equipped with a Louis Vuitton patented self-changeable strap.

2013 Watch & Miracle Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Montblanc New Products Collection

From September 25th to 28th, 2013, a watch art feast is about to be staged in Hong Kong, presenting a watch art feast for the majority of Asian high-end watch connoisseurs. Thirteen European classic watch brands will showcase their latest masterpieces in Hong Kong, which will include a series of cutting-edge, rare and precious and sought after works in the watch industry. The following watch home brings you a new summary of Montblanc in this exhibition.

Montblanc launches the new Star Series special ‘CarpeDiem’ watch StarSpecialEditionCarpeDiem


Ident. 110703






The Montblanc Star Collection is always committed to combining the brand’s aesthetic design with the Swiss watchmaking tradition to create classic timeless watches. Over the course of more than 15 years of development, the Star series watches have distinctive design features in classic modeling, materials, technology and decoration, and will continue to lead the trend in the future. These design features are inherited from the special “CarpeDiem” of the new star watch, which will be made of stainless steel only. This hard and shiny metal has evolved from a casual sporty style to a luxury watch. This series features a simple three-hand watch, ChronographUTC function watch and full calendar function QuantièmeComplet: three mechanical watches with different functions have a unified design and a prominent red central seconds hand-symbolizing the series name ‘ carpediem cherish time. ‘

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Montblanc TimeWalker World Time China special watch is based on the Northern Hemisphere version where China is located. The dial on the outer edge of the city is marked with the name of the city in the 24 hour zone of the Northern Hemisphere. The East Eighth District (UTC + 8) is different from other watches. Or Hong Kong is chosen as the city, and it is specially marked with red ‘CHINA’.

Another unique feature of this special watch is the dial design. The central area of ​​the dial presents the map of China in shiny rose gold, highlighted in the gray-toned northern hemisphere view. The 24-hour city disc on the outer edge of the dial revolves around this eastern power. The 24-hour disc in the center of the dial is decorated with red and black hour markers, where the red marker represents night and the gray marker represents day. Clearly distinguish day and night conditions in any time zone. The sword-shaped hour and minute hands in the center of the dial are plated with rose gold and set with a luminous coating. Above the uniquely designed dial, a slender central second hand rotates continuously. The central hand, combined with rose gold-plated Arabic numerals and a bar-shaped hour marker, shows the local time in the time zone of the wearer. This special model will be limited to 88 pieces and it will be micro-printed with the signature ‘CHINAEDITION’ in gold at 7 o’clock on the dial. The dial is detailed with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm and an 18K rose gold bezel. The crown, also made of 18K rose gold, is inlaid with the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo-a symbol that has long been known as a special decoration for Montblanc writing instruments. This special watch features a large embossed brown alligator strap with a stainless steel pin buckle (model 110323), or a stainless steel strap with 18K rose gold links and a triple folding buckle (model 110324).

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Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series ExoTourbillonRattrapante with external frame tourbillon chronograph watch is a masterpiece in the field of fine watchmaking with stunning design. This watch is a masterpiece of a variety of advanced watch craftsmanship: a large balance wheel placed outside the tourbillon frame, a chronograph hand function, and a three-dimensional normative dial with a large gold fire enamel material.

Indisputably, the superb complication watch is a representative of the unique position of Swiss watchmaking in the world of watchmaking. For the Montblanc Villeret watch factory, the superbly complex watch has always been the brand’s ‘home show’. The latest masterpiece of Montblanc’s watchmaking technology first introduced at the “Watches and Miracles” watch salon in Hong Kong this time is a hundred feet in the super complicated field. Going further: Unlike the traditional tourbillon structure, Montblanc Viller 1858 The frame-mounted tourbillon chronograph watch uses a large independent screw balance that is not bound by the tourbillon frame; it is no longer a single chronograph function. The Montblanc Villeret 1858 series frame-mounted tourbillon chronograph watch uses a dual-guide column The double-clamp structure achieves the chronograph function; unlike the regular dial, the three-dimensional dial of the Montblanc Villeret 1858 frame-mounted tourbillon chronograph watch is made of solid gold and large fire enamel. This masterpiece of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship uses an 18K white gold case, a standardized dial design, and a 24-hour second time zone function with day / night display. Only a limited number of 18 pieces will be available.

