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Complex Craft Montblanc Nicholas Case Collection Tasting

In 1821, at a jockey club in France, Nicholas Kass successfully verified the accuracy of the timing device he invented. Since then, the chronograph has become an irreplaceable wristwatch. , And Nicholas Kaiser has also become an influential figure, in order to pay tribute to the father of time, Montblanc launched a watch series named after Nicholas Kaiser. This watch introduced to you today is one of the series, the official model number is 102337.

   As the royal watchmaker of the French court, the invention of the Nicholas Kaiser chronograph was originally used to calculate the elapsed time of a single horse in a horse race. When the starting line fired the gun, the patented ‘ink drop timing’ function of the Nicholas Kaiser chronograph was turned on, and two white enamel discs started to run: one for 60 seconds and the other for 30 minutes. When the participating horses crossed the finish line, the button device on the timer was pressed, the pointer and the ink capsule were pressed to point to the rotating disc, and the ink droplets left ink marks on the enamel turntable, thereby recording the meter room. This kind of timer invented by Nicholas Kays is known as the ‘time writer’, so the inventor himself named it ‘chronograph’, which is derived from the Greek ‘chronos time’ and ‘graphein’. In 1822, the French Academy of Sciences in Paris granted a patent for a timer invented by Nicholas Kaiser, which made Nicholas Kaiser the world’s first inventor of a patented timer.

Watch made of stainless steel

   This Nicholas Case series watch is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 43 mm. The biggest difference between this series chronograph and common chronograph design is that it does not have a central chronograph second hand. Get inspiration from the original timing instruments, with seconds and minutes dials at 8 and 4 o’clock. After the timing program ends, the accumulated seconds and minutes are indicated with a fixed hand. The two chronograph dials are connected and fixed by a bridge, and the embedded jewel bearing connects the fixed chronograph seconds and minute hands.

Watch diameter 43 mm

   After being polished by the watchmaker, the stainless steel case of the watch is more rounded and textured. The grooved design of the case and lugs is quite modern and stylish, while also emphasizing the careful design of the brand watchmaking.

Watch with a black alligator strap
   The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap. The strap is exquisitely textured, quite textured, and more comfortable to wear.

A single timing button at 8 o’clock on the left side of the case
   At the 8 o’clock position on the left side of the case, a single timing button is used to control the three procedures of timing start, stop and zeroing, and the position of the button cooperates with the right-hand thumb pressing action, which can also avoid starting the timing program by mistake when encountering hard objects. This shows the elaborate design of Montblanc watches.

The watch dial has a unique design and a reasonable layout
   The unique design of the watch dial includes the eccentric hour and minute dials located at the upper part and the chronograph sub-dial for measuring time at the lower part. The design of the entire dial surface is very mechanically beautiful. The watch also has a dual time function, which can display the local time and the original residence time at the same time, is the best choice for travelers and business travelers. The fan at 9 o’clock is the home day / night display, and the fan window at 3 o’clock is used to display the date in the local time zone.

Watch crown at 3 o’clock
   The crown of the watch is located at 3 o’clock, and the precise gear design not only increases the beauty of the crown, but also has a very good anti-slip effect, making the adjustment smoother.

Lugs made of stainless steel
   The stainless steel lugs and case are integrally cast, and the grooved design on the edges is both beautiful and reflects the fine craftsmanship of the watchmaker. The lugs are beautifully curved, which perfectly connects the strap with the case. The watch is made of a stainless steel folding buckle, which is more convenient to wear, and the outer side is engraved with the Montblanc classic brand logo, showing details of the watch.

See the beauty of the movement
   The semi-transparent case back design allows the wearer to see the structure of the movement at a glance, recording the time and feeling the beauty of the machine. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement model MB R200. The movement has a diameter of 31 mm, a thickness of 8.46 mm, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a number of 40 gems. storage.

Summary: Montblanc Nicolas Kies series watches have won the favor of watch enthusiasts with their rare watch shapes, and they have also been well received for their superb skills. The watches continue the brand history, but also come in fresh and modern elements, creating a classic Works. The current domestic reference price for this watch is 68,500 yuan.

2012 The Most Worthy Female Dream Watch

The annual Basel Watch and Jewellery Show once again sparked the media and readers’ interest in high-end watches. What kind of high-end watches are worthy of the courage of women? We invite the representatives of ‘sense’-watch editors and ’emotional’ representatives-fashion editors, to express their positions on the issues that women pay the most attention to when buying watches, and whether their views can help you start decisively Your dream watch? Buy or not buy high-end watches from boutique brands?
Watch Editor:
Yes! It’s not hard to understand. When boutique brands decide to enter the watch industry, their strength and excellence attitude will definitely attract the most powerful brands in the watch industry to help them. Classic cases such as Chanel J12 Development history:
Introduced in 2000, the forward-looking material, high-tech precision ceramics, attracted widespread attention; in 2002, a chronograph with COSC certification was launched; in 2003, the first high-tech white precision ceramic watch was launched, which was the first on the market A pure white high-end watch; in 2005, the Swiss master watchmaker tailored a unique tourbillon watch for Chanel. It is No. 1 of the watchmaking ceramic high-complexity watch; 2008 In cooperation with Swiss Audemars Piguet, J12 Calibre 3125 was born with the outstanding 3125 customized movement equipped with high-tech precision ceramic technology. The 2010 J12 Rètrograde Mystèrieuse mysterious flyback watch was born. A sophisticated complication: the tourbillon, the flyback minute hand, and the crown with a clutch system, the world’s first unique combination.
This shows the strength of Chanel in watchmaking.
The most worthy female dream watch of 2012
Fashion Editor:
Yes! Women can buy watches with a fashion mentality. When your phone already covers most of the watch’s features, who cares if your watch is an independent watch brand with complex functions?
What women care about is whether this watch is a big name for every woman. Do you have Bling Bling diamonds? Is it big enough to catch the eye? Can I match my suit? This is the issue that trendy women pay attention to when buying a watch.
In my dream list, Top1 is Chanel’s new J12 38mm GMT bezel or J12 white watch with diamonds. This pure white style is not only rare, but also enough to catch people’s attention, simple and good matching and expensive enough, of course, it is a must-watch

The most worthy female dream watch of 2012
How do women consider complex functions when buying a watch?
Watch Editor:
考虑 Think from a practical perspective! For women, the decorative function of a watch is greater than the complex chronograph function. The more and more complex a watch is, the more expensive it becomes. It may be considered that the first high-end watch to start with is the Chanel white ceramic watch. Her design sense has a high degree of matching, and in terms of functions, this series has GMT and chronograph to choose from.

The most worthy female dream watch of 2012

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