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Mysterious and enchanting-The moon element occupies an important position in the Métro series.
 Parmigiani’s Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène watch features the moon phase as the theme, and Parmigioni has added a new movement entirely manufactured by its watchmaker.
Overcast on the dial
 Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène is a typical moon phase watch. Two engraved bronze moons appear and disappear in the clouds. It looks similar to the classic moon phase watch. Upon closer inspection, you will find that this watch is rich in delicate details, which makes it extraordinary and different.
 For example, the moon is not golden, but russet, which is a halo that appears only on special nights. Another example is the craters on the surface of the moon. These craters are called Moon Sea, and they are painted by continuous layering. They contain extremely complicated handicrafts. This watch not only simply represents the moon phases, but also gives the moon phases a lifelike image, which makes the wearer’s favorite.

 The source of exquisite originality of this watch lies in the floral decorative pattern on the dial, which makes this precision timepiece exude charming feminine beauty from the inside out. The center of the dial is painted with a lotus flower. The so-called lotus, when night falls, the moon rises, and the lotus will bloom with it. In some cultures, lotus is used to describe the graceful gait of women, and is called ‘step by step lotus’.
 The lotus flower dotted in the center of the dial is made of two layers of mother-of-pearl lace, only 0.2 mm wide. The bottom lace is varnished and then satinized to contrast with the polished upper lace. The satin and polished surfaces are intertwined, creating an extremely fascinating reflection effect, further enhancing the deep three-dimensional effect inherent in the two layers of mother-of-pearl.

 Parmigiani launched two Métropolitaine Sélène dials in 2016. The first model is entirely made of white mother-of-pearl and forms the base of the dial together with the lotus flower. The second dial is Parmigiani’s classic deep blue, embellished with the same color lotus pattern, creating an associated light and dark effect.
 Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène is astonishing in terms of technical characteristics and precision, and has a unique beauty of handicraft. Exquisite decoration and diligent pursuit have made the watch rare. These operations are all done by hand, and their unique value is self-evident and irreplaceable.
The complexity of the moon phases
 The moon phase module is independently created by Parmigiani. Its operation principle is based on the gear connected to the time wheel. Because it has double gear teeth, it also doubles the speed of rotation. The gear rotates once every 24 hours, and the moon phase disk is driven forward by the flexible blades integrated with the hour wheel every day.
 The wearer can use the button at 9 o’clock to adjust the moon phase individually according to the date and time, so as to match the geographical location of the referenced moon. Due to the use of flexible blades, the moon phase adjustment device has a safety system to prevent gear damage in the event of incorrect operation.
 The movement is completely polished with pearl dots and decorated according to the highest standards of fine watchmaking, as this is the consistent manufacturing principle of Parmigiani.

125th Anniversary Of The Name Of ‘omega’ Brand Presents Two New Masterpieces

In 1894, with the revolutionary 19-command ‘Omega’ movement, a well-known brand name in the watchmaking industry was born. Today, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand name, OMEGA held a commemorative event in Bienne, Switzerland, where the brand’s headquarters is located.

Omega Sabre Classic 125th Anniversary Watch

Omega Hosts 125th Anniversary of ‘Omega’ in Switzerland

  The event was grandly held at the Omega Museum. The museum’s collection showcases the brand’s classic timepieces, which are presented one by one through the brand’s specially created Omega tour, allowing guests to experience every moment of Omega’s 125-year history and the birth of the brand name.

 Omega Sabre Classic 125th Anniversary Watch

Omega Hosts 125th Anniversary of ‘Omega’ in Switzerland

  Before the company’s name was changed to ‘OMEGA’, the founder of the brand, Louis Brandt, founded a workshop for pocket watches in 1848. About half a century later, in 1894, his two sons, Louis-Paul and César, produced a 19-reel movement and changed the development of the entire watchmaking industry. The 19-ring movement not only uses an innovative mechanical structure, but also an industrial-scale production line. The Brandt brothers named this revolutionary movement ‘Omega’. The name is taken from the last letter in Greek and symbolizes ‘perfection, achievement and excellence’. In 1903, to commemorate the success of the 19-ring movement, the Brandt brothers renamed the company ‘Omega’.