For more watch details, please click: montblanc / 20409.html

Kunlun Watch Glimpses Into The Mystery Of Navigation

On the ocean, a compass that can indicate direction is very important; for sailors, in addition to direction, a watch that can withstand wind and waves and harsh environments is equally important.
CORUM, known as the ‘Marine Watchmaker’, has extraordinary achievements in the development of nautical watches and also has unlimited creativity. Following the amazing ‘Golden Bridge’, today’s Kunlun watches The tourbillon watch, which is made in the same straight bridge form, is definitely a masterpiece that combines top watchmaking craftsmanship and creativity.
The watch is made of four sapphire crystals. From the side, you can admire its arched case, which fits closer to the wrist. The 18K white gold model is set with 66 diamonds (weighing 1.26 cards), and the 18K white or rose gold base plate and bridge are carved by hand.
Revolutionary Golden Bridge
瑞士 The Kunlun Swiss Watch Factory, founded in 1955, has always focused on high-quality production technology, so that each manufactured product can withstand the test of time. Born 25 years ago, the Golden Bridge watch has a highly sophisticated structure, pioneering a revolutionary watch design for the global watchmaking industry.
The sapphire crystal case back of the watch sees through the splendid bridge carved by human hands, small gears, hollow black gold hands and a unique winding system with a sliding spring. .
This year’s Golden Bridge watch has reached a new peak, bringing together the two elements of crystal clear transparency and high-quality metal: a 950 platinum design with a pink gold movement; and a white gold style with diamonds, making the sophisticated design more prominent brilliant.
In addition to the Golden Bridge, the most important work of this year is definitely the Golden Tourbillon Panoramique. Its bridge and main board are made of transparent sapphire crystal and embedded in metal columns. The ultra-thin design combines visual aesthetics and top watchmaking. With a movement frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, the hour and minute hands move smoothly on the surface; the power reserve of up to 90 hours shows extraordinary performance. In addition to being able to withstand external collisions to protect the movement, the exquisite suspension device also brings out the geometrical visual aesthetics. The clockwork, balance wheel, pallet and frame work side-by-side for perfect harmony.
Screw-down caseback with Porto Cervo Marina logo crown protected with vulcanized rubber for effective water resistance

For a long time, Kunlun watch has been a strong supporter of sailing events. It has also launched a number of watch series named after the sailing cup race. Among them, Admiral’s Cup is the representative work. Comparing the precision mechanics of each Admiral’s Cup watch produced, it has greatly strengthened Kunlun’s reputation as a marine watchmaking expert. All Admiral’s Cup watches have been certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory’s Inspection Bureau for a 13 1/4 method movement, showing a perfect combination of power and reliability. With such a large volume, the Competition 48 also has an extra large 18K red gold pin buckle.
The Kunlun watch combines a harmonious, elegant and harmonious atmosphere. The top-secret inlay of the case, surface and sapphire crystal surface ensures that its waterproof depth can meet the needs of mariners or accompanied by exploration work; the Admiral’s Cup series of watches The case back is engraved with a trophy pattern. Therefore, any CORUM watch can be said to be a model of perfection and detail. The new Admiral’s Cup Competition 48 Porto Cervo Marina limited edition watch is made of precious 18K rose gold material, embellished with the prominent marks of Porto Cervo Marina events, and is limited to one hundred pieces worldwide.
18K rose gold or stainless steel screw-in caseback with engraved admiral cup trophy
Tradition + Innovation
The Admiral’s Cup series Tides 48 watch once again reflects the brand’s determination to combine tradition and innovation. The watch is equipped with a tidal display function and has been designed consistently. It is replaced by 12 sailing bunting flags equivalent to the first 12 digits of the International Maritime Signal Hour scale. It also has the world’s first major breakthrough-the 12-sided sapphire crystal surface is made by newly developed technology. The edges are tightly and tightly connected to each other, so that each of the tightly connected contacts is in an optimal state, ensuring complete top-tightness and waterproofness (up to a depth of 300 meters). The bottom cover is covered with a layer of vulcanized rubber around the outer edge with a unique refining technology, and the center is engraved with the distinguished Admiral’s Cup trophy pattern.

