Month: February 2012

Zhang Yuqi Recommending 140,000 Hermes And 30,000 Lvs To Fans This Is The Real Version Of Qian Songyi, Right?

Recently, Ms. Zhang Yuqi was very upright to let everyone feel the real consumption level of female stars, and pulled us from the illusion of female stars also using parity. The reason was that she opened a small red book account and immediately recommended 6-digit Hermès platinum bags, 30,000 yuan LV, and ‘Don’t buy broken diamonds under 1 carat’ for fans. …..

  Platinum bag? !! Not only expensive, but also super hard to buy. Everyone knows the potential consumption rules of 1: 1 distribution. It’s Zhang Yuqi’s turn to recommend it to everyone, not to tell you where you can buy the lowest price, duty free, discounts, but: ‘This bag is very practical and has a large capacity. It can be used as a small suitcase for short trips. You can pack your toiletries, change your clothes, and you can buy them. ‘

  Hum … Look at Miss Zhang Yuqi’s sincere expression again, and confirm that she really thinks that this 6-digit bag is very good for shopping. At this moment I just want to show my awkward and polite smile (礼)
  After recommending this wave, maybe I saw the fans report that the bag is too expensive, and then Zhang Yuqi gave everyone an affordable price … LV PETITE BOITE CHAPEAU handbag, the price is much cheaper than the platinum bag, 30,000 yuan, However, it is necessary to make a reservation to buy it ~

  The reason for this recommendation is: ‘When you buy something crazy, there is no hand to carry the bag, so this bag that can be carried on the shoulder is very practical and can free up your hands to buy more things.’ So this is prepared for hard work, the effect is just to free your hands and let go of buying and buying. Sorry, poverty is like me, and I have no chance to buy madness … No wonder everyone says that Zhang Yuqi is Qian Songyi himself, not only ho, but also so naive and small and fresh.

  In addition to recommending expensive bags, Zhang Yuqi also shared with you the experience of buying diamonds, and carefully reminded fans not to buy diamonds below 1 carat, which are collectively called broken diamonds, and broken diamonds are … …Worthless.
  After reading Zhang Yuqi’s ‘please experience it yourself’ expression, I think that she should have a lot of experience in watches and accessories to buy bags and diamonds, so she can share with you, right? However, so far, Zhang Yuqi’s little red book has not shared the timetable for buying watches, but if you look at the watches she has brought before, maybe everyone can know a little or two.
  From the recent photos of Zhang Yuqi’s private photos, she went on vacation with her husband, and also gave a close-up of her wrist when taking a picture. A huge Rolex cosmograph rainbow ditona was in front of her eyes.

  It seems that the female stars all like Daytona in the rainbow circle. Tang Yan also had honey juice for a while.

  Zhang Yuqi This is only a white dial, which is more suitable for girls than black-faced ones, and it will look much softer when worn.

  Do you remember the diamond-studded watch with a value of 8 million that was thrown to the pool by Zhang Yuqi in ‘The Mermaid’?

  At that time, some people speculated that it was Vacheron Constantin’s TRADITIONNELLE series 82761 / QC1G-9852. Regardless of the watch in the play, the diamond-studded watch that Zhang Yuqi recently wore is the Piaget LIMELIGHT series G0A36195 watch.

Piaget LIMELIGHT G0A36195 watch
  The whole body is set with 18k white gold diamonds, valued at about 1 million. Some female celebrities wearing expensive watches will make people feel that they are really wearing watches. Zhang Yuqi, who has her own gas field, is just like that. Such a magnificent and expensive diamond watch, she just put it on her wrist, just feel right.

Cartier key series L2.
  Zhang Yuqi also has brought Cartier watches several times. The rose gold CLÉ DE CARTIER key series is a good match for her, because Zhang Yuqi’s beauty is that kind of aggressiveness. The precious metal accessories can make her more aura.

  Besides, the earliest watch that Zhang Yuqi would wear more often should be Longines. After all, during the wedding with her ex-husband and director Wang Quanan, Zhang Yuqi chose the Longines Compaq series as a couple watch.

  A long time ago, Zhang Yuqi attended the dinner event and also wore this Compan series.

Longines Compaq L2.
  At first glance, this watch has a stainless steel case and bracelet. The pure metallic luster is soft and the rose gold in the bezel and strap is one of the most unscrupulous selection criteria for women.

  Zhang Yuqi also rarely wears a black watch. This Longines watch series L2.785.8.56.3 rarely shows up. In the end, the beauty of the beauty embryo is too full. As long as you choose a more compact watch, it is perfect to rest on Zhang Yuqi’s wrist.

  After watching Miss Zhang Yuqi’s ‘Watch Special’, I still think that women’s big heads of money will be thrown on bags and diamonds. Now paying attention to Zhang Yuqi, basically not to plant grass, but to watch the real life of female stars. Having said that, with Zhang Yuqi as a fan of Gengzhi Amway Luxury, those female stars who recommend 60 blushers and 100 facial masks, can they be saved?

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