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The Most Cost-effective Rolex Is The New Dj

It is not too late to get to the topic. Brothers who are concerned about the watch market should already know that Rolex this year’s new interim Greenwich 126711 is already available. I saw a ‘fake news’ the other day, saying that the price of King’s Greenwich 126711 is okay, and there is no super public price. As soon as I saw this, it was a good thing. 126711 is rose gold. With the new 3235 movement (3285), there is no super price. The price / performance ratio is very high. Real money. Later, I went to make an inquiry and found that it was completely over the public price. The actual price of 126711 was almost 20,000 more expensive than the Golden Skywalker (platinum blue disk).

Rolex New Room King Greenwich 126711.

   Originally I wanted to talk about 126711, because this watch is actually very good. The gold and new movement also conform to the continuation of Rolex’s historical version. If the price is better, it’s perfect. But seeing the actual situation now, wait for a while. At the same time, I also used this to sort out the relatively large amount of labor on the market, and now the most cost-effective Rolex on the market is the new DJ (new DATE JUST).
126300, 126334, 126333 are now more cost-effective.
   With so many kinds of labor on the market, we can look at the current situation.
   The first is the popular Rolex models. Now the most popular labors are mainly ceramic circle steel di, Jinjin Skywalker (platinum circle blue disk), green ghost, these three labor, are also super-affordable models. In terms of price alone, it is definitely not cost-effective (of course, you can naturally buy it if you like it, just spend more money, nothing else). In addition to these three watches, like the single red sea ambassador, although it has been significantly cooler than when it was just out, the actual price is still higher than the regular Rolex market. Including DEEPSEA, the new 3235 ghost king this year, it is also available now, and the actual price is higher than the regular Rolex market.

The new generation of sports labor using the 3235 movement is still relatively high, such as the Scarlet Letter.

   Next comes Rolex regular models. In addition to the popular labor, most of the regular models of Rolex, the market is relatively normal, the actual price is more reasonable. But these relatively low-cost labor, the main problem is the movement. For example, now the new Airbus 116900, Tanyi 214270, Tanji 216570, Oyster Perpetual 114300, etc., the actual price is normal, the price is good, but the problem is that compared to the 3235 series of new generation Rolex movements, these With the 3135 series of labor, the configuration is not as good as the new one. And I don’t know when it will be updated.

Now the market is relatively good, using the previous generation 3135 series of old movements.

Using a new movement and the price is the new DJ.
   In fact, until last year, I didn’t think the price of the new Rolex DJ was particularly good (compared to the non-hot regular Rolex). The main reason is that because a new generation of DJs has just been launched, the first is 126333 of Jinjin, then 126334 of Platinum, and finally 126300 of All Steel, which is updated step by step. So the initial amount is relatively small, and then the amount gradually increases. For example, before, 126334 of the blue disk was out of stock. By this year, I can feel that the supply of new DJs has started to stabilize, and 126333, 126334, and 126300 are relatively easy to buy. As soon as the amount goes up, the market will naturally stabilize. Now, in general, the prices of the new DJs have basically approached normal. It becomes more and more cost-effective to buy. Let me talk about it in detail. From cheap to expensive.
The first is All Steel 126300

Rolex steel case 126300

   In the new DJ, the cheapest is 126300 of all steel. The all-steel price of 126,300 is 55,500. The all-steel DJ is characterized by a polished bezel, which is different from a gold ring dog ring. However, you need to be careful not to underestimate the polishing ring, because the Rolex Platinum DD is also polished, please note the difference (Platinum Rolex is ice blue). All-steel’s 126300 is a highly cost-effective labor. It uses the new 3235 caliber, 41 mm caliber, bubble eyes, 100 meters waterproof, super observatory + 2 / -2 every day, strong and durable, strong storage value realization ability. Because the supply of new DJs is becoming more and more sufficient, the actual price of All Steel 126300 is already reasonable under the factors of discounts, exchange rates, and secondary markets. For the majority of the people, it is a very suitable Rolex. .
Below is platinum gold 126334

Rolex Platinum Gold 126334, regular version on top, diamond version on the bottom.