Radar New Hao Xing Series Utc Two Places Time Watch

Only a few items of equipment are indispensable to all travelers, and an accurate watch is one of them. Time to keep abreast of your destination and home to know when convenient to call friends, family and business contacts, which is not disturbing their sleep. With the new Rado HyperChrome UTC dual time watch, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

This series of watches can display the time in two different time zones at the same time. UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time and uses a more accurate timing method than traditional GMT. The two different time zones of this series of Swiss radar can also be converted to bring two different styles, making it the best travel companion for celebrities.

The second time zone is a very rare feature for Swiss radars. It only appears on the brand’s multi-menu models and on a watch from the 1960s. Therefore, the launch of the UTC movement marks a rare attempt by Swiss high-tech material masters in terms of complications.

 The charm of materials

Swiss Radar HyperChrome UTC two-time timepiece is not only practical, but also benefits from its breakthrough Swiss radar form a high-tech ceramic case. This ensures that the watch’s lightness, non-wearability and comfort, all contribute to a pleasant travel experience. Three of the four new models are plasma high-tech ceramic cases, which do not contain any metal components but display a platinum gold case, which shows that the material is still the top priority of the series.

ChromeHyperChrome series UTC two timepieces’ scales and pointer tips are covered with Super-LumiNova, so you can easily read the time at night like in the day. The second time zone is equipped with striking red or blue hands (depending on the model), ensuring that the time can be easily read even with a quick glance at the dial. Lightweight and easy to wear, whether it’s at home in the urban jungle or travelling abroad, the Swiss Rado HyperChrome UTC two-time watch should always be the first item in your packing list.

 RADO Hao Xing series UTC two places time watch

Plasma-treated high-tech ceramics

Ref: 642.0165.3.015 (black dial, red hands)

642.0165.3.010 (grey, blue hands)

642.0165.3.111 (rose gold detail, red two-time hands)

Movement: 11 ETA 2893-2, automatic, 21 stones, 4 hands, date display at 3 o’clock, black automatic hammer

Case: Plasma-treated high-tech ceramic, single structure / Hardened coated polished stainless steel side inlays / Platinum-plated plasma-treated ceramic case back with sapphire crystal / Curved sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on both sides / Stainless steel black Note Rubber crown / 10 bar (100 m) water resistance

Dial: Black, rhodium scale with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, black dial ring, rotatable anchor logo, gray logo ‘Rado’ and ‘Automatic’ / gray, rhodium scale with white Super-LumiNova luminous Coated, grey dial circle, rotatable anchor logo engraved with ‘Rado’ and ‘Automatic’ silver logo / silver, rose gold scale with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, silver dial ring, rotatable anchor logo engraved ‘Rado’ and ‘Automatic’ grey logos

Hands: rhodium with black thread and white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, rhodium seconds hand / steel UTC hands with red pointed tip / blue UTC hands / rose gold with black thread and white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, rose Golden second hand with rose gold UTC hands with red tip

Strap: three rows of plasma-treated high-tech ceramics, with black ceramic middle section, titanium alloy three-fold clasp, with Ceramos switch / three-row plasma-treated high-tech ceramic sections, matte plasma-treated ceramic middle section, Tri-folding titanium clasp with Ceramos switch / brown leather strap, stainless steel folding clasp, hardened layer