Omega Global President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann and Italian Star Chef Carlo Cracco Attend the 125th Anniversary of the Omega Name

  Omega Global President and Chief Executive Officer Raynald Aeschlimann extended a warm welcome to the guests and said: ‘We are honored to represent the brand’s 125th anniversary of the very connotative brand name’ Omega ‘. Proud. Omega is the rare watchmaking brand in the world named after the movement, which represents our relentless pursuit of precision. Omega is a name that is widely known in many fields: from the feat of human moon landing to the official timing of the Olympic Games, From James Bond’s choices to marine adventures, the 125th anniversary of the birth of the name ‘Omega’ is definitely worth celebrating. ‘

Presentation of the original 19-caliber movement at the event

  Omega also released two new masterpieces at the event. The first piece is the 125th anniversary of the new disco-famous classics series. The watch case is made of yellow 18K gold, with a red enamel dial and a red Burgundy leather strap. The caseback is inlaid with a 125th anniversary commemorative badge and is engraved with Damascus motifs. The ornamentation was first used on the 19-ream ‘Omega’ movement and was very popular in the US market.

Omega pocket watch with original 19-caliber movement at the event

19 reels movement _ disassembly diagram

  The second shocking work released at the event reproduced and reinvigorated the classic 19-ream ‘Omega’ movement. Omega took a batch of original 19-ring movement parts from its museum collection, including the main splint of the movement, other splints, escapement systems and bimetal springs. This batch of parts was refurbished and refurbished by experts at the Omega Tourbillon Workshop and used to re-produce 19 19-ring movements. Omega has also significantly upgraded the 19-revolution of the 21st century with upgraded and innovative parts, including the Swiss dial structure. In addition, these movements will follow the Damascus pattern and will be carried in the new Omega semi-hunted pocket watches.

A History Of Aviation Timekeeping Spanning A Century Hamilton Aviation Museum Collection Series

Hamilton has a long and glorious history of aviation timing. In the early field of railway timing, Hamilton enjoyed a high reputation for its precise and reliable performance. ‘Marching’ into the field of aviation timing is logical.

   We have been building precision watches and instruments for professional pilots since 1918. Each piece has been carefully designed and tailored to specific areas, and has a place in Hamilton’s watchmaking history. Next, let’s take a closer look at several important aviation timepieces in the Hamilton Museum collection.

   This early watch, born in 1918, was designed for pilots and soldiers. Earlier newspaper advertisements said: ‘Hamilton watches are US Postal Airline pilot watches.’ The Hamilton watch was allegedly selected as the official timekeeper for American Airlines’ postal services between New York, Philadelphia and Washington in the early days. This is one of our earliest aviation timepieces.

   The design of this watch is the same as the prototype model born in the 1930s. It is equipped with the famous Hamilton 992 movement. Admiral Richard E. Byrd will start his first adventure in Antarctica. It was worn as an adventure watch during this period.

   This H-37500 battery life clock, born in 1944, is one of the earliest masterpieces of Hamilton’s dedicated timepiece for the US Navy. At first, this clock was designed for F-4U ‘Pirate’ carrier-based fighters. Different displays show the calendar, which can be used as a stopwatch to track the running time, and display the time on the 24-hour ‘military time’ main dial. These features assist navigation and allow pilots and navigators to accurately record flight time.

   This standard military watch dates back to the 1950s. The manual-winding movement with the “Stop Seconds” function is now standard on all mechanical watches, enabling precise synchronization. When the crown is pulled out, the mechanical movement stops. This means that pilots can adjust the running watch to the exact time to ensure that the critical steps of their mission are performed smoothly and accurately.

   The ‘Aircraft Voyage Time Engine Running Hour Meter’ dates back to the 1960s, and is one of thousands of instruments manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, PA. These chronographs are often referred to as ‘Hobbs timers’ and are used in the aviation industry to measure the operating time of aircraft engines. After the flight, this time is usually recorded in the pilot’s flight log.