   If you don’t like the polishing ring, and you want a brother with a dog ring, then you can use 126334 in platinum. The case and bracelet of platinum 126334 are made of steel, but the dog ring is made of white gold. Platinum and steel are similar in color, but platinum is brighter than steel in the light. The public price of platinum 126334 is 71100. Because the bezel is platinum, the public price is a bit higher than that of steel 126300. Platinum gold 126334 is a very moderate labor, using the new 3235 movement, Rolex’s iconic dog ring, also with gold, affordable, very good. For some time last year, the blue disk 126334 was relatively scarce. Now as the supply goes up, 126334 various disks are easier to buy, and the actual price is reasonable under the factors of discounts, exchange rates and secondary markets. In addition, brothers who like to drill can also buy 126334 above the scale of the package. There are 10 packages of diamonds on the disk, so there will be gold and diamonds (with income and profits). Of course, the price will be higher. It is 85,000, and the actual price is higher than the regular version.
Finally, the gold among gold 126333

Rolex Gold Inter-Gold 126333, regular version on top, diamond models on the bottom.

   The highest price in DJ has always been gold among gold (and of course rose gold among gold). The new DJ gold among gold is 126333, because the gold bezel, crown, and middle link are all gold, and there is more gold. So the price went up. The regular price of 126333 is 93600, which shows that it is more expensive than the packaged 126334. It is the most expensive model in DJ, so brothers with more budgets can go to 126333. In addition, because 126333 is gold among gold, the recognition is very high, and people can know at a glance that it is a watch with gold. In contrast, 126334 in platinum, because platinum has no color, it is not easy for people who do not know to see that it is gold. The public price of the packaged diamond version of 126333 is 107,500. Although the supply of Rolex’s new DJ is now up, because 126333 itself has a lot of gold and a high public price, the actual price is also higher under the factors of discounts, exchange rates, and the secondary market. Higher).
When buying a DJ, you need to pay attention to fresh and old models.
   Although the DJ has now completed the replacement, the primary market or the secondary market, whether at home or abroad, is still in a situation where new DJs and old DJs are mixed. Is the new 126300, 126334, 126333 and the old models 116300, 116334, 116333 are sold. Because Rolex’s new and old models look very similar, when buying, you must ask whether it is new (starting with number 12) or old (starting with number 11). If I really encounter a situation where the language is not literate or the person selling the watch does not know the model, I will tell the brothers a way to distinguish by appearance.

In the middle is the new DJ 126334, and on the two sides are the old DJs (116300 on the left and 116334 on the right). We can see that the new bezel is narrower and the old bezel is wider, which can distinguish the new and the old.

   The bezel of the old model (whether it is 116300, 116334 or 116333) is relatively wide; the bezel of the new model (126300, 126334, 126333) is relatively narrow.
   This is because the old 41mm DJ directly increased the size and widened the bezel, and the proportion of the watch head was not coordinated with the new one. The new model has redesigned the watch head. Although the old and new are 41 mm, the new model has a narrower bezel and a more coordinated ratio. You can still see new and old models when you see more.
   PS. Let me explain the situation of the new DJ 36mm and all-gold DJ. Although the new 36mm DJ using 3235 (126233, 126231) has been released this year, it is not yet available on the market (including the secondary market), and the market price and actual price are not known, so let’s not mention it until I know the details Situation, market, let’s talk about 3235 36 DJs.
   In addition, all-gold DJs have an old model on the market, which is the 3135 version. Because it has risen to the level of all-gold, we generally buy DD. All-gold DJs have little meaning. , The actual price is cheaper), so leave it alone.
   At present, the market is the best, the actual price, the most cost-effective, is the new 41 mm 3235 movement DJ, you can refer to.

Rolex “Black Diamond” Dial Datejust Watch

Estimated price: 15000-20000 Swiss francs
Commission price: 33600 Swiss francs (about RMB 207,009)
[Circa 1953]
【Overall description】
Case diameter 35mm, thickness 15mm, model 6105, good condition, barrel-shaped case, waterproof function, central second hand, self-winding, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), two-piece case in 18K gold, Polished and frosted, bezel with grooves, screw-in case back, black dial, 6 square-cut diamonds and 5 dart-shaped gold hour markers, 1/5 second or minute indicator scale on the outer ring, 3 o’clock Position the gold frame date display window, and the luminous material fills the crown prince pointer.
[Movement configuration]
A.296 movement, rhodium-plated, 18 rubies, vertical lever escapement, single metal balance, self-compensating Breguet balance spring, fine-tuning device, dial, case and movement are all signed.
评论 [Review]
Among all Rolex Datejuste watches, the black dial has always been one of the most sought-after choices. In the equally sought-after Blackjust Datejust series watches, this date display digital black and red alternately with diamond-set hour watches, One of the least frequent styles. Seeing this Datejust reminds me of the more rare 6062. There are currently only two known black discs with diamond time stamps. The black enamel ‘the sky canopy’ rose a full moon, this scene I do not know how many people have been fascinated.

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