Dimensions: 42.0 x 48.4 x 10.8 (width x length x thickness, in millimeters)

 RADO Time Series UTC Two Time Watch

Black matte high-tech ceramic

Ref: 642.0167.3.015

Movement: 11 ETA 2893-2, automatic, 21 stone, 4 hands, date display at 3 o’clock, 42-hour power reserve, black automatic hammer

Case: Black matte high-tech ceramic, single structure / sandblasted stainless steel embedded parts / black matte high-tech ceramic case back with sapphire crystal / curved sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on both sides / stainless steel black plastic injection Crown / 10 bar (100 m) water resistance

Dial: Black, black scale with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating; black dial ring; rotatable anchor type logo; grey logo printed with ‘Rado’ and ‘Automatic’

Hands: black with black thread and black Super-LumiNova luminous coating; black seconds hand; black UTC hands with red tip

Strap: Three rows of black matte high-tech ceramics; titanium alloy three-fold clasp with black matte high-tech ceramic buckle

Size: 42.0 x 48.4 x 10.8 (width x length x thickness, in millimeters)

Panerai Pam00364 47mm 3 Days Automatic Storage 2500 Meters Automatic Professional Diving Titanium Watch

沛 In its long history, Panerai has often set foot in the deep ocean, creating watches that can operate under extremely deep water. Loyal to its own long history, Panerai has launched the new Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio. The 3-day power reserve 2500 meters automatic professional diving titanium watch continues its long tradition, and uses the latest technology to enrich the content and to love diving wrist The watchmaker presents a professional instrument with outstanding performance.潜水 This dive watch can reach a depth of 2,500 meters
   Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio , And the sturdy structure is enough to withstand extremely high pressure, external stress and corrosive substances. The classic Panerai crown bridge also guarantees water resistance to a depth of 2,500 meters. Its case ring is equipped with a small valve with the word ‘He’ at 8 o’clock to discharge helium when floating from the deep sea. Prevent the gas from putting too much pressure on the watch case to cause danger. Due to the use of a special system patented by Panerai, the unidirectional rotating bezel can be precisely rotated in one minute, and the bezel is decorated with a small embossed logo. This design is from the brand in Egypt in 1956. Inspired by the Navy’s creations, it also features scales to read the length of the dive.
   The Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio is a 2500m automatic professional diving titanium watch equipped with a P.9000 automatic winding movement independently designed and developed by Panerai’s watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel. The P.9000 movement has a diameter of 13¾ legal minutes and 28 stones. The balance wheel is equipped with four speed-adjusting screws. The vibration frequency of the balance wheel is 28,800 times per hour. The single oscillating weight can be rotated in both directions, while the two barrels provide a power reserve of up to three days.
   The new Luminor Submersible 1950 2500m 3 Days Automatic Titanio has a PAM00364 model. It belongs to the limited edition series and only produces 500 pieces. This model comes with a rubber strap and a large trapezoidal matte titanium buckle. The strap can be easily and easily replaced with a special tool provided by the watch factory through a button on the lug of the watch.

Movement: Panerai P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai, 7.9 mm thick, 28-stone Glucydur & reg2 balance wheel, vibrating 28,800 times per hour. Incabloc & reg2 anti-vibration device. 3 days power reserve, 2 barrels. 197 parts.
 Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, can calculate dive time.
 Case: 47 mm diameter, matte titanium. Polished titanium helium exhaust valve.
 Bezel: matte titanium with polished edges, counterclockwise unidirectional rotation bezel with index scale to calculate dive time, and ratchet anti-reverse device with one minute interval.
 Case back: screw-in, titanium.
 Crown protection: Matte titanium (Paner patent).
 Dial: black, with built-in luminous hour markers. Date display at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock.
 Crystal glass: Sapphire crystal glass, made of corundum, 5.9 mm thick. Anti-reflective coating.
 Water resistance: up to 250 bar (about 2500 meters).
 Strap: rubber strap with the PANERAI logo engraved with a trapezoidal matte titanium buckle. Includes a spare strap, a replacement strap tool, and a stainless steel screwdriver.
  The dial is protected by a 5.9 mm thick sapphire crystal glass lens, and the hour markers on the black dial are stick or pin-shaped, protruding from the dial. Luminous materials are applied to the time indexes and the wide indicators of partial hollows, to ensure that the time can still be clearly read in the deep sea. In the small dial at 9 o’clock, the small second hand keeps turning, and the date window is at 3 o’clock.
Summary: The retro design is very strong from the shape design, and the waterproof depth reaches 2500 meters, which should be a proud number for diving watches. At the same time, the all-round meticulous creation of various aspects has made this diving watch with many elements that people love and trust.

