Month: May 2010

Don’t Doubt, This Is The Most Worth Buying Replica Watch This Year!

Rabbit said before that there is a watch that I particularly like this year. I have been remembering it since Basel’s first glance (I have to harass Oris’ brother almost every week to ask if the goods have arrived), waiting for the listing. Finally, with the launch of the Tmall store on July 13, the first batch of goods was expected, but more than 50 watches have been swept away in various channels. What I still want, can only continue to wait (review the hands-on photos). But this does not prevent rabbits from continuing to grow grass for everyone. Oris’ 65-year replica Divers Sixty-Five is a series that only appeared in 2015 and became a hit in 2018. In just 3 years, at least in China, the word retro diving has also been synchronized with the popularity of Oris. Every time in Basel, rabbits have to check their own judgment on the market. In 2016, Carl Brashear’s first-generation bronze watch was successful and I guessed it (2 times the order, sold out in 1 month, a 20% markup) And this year is no exception. The 65th engraving of Rabbit’s bullishness is decisive. The first generation of bronze is the success of Oris. Rabbit does not plan to talk too much about brand history, but it is also necessary to share some basic information. After all, this is a brand that I will not look at in passing a few years ago, but this two-year product Success refreshed everyone’s perception. From being unfamiliar to being willing to spend money to buy, the experience in the middle is far from simple as ‘marketing’. What makes products king is a very successful example. In 1904, when Pual Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris Oris in Hölstein, Switzerland, seeing the advantages of industrial production, only 6 years, Oris became the largest local watch factory. Later, due to the impact of the quartz crisis, many Swiss watch companies began to warm up in groups, hoping to use the power of a group to let everyone live. Oris Oris joined ASUAG (Heyek later reorganized ASUAG and SSIH and established the Swatch Group), but after the groupization, the brand naturally lost a lot of autonomy, such as not allowing it to develop its own movements. Oris Oris management was unwilling to accept this situation. In 1981, they paid for the management of the brand, so to this day, in the market of several major watch groups, this independent small brand is still struggling in the market. On the line. In order to make features and differentiated competition, any mid-end brand needs to have explosive models. Oris Oris obviously did. The 65 replica series was first launched in Basel in 2015, and was inspired by the brand’s early dive watches launched in 1965. The first watch released in 2015 was a 40 mm black disc. Later in the same winter, a 40 mm version of Deauville Blue was launched. Only at the time, although the new products received much media attention, the order volume and terminal sales were average. After all, it takes time for new things to be accepted to spread. 2016 was a small outbreak. First of all, because of the emergence of the Bronze Generation Carl Brashear that I mentioned earlier, Oris has a good reputation and popularity. The 65 replica 42mm blue disk and green disk launched in the same year, many styles entered the top ten of the global single product order that year, because dealers are also full of confidence in this. Generally speaking, a relatively new series can enter the Top 10 It’s still not easy. Last year, both the blue disk and the green disk became the main force for online store sales (in fact, the black plate Movember special edition was released in 2017, but China did not make it), and it performed well on Tmall. In the first half of this year, the sales of the 65 replica series have increased by more than 300% year-on-year. This year, Rabbit is looking forward to it, not Carl Brashear Bronze II (more than 30,000, sold short). After all, from the unit price point of view, more than 30,000 has a certain threshold, but the latest 65 replica copper ring watch average price of more than 10,000 steadily won the most worth buying vintage diving watch this year. The second generation of Carl Brashear Bronze is said to have sold out the first batch of goods at Tmall. At that time, because of abnormal inventory data, an extra watch was displayed. After buying it, consumers were told that ‘because they are out of stock, they can refund money or wait ‘New arrival’, the other party decisively chose ‘wait’, showing how strong the willingness to buy. The highlight of this year’s 65th engraving is the copper ring, but it is far from being a copper ring. ‘Bubble mirror’, ‘slim bezel and body’ and color matching are all outstanding. Copper has been red for several years. Why is it copper? The 1960s was a golden period for the development of diving. At that time, because of the breakthrough progress of diving equipment, human desire for water exploration broke out in a short period of time. At that time, the helmets of the deep divers were made of bronze. Bronze had a great role in the history of diving and could represent the diving of the 1950s and 1960s. Complete copper watches have also been made, and the partial design is naturally another way. Considering the color of the copper ring, the hands and scales of this watch are specially made of rose gold PVD, and the black gold is nostalgic. The bezel of this watch is very narrow, but this is also a feature of old diving watches. The scale ring is made of aluminum. The reason is also because of its narrowness, and it is easy to collapse when using ceramics, so it uses the same aluminum as the original 60s. And there is a bubble mirror blocking the bezel is not easily scratched. The bubble mirror is made of sapphire. In fact, there were many glass choices for the original watch glass, but the glass was fragile and could be scratched. In the 1940s, acrylic appeared and quickly replaced the glass watch lens. Moreover, the acrylic watch lens can be made curved by pressing Mirror, so it is called ‘bubble mirror’. In the 1970s, sapphire crystals began to be used, and then slowly replaced acrylic. The new copper ring 65 is currently engraved in two sizes: 40mm and 36mm. The dial is slightly different, with a 36mm calendar at 3 o’clock and a 40mm calendar at 6 o’clock. The movements are all Oris733 modified by SW200, and in order to improve the waterproof effect, the crown is screw-in. As the main player, the strap is just needed. At present, there are 5 types of 40mm models: steel belt, dark brown leather, brown leather, brown NATO fabric, black tape; there are 4 types of 36mm, which is darker than 40mm. However, because of China’s order, rubber strap models have not been introduced separately, but you can buy original rubber straps separately. In fact, the rabbit was first moved by a rubber strap on Basel. Although Oris Oris did not specifically say that 36 mm is made for girls, because from the early perspective, the watch diameter is relatively small. I personally think that this size is completely male and female, especially suitable for girls. Therefore, I must strongly push my favorite rubber strap. It has a very retro texture. It is different from the rough ore of ordinary rubber straps. The strap design is intentionally thick and thin, and it is very careful in details. As the most successful model of Oris in recent years, in just three years, 65 replicas ranked among the top 3 brands in global sales (the first is Aquis diving and the third is Williams). At the moment when sports wind is prevailing, diving watches are a hot spot, and the retro style gives the watch a delicate feel, just right. Of course, some people have tangled with me for 100 meters of water resistance. But today, diving watches are more of an accessory than actually wearing the water. Like many watches, its original practical value is diminishing and it looks good and comfortable. Easy to match is the first priority. At present, copper ring watches are sold in China at 15,200 yuan for steel belt models and 13,800 yuan for other models. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Excellent Fashion Tasting Starfish Diving 1000 Series Chronograph

