Month: October 2010

Forbes Publishes List Of ‘top 100 Most Prestigious Companies In The World 2017’ Rolex Ranks No. 1

On February 28, 2017, Forbes released the ‘Top 100 Most Prestigious Companies in the World 2017’ list, and Rolex ranked first for the second consecutive year. In 2016, Rolex made it to the top of the list for the first time. This year, it completed the feat of reelection, and its score further increased to 80.38 points. This is also the first time that the brand has exceeded the 80 mark since the selection was launched.

   What’s more impressive is that Rolex is not only the only watch brand in the ‘2017 Global Top 100 Most Prestigious Companies’ list, but also one of the few luxury companies on the list (including Giorgio Armani and BMW). After all, most of the members on the list are more traditional consumer-focused brands.

   Boston-based reputation management consulting firm The Reputation Institute collected feedback from about 170,000 people familiar with the company’s survey, and developed a ranking this year. Respondents believe that Rolex has high-quality products that meet customer needs, is well-organized, and has strong profitability. In the top five of the list, in addition to Rolex, the other four are Lego, Disney, Canon and Google.

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