    The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2013 SIHH brought by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will present more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)
 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:
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Angelababy, Liu Qingyun, And Zhang Jiahui At Montblanc 2013 Hong Kong Watch Fair

From September 25th to 28th, 2013, the 2013 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair presented a feast of horological art for the connoisseurs of high-end watches in Asia. 13 European classic watch brands Hong Kong showcases a series of forefront, rarest and most sought after works in the watch industry. In order to make this watch event even more exciting, Montblanc, the international top brand, has specially designed a personalized experience link, showing its sophisticated watchmaking craftsmanship to visitors at close range, and igniting the infinite imagination of watch collectors and lovers. Passion. To celebrate the successful opening of the 2013 “Watches and Miracles” Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, Montblanc held a special celebration event on September 26 (Thursday), and invited three special guests of great significance, including the two movie stars Liu Qingyun, Zhang Jiahui and famous artists Angelababy was dressed up for a simple and solemn toast with the CEO of Montblanc International, Jérome Lambert, and congratulated Montblanc for its dazzling light at the watch fair.

 (From left to right) Famous movie star Liu Qingyun, famous artist Angelabady, Montblanc International CEO Jérome Lambert (Jerome Lambert), famous film star Zhang Jiahui and Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard (Honald) attended the 2013 “Watches and Miracles” Montblanc Montblanc Celebration

 Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series Tourbillon Chronograph

 At the celebration, the three special guests each wore the latest Montblanc watch that matched their personal characteristics, and shared their views on the core values ​​of creativity, art and time with the guests. The film emperor Liu Qingyun wears the extraordinary new work that debuted at this exhibition, Montblanc Villeret 1858 series external tourbillon chronograph watch, he said that an excellent actor often needs a lot of creativity to perform each role, Like his watch, this watch is a masterpiece of a variety of advanced watch technology: different from the traditional tourbillon structure, using a large independent screw balance that is not tied to the tourbillon frame; it is no longer a single timing function It adopts double-column wheel and double-clamp structure to realize the function of chasing hands; unlike the dial of conventional materials, it is made of solid gold and big fire enamel. This masterpiece of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship uses an 18K white gold case, a standardized dial design, and a 24-hour second time zone function for day / night display. This watch is preciously limited to 18 pieces worldwide.

 Montblanc Star Collection Special Carpe Diem Full Calendar

 In addition to the Villeret 1858 series external tourbillon chronograph watch, the Villeret 1858 series classic small three-pin ladies watch of the same series also perfectly presented Angelababy’s charming and beautiful beauty in front of guests. Feminine dial with full bezel and Montblanc hexagonal diamond on the crown. In addition, the outer edge is set with 38 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.11 carats. It weighs 0.93 carats and is as radiant as Angelababy. In addition, Angelababy also shared her values ​​for time. Angelababy, who is faced with a lot of work every day, reminds himself to devote himself to every job. Because of his limited youth, he must cherish every moment, live in the moment, and seize the opportunity. This value is in line with Montblanc’s new “Carpe Diem” full-calendar watch design concept introduced at the 2013 “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition, showing the preciousness of time with outstanding Swiss watchmaking quality; through slenderness The continuous rotation of the red second hand allows us to appreciate the multifaceted and priceless nature of time.

