Month: April 2012

Fan Muller 18k Rose Gold Automatic Watch

[Overall description] 18K rose gold case, fully automatic, produced in 1990, without starting price. [Accessories] None. [Diameter] 31 * 43 mm [Table condition] Two-piece, 18K rose gold case, equipped with self-produced 8-direction correction, micron fine-tuning, platinum automatic tourbillon, 21 ruby ​​automatic movements, case, Dial and movement are signed
评论 [Comment] Frank Muller, a watchmaker, can be described as a more legendary figure in the watchmaking industry. From a buyer’s perspective, I think Frank Muller has two things that move people most: one is that the output is scarce, and the other is that it is more functional.
Take this watch as an example, even the simpler automatic movement uses 8 orientation correction, the accuracy is using a micron adjuster, and platinum is used on the automatic top material. Bold design and materials give people a distinctive feeling. Although I don’t agree with such exaggerated extremes, in all fairness, the market response is still good. For more than a decade, people’s recognition of the Frank Muller brand has tended to increase, and the price has remained basically stable, even rising slightly.

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