Month: August 2012

New Year Heart Hobby Watch Is Waiting For You To Come To An Appointment

In the past two years, a phrase was particularly popular: ‘Life is more than just poetry and distant places.’ In fact, in my translation, life is not only about making money and working, but also doing something you like; Wear a watch not only for pretense, but also to do whatever you want. In the new year, do you plan to buy a special point watch for yourself, nothing else, just to please yourself. If there is, please see the decomposition below, if not, please calmly pass by ~
Sports watch is always love
   Sports is a very popular thing and a very advanced thing. For those who really love sports, it is especially important to wear a sports watch that they particularly like, which is why sports watches have been sought after. Of course, for those pseudo-athletes who don’t really love sports, just for fun and taking selfies, it is also important to wear a sports watch. So, which one is your sports watch?
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Collection PAM00580

   Panerai is a sporting artifact for both men and women, who loves both sports and non-exercise. A simple Panerai LUMINOR 1950 watch can conquer a fan of watch only with its rough and bold design style. And this 2015 new work LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00580 watch, add flyback function on the basis of basic functions, very eye-catching. RMB: 103900

   When it comes to individual sports watches, Hublot’s Bigbang series must be one, and its sports style is very distinctive in sports watches. He is good at using innovative materials such as titanium alloy and ceramics, and is bold and bold in design. This Bigbang watch is made of ceramic and stainless steel, with a rubber strap and a very beautiful carbon stamp on the dial. RMB: 104300
  For the selection of ladies’ sports watches, comfort is first and foremost beautiful. Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watch, although it is a stainless steel case, will not have a rubber strap because of its 33 mm size. Very uncomfortable weight. In addition, the steel material is matched with the white rubber strap, which is the classic design of Royal Oak, which has a very distinctive sporty style. It is a ladies’ sports watch worth starting. RMB: 59000
Craft watches are a weapon
   Those who can be described by their extraordinary temperament must be particular about their clothes, hats, and backpacks. For many handsome men and women, wearing a watch is for concave shape, while for others who have a certain life sediment, a good watch that can move themselves must meet their temperament and taste. And a craft watch full of artistic flavor is not only the best product for watch lovers’ personal taste, but also the masterpiece of art that instantly upgrades the temperament. How can there not be such a watch?
Cartier DARTART HPI00929 watch

   This Cartier Cheetah decoration watch is a new product of the 2015 Geneva International High-level Watch Salon. Cartier’s Fine Watch Craft Workshop uses the ancient tradition of gold and silver inlay crafts to outline Cartier’s classic cheetah image. , Harmony, this design style is very consistent with the temperament of mature men. RMB: 1380000
D00D watch

    Breguet’s Queen of Naples series watch is too noble, it is the ideal beloved of many women. And this Neapolitan Queen’s automatic mechanical watch is not only luxurious, but also an art piece finished with mother-of-pearl relief. This technique is very old and difficult to test the skills of the engraver. RMB: 511600
Is a ‘playing watch’
   Some watches are used to wear, some watches are used for collection, and some watches are used for play. For those real watch fans, the fun is really different. Now that this is a favorite watch, how can we not talk about the ‘playing watch’! For those who are fooled by watches, the watch is small and its fun is endless.

   The biggest fun of this OCTO SALTARELLO watch from Bulgari is its double retrograde function. The minute indication above the dial is displayed in reverse at 210 degrees, and the date indication at 6 o’clock is also displayed in reverse. In addition, the window at 12 o’clock shows the hour changes in a word-jumping manner, which is also the creative and interesting aspect of this watch. It’s fun and different.
69 watches

   Since it’s ‘playing’, it’s interesting to have something fresh. This year Richard Miller’s latest RM69 watch at the WATCHES & WONDERS Asia Watch & Clock Fair is very interesting for men. On the one hand, it is extremely dazzling, on the other hand it has the meaning of wind and moon. The ‘sacrifice’ function on the dial can transform very provocative text.
  Whether it is a regular sports watch, a very elegant craft watch, or an interesting and fun watch, of course, there are collectible watches including antique watches, which are really exciting and interesting. The above is just one of the icebergs. More exciting watches are waiting for you!

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