   From 1965 to 1976, Hamilton produced nearly 40,000 watches for the British Army. This W10 watch is equipped with a manual-winding 649 movement, which was specially issued to military personnel from 1973 to 1976. Watches issued to the British Army carry the ‘W10’ logo. The watches supplied to the Royal Air Force are usually named ‘6BB’ watches.

Zenith Tour De France Special Edition

Zenith Since its inception, ZENITH has been brave to overcome various difficulties and accompany people to complete various difficult challenges. Today, ZENITH has officially become the official timing of the Tour Auto Optic 2000 Tour de France, and will be a must-see racing event for the majority of antique car lovers. This is the first year that ZENITH has served as the official timekeeper for this challenge. For the first time, three drivers and one co-pilot have been sent to participate, and a new watch specially produced for this event is revealed: El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Tour de France Special Edition watch. Under the guidance of Xingchen, the brand will set foot on the track and measure time for precious antique cars, which proves once again that speed and precision can be perfectly integrated with elegant style.

Felix and brand CEO Aldo Magada boarded the Zenith show stage

ZENITH joins legendary classics
The first car rally was held in 1899 and is the oldest car challenge competition to date. Keep vintage sports cars on the track. This endurance event includes laps, relays, group starts and other challenges. This is a splendid international sports competition not to be missed, and was particularly appreciated by fans during the ‘Golden Age’ from 1951 to 1986. Since 1992, Peter Auto has been the host of the Optic 2000 rally. Since then, the course has been revised every year, so that people across France can witness this great and exciting event. In April of this year, let’s meet again and remember the true honor of this legendary event. Let’s start with the start of the match, and it’s really magnificent. The Grand Palais and the magnificent canopy are architectural wonders, and it is also a classic venue for the first Paris Motor Show from 1901 to 1961. About 233 antique sports cars are lined up, all the biggest brands are represented by the most legendary models. These are the brands that participated in the car rally from 1951 to 1979, which is also a condition for admission.

Félix Baumgartner drives the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL to represent ZENITH

 There are also some superstar guests. Each year, the organizer invites specific car types to participate. The car selected in 2015 is the Roadster Roadster. The design of this car has an open convertible and no windshield, which can be recognized at a glance, making car lovers a feast! The contestants also flourished. Some private challengers drive their own cars. Many of them are well-known faces and past champions: Yannick Dalmas and Gérard Larrousse used to drive the BMW M4 to win six wins in the 24-hour endurance race in Liman, Olivier Panis participated in two seasons Formula racing, German players Jürgen Barth and Jochen Mass … Also, don’t forget Félix Baumgartner, who drove the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and represented ZENITH in the race. The most important thing is the environment and atmosphere of the stadium! The engine screamed and roared, and the audience cheered in unison with the car lover. This moment is full of blood, surprise and intoxication. The on-site experience is indescribable. Among all the noise, I find myself experiencing a unique experience with everyone. Watch amazing matches!

Félix Baumgartner, star of the 24th Tour de France Optic 2000

Zenith vs. Félix Baumgartner
Felix and brand CEO Aldo Magada boarded the Zenith show stage for an official briefing. Aldo Magada is proud of ZENITH’s official timer and is very excited. He is also glad to have the opportunity to compete with three champion drivers (who participated as co-pilot) to participate in the legendary car rally. Felix stood beside him, expressing the enthusiasm and joy of participating on behalf of ZENITH: ‘My priority is to enjoy and be happy.’

ZENITH is the official timer of the 24th Tour de France Optic 2000 Rally, and specially launched the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Special Edition

The final highlights of the event included a briefing for the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Special Edition watch, a special watch specifically designed for this event. This luxurious commemorative model is sporty, with the look of a car, and uses many of Zenith’s expertise. The El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Special Edition is a standard watch specially designed for lovers of driving and antique cars. It is limited to 500 watches.

El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Special Edition watch, equipped with EL PRIMERO 4061 movement, and equipped with silicon speed regulator, limited edition of 500 pieces

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