Tissot was established in 1853 and is a famous Swiss watch brand. The ‘+’ in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, which is a symbol of its quality, and also shows the reliable quality that has been passed down for more than 100 years. Today, the Watch House brings you a Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 series chronograph with excellent performance, fashionable style and dynamic design. The official watch model is T066.414.17.057.00.

   The Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 Series is a fusion of high-tech watchmaking techniques and modern top-grade materials. After strict testing, it meets the high standards of underwater diving. Tissot’s watches are suitable for diving and can be worn in daily life, allowing every wearer to enjoy the ultimate fun brought by the watch.

Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 Series T066.414.17.057.00

   This watch is made of stainless steel with a PVD-coated bezel. It is dynamic and stylish. The black dial is clear and easy to read, with a very practical date display. The watch is equipped with a rubber strap and has a water resistance of 300 meters. It is an excellent and stylish diving watch.

Crown and buttons are exquisitely designed for easy use

   This watch is equipped with a crown and two chronograph buttons on the side to adjust and control the functions of the watch. The stainless steel crown has a tough stripe pattern on the side for easy handling, and the Tissot logo letter ‘T’ is printed on the top. The two timing buttons are cylindrically polished, with a smooth appearance and comfortable pressing. The exterior is protected by a black rubber ring. The two timing buttons control the start / stop and reset functions.

Stainless steel case is solid and reliable

   The entire case is made of 316L stainless steel. This material has very strong characteristics. It is not easy to wear during wearing, and the metal texture is very strong. The case is polished to a fine brushed texture, which is both stylish and stylish. Distinguished. Diving watches often use larger diameters. This watch is no exception. The diameter of 49 mm is enough to show the domineering charm of the diving watch, and the thickness has reached 18.37 mm, which provides ample display space for multifunctional movements.

The black dial display is complex but informative

   The dial and bezel of the watch are both black, with silver scales on the bezel for easy reading. The dial is equipped with white and blue scales, using white-coated hands or fresh and elegant blue hands. Not only is the display clear and easy to read, but it also makes people feel like they are facing the sea.

Clear chronograph minute dial at 12 o’clock for easy reading

   At the twelve o’clock position of the dial is the chronograph minute dial. The dial uses white and blue graduations and Arabic numerals, and is indicated by a small blue hand.

The 12-hour counter is simple in design and has been read with

   The small dial at the six o’clock position of the black dial is a 12-hour chronograph dial, using blue and white time scales. The even-numbered hour position is marked with Arabic numerals and the blue hands are used for clear display.

The delicate small seconds dial is very delicate

   At 9 o’clock on the dial is the small seconds dial. A silver hand with a white coating is placed in the center of the small dial. The scales on the edges are bar scales. The combination of white and blue and the use of Arabic numerals makes the display easier. distinguish.

Clear day and day display, very useful

   At the 3 o’clock position of the watch, there is a brand classic LOGO, a day and date display window, and the name of the series to which the watch belongs, which echoes the small dial on the left side of the dial, making the entire dial look very harmonious. The day and date display is also very useful.

The short lugs and case are cast in one piece to connect with nature

   The lugs of the watch are short and exquisite. After careful polishing, the edges and corners are rounded. The lugs and case are integrally molded, connecting naturally, and the curved design makes the watch more comfortable to wear, which fully reflects Tissot’s grasp of details.

Black rubber strap is light and tough with a pin buckle

   The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap, which is very important for diving watches. It not only guarantees light quality but also has very good waterproof performance. The name of the watch series is also printed on the outside of the strap. The bracelet is fitted with a finely polished pin buckle.

Automatic mechanical movement provides 44-hour power reserve

   This watch is water-resistant to 300 meters underwater. It is equipped with an ETA 7750 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement has a diameter of 30 mm, a thickness of 7.9 mm, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and 25 gems. Provides a 44-hour power reserve.

Summary: The Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 series chronograph has stunning details and is equipped with a PVD-coated bezel, which perfectly combines fashion and performance, making the two complement each other. The look and function of this watch are inspired by diving. Its waterproof performance can withstand a pressure equivalent to 30 bar (300 meters / 1000 feet), ensuring extraordinary performance in water. The watch is exceptionally dynamic without losing its fashion. It is an excellent diving watch.

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