 Montblanc Nicholas Kays day and night chronograph

   Another film actress Zhang Jiahui put on his Montblanc Nicholas Kies circus chronograph to share his passion for art creation with the guests. Zhang Jiahui’s enthusiasm and investment in the film are obvious to all. He devoted his time and spirit to his breakthrough in the interpretation of his career, just like Montblanc’s passion for artistic creation, absorbing the first watchmaking master Nicholas Keyes who obtained a patent for the timer technology 190 years ago Inspired by the design of the dual-turntable timer, it developed its own movement, Nicolas Rieussec, and followed the first patented chronograph design, which made Montblanc a major breakthrough in watchmaking.

 Montblanc also specially designed a stage performance at this watch exhibition to show Montblanc’s unique watchmaking skills and brand story. It uses various forms of music, film, visual art and live performances to explain the artistic connotation of handmade skills and fine watchmaking, so that visitors are immersed in the fascinating sensory stimulation. The performance is divided into three acts, including cherishing time , Capture passion, and promote creativity. For collectors and enthusiasts of haute horlogerie, this is not only the enjoyment of sight and hearing, but also the touch of the soul. The ticking sound of every minute and every second of the handmade clockwork full of artistic sense and originality shocked their hearts.

Breitling’s Love In Winter

Get rid of the thick clouds and walk out of the dull iron and steel forest. Only the boundless blue sky is the most fascinating. When the clear blue meets pure silver and white, and when Junyi’s wise and intelligent spirit has been sealed for a long time, can you lighten your heart and be emotional? Breitling, Switzerland’s top independent watchmaking brand, presents a deep affection this winter, creating a unique and exclusive memory between lovers between the squares of the wrist, turning the beautiful time in a moment into the eternal love, and letting love leap over the boundaries of time .
[Passionate situation, warm sun in winter]

Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1461 Navitimer 1461
Stainless steel case, aurora blue dial,
Blue alligator strap with stainless steel folding clasp
Reference price: 82,600

Breitling Montblanc 01 Chronograph
Montbrillant 01
Stainless steel case, silver dial,
Brown alligator strap with stainless steel folding clasp
Reference price: $ 67,700
For Him: Breitling Aviation Chronograph 1461 (Navitimer 1461)
 Deep in charm and style, Breitling’s Navitimer 1461 (Navitimer 1461) breakthroughly integrates the sophisticated and complex leap year calendar system into an efficient chronograph watch, which only needs to be adjusted every four years (that is, 1461 days). Three small dials display the date, day of the week, and month, respectively, and the moon phase display window forms a complete calendar function. The elegant and chic Aurora blue dial with the fashionable and charming dark blue crocodile leather strap extends like a blue sky from the dial. The stainless steel case is equipped with a sophisticated Breitling high-performance movement composed of 450 parts, and is equipped with a two-way rotating bezel to ensure the convenient operation of the famous circular flight slider.
For Her: Breitling Montbrillant 01
 The Breitling Montbrillant 01 chronograph is shining with its heritage and timepiece spirit, exuding a unique classic charm. It is equipped with Breitling 100% self-winding chronograph movement 01, which is precise and reliable, and has excellent performance. The exclusive Breitling circular flight slider, the retro 18K gold ‘B’ logo, the classic 1 / 100-hour graduated center timer, every carefully crafted detail pays tribute to the legends of the 1940s and 1950s. The finely polished stainless steel case glows with delicate silver, with slender hands and three-dimensional hour indexes. It is lined with a water-silver dial, adding an elegant and charming atmosphere. The calm and individual brown strap surrounds the wrist, flying with love, witnessing the purest love and warm sun in late winter and early spring.
[Blue and white, luxurious gold]

Breitling Transocean World Time Pilot’s Watch
Transocean Unitime Pilot
18K red gold case, midnight blue dial,
Blue alligator strap with 18K red gold folding buckle
Reference price: 259,300
Breitling Transocean Women’s Chronograph
Transocean Chronograph 38
18K red gold case, water-silver dial,
Gold alligator strap with 18K red gold folding buckle
Reference price: $ 189,700
For Him: Breitling Transocean Unitime Pilot
Do not want to fight in the sky and control time. Only high-performance flight timepieces can fulfill the mission. The Breitling Transocean Unitime Pilot is equipped with the high-performance Breitling self-made 05 movement, which combines the super practical world time zone system and a new and sophisticated technical appearance, which complements Breitling’s great tradition of making watches for pilots. Thanks to the world time zone function of the full crown control, the wearer simply pulls out the crown and rotates it forward or backward, and the hour hand, city disc, 24-hour disc and calendar automatically adjust together. Whether you are a pilot in the cockpit or a passenger in the cockpit, this remarkable self-winding chronograph watch is undoubtedly your best partner for playing in the global time zone. This extraordinary timepiece is made of 18K red gold with a unique dark blue crocodile leather strap, which contrasts with the deep charming blue dial, adding a sense of luxury and mystery under the toughness. Adorned on the wrist, he is like an old friend who has undergone the baptism of time. He is wise and stern, enjoying the golden years with his junior.

For Her: Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38
Pure and timeless as the first ray of sunshine in the winter snow country, the Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 has a unique style and elegant temperament, and once again interprets the classic design in a simple and gorgeous style. The exquisite 38 mm diameter perfectly fits all women’s delicate wrists, and the sculpted silver-white dial is carefully pressed with three-dimensional hour indexes and recessed timers decorated with ‘snails’. It is an extremely rare dual cumulative chronograph The symmetrical design of the device is harmonious and elegant. The 18K red gold case and the retro 18K gold ‘B’ logo, paired with a gold alligator leather strap, add to the charming vintage charm. Equipped with the rigorous Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) self-winding chronograph movement, the precision is extraordinary. Deservedly elegant and noble ladies’ chronograph.
[Two-color British, speeding]

Breitling Bentley World Time Chronograph
Breitling for Bentley GMT
Stainless steel case, Neptune blue dial,
Speed ​​race stainless steel bracelet,
Reference price: $ 91,200

Breitling Bentley Continental GT Pure Ice Chronograph Diamond Set
Breitling for Bentley GT Ice Diamonds
Stainless steel case, ice-white dial,
Ice white rubber strap, stainless steel folding clasp,
Reference price: $ 110,700
For Him: Breitling for Bentley GMT
The pinnacle of modern British fashion and superb Swiss craftsmanship, the Breitling for Bentley GMT stands out with its asymmetrical lugs and integrated case and bracelet. Equipped with an exclusive ’30-second timekeeping’ system and an extraordinary and practical multi-country time zone display system, the global time is clear at a glance. From New York to Bangkok, Dubai to Sydney, the world is bounded by the wrist. The fascinating Neptune blue dial is adorned with three-dimensional numbers, hour markers and a ring-shaped chronograph, inspired by the Bentley car dashboard. The dynamic and exquisite atmospheric appearance, the unique original style, and the distinguished and extravagant lavishness show the British aristocratic style to the fullest. It is worthy of the name of the art of sculpture on the wrist.

For Her: Breitling for Bentley GT Ice Diamonds
The carefully crafted stainless steel diamond case with ice-white diamond dial and ice-white rubber strap, the entire Breitling for Bentley GT Ice Diamond chronograph watch (Breitling for Bentley GT Ice Diamonds) uses Bentley’s unique Some pure ice colors, such as born from ice crystals, are so pure that they do not cause a trace of dust, and the bright diamonds reflect the dazzling brilliance, showing the pure and pure winter snow romance. It is equipped with the Breitling 13B self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), equipped with dual date and day display windows and a variable speedometer. The elegance of the British aristocracy and the exquisite craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking are integrated, interpreting the beloved moments that are beating.

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