Month: September 2012

Chanel Enters The Field Of High-end Ceramic Watches

Jacques Helleu designed and developed J12. He adopted a minimalist appearance. This symbolic watch can have thousands of styles, but still maintains its essence. The latest in a series of changes is the J12 Noir Intense, which takes the ceramic case to the extreme and elevates it to a valuable high-tech material. Contrary to those famous jewels that refract the light and create the ultimate brilliance, the noble ceramics condense the light and hide the exquisiteness in the complete black of this material-a material with a similar processing technology to gems. In the famous jewelry studio of Chanel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, 724 ceramic pieces were carved into rectangles, using the same methods and techniques as diamond cutting ( Ceramics are similar in strength to diamonds).
   Next, the craftsman set the ceramic block on the 18K white gold strap (a total of 502 rectangular-cut ceramics), the white gold bezel (48 ceramics), and the white gold middle case (78 Ceramics), and white gold dial (forty-eight ceramics). The ceramic is also decorated with a white gold crown. This watch is without doubt the world leader. The appearance and unique lines of this black watch emphasize the overall architectural sense, the texture of black light, and because it is comfortable to wear, it shows charming charm. He uses an automatic Chanel movement, AP 3125. His gold rotor is housed in black ceramic (can it be any other material?) The design in the box was realized with Audemars Piguet. J12 Noir Intense is produced in limited editions with serial numbers.

Oris’ Modern Rebranding Showcases The Company’s Innovative Spirit And Independent Approach To Mechanical Watchmaking

This spring, Oris proudly introduces a unique style rebranding strategy, firmly positioning itself in modern watchmaking. The company’s new logo, ideas and ideas are designed to highlight Oris’s spirit of innovation and independence. Industrial-grade workmanship and exquisite Swiss watch collections are a reflection of high quality.

Oris brand new logo. Oris was founded in 1904. The company is proud of its long tradition. Hölstein is the cradle of the company’s growth. Along the way, the company continues to maintain an independent spirit.
   Oris was founded in 1904 in Hölstein. Hölstein is a village in the Waldenburg Valley in northwestern Switzerland. Today, the village that was the company’s headquarters more than a century ago is still the foundation of the company. Not only can the company proudly call itself a Swiss manufacturer, Hölstein (Holstein) as the manufacturing location is the source of the company’s pride.

For decades, Oris’ success has been market recognition of the company. Now, Oris’s upgrade reflects the brand’s confidence and boldness.
   The new brand strategy highlights Oris as one of the few independent watchmakers in the Swiss watchmaking industry. The company will continue to move steadily along its own path, pursuing its own belief-to create watches with high functionality and high quality, allowing people to grasp the time in the real world. The new proposition ‘Go your own way’ is an expression of freedom and independent thinking, while inspiring Oris customers with independent thinking to continue their own way.

New era, new propositions-but the spirit remains the same. Oris always follows its own path, introducing exquisitely crafted Swiss watches to the market, allowing people to grasp every inch of time in real life.
   And, as an independent watchmaker, Oris is precious for its 100% mechanical watch collection. Combined with innovative and practical innovations, Oris watches make their wearers unique.
   The new Oris brand strategy underscores the company’s spirit and its self-confidence, heritage, watches and customers, driving the brand forward in a rapidly changing market.

What To Watch With Your Boyfriend While Shopping

Beauty is a woman’s nature. As a man, you might not be able to imagine how many gorgeous clothes are in a woman’s cabinet, how many beautiful cosmetics are on the dressing table, and how many delicate jewelry are in the storage box. Watches, as one of women’s favorite things, naturally have to be included in them. Although not every woman can hold a watch and truly fall in love with it, there are not a few women who like watches. A decent watch, either exquisite in appearance, or gorgeous in materials, or individual in design, has a reason for ladies to buy it. The obsession with beauty and the pursuit of fashion have never disappeared. Below, Watch House recommends three women’s watches from Omega.

  Omega LADYMATIC watch series 425. watch

Comments on the model: LADYMATIC has three attractive charms. First, the diversification of the dial, second, a series of eye-catching material cases, and finally the superiority of the internal 8520/8521 coaxial movement. The next ladies watch, numbered 425., is very simple and natural in design, showing charming charm. The 34 mm stainless steel case displays a silver metallic luster, and the side edges are decorated with decorative corrugations made of stainless steel. The white ceramic ring is located between the corrugations and the inner case body; the small size fits most women’s wrists, and is set off by Gorgeous pattern on the dial. Through the arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective and wear-resistant sapphire crystal, the blue mother-of-pearl dial with diamond hour markers creates a romantic atmosphere. The dial is decorated with a sun ray pattern, showing a moving luster on the wrist. There is a calendar window at 3 o’clock.

  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the Omega 8520 self-winding coaxial movement, which has longer-lasting superior accuracy and stability. The rhodium-plated surface is decorated with a unique Arab-style Geneva wave, which is clearly visible through the transparent case back. . Power reserve of up to 50 hours.

Basic Information
Number: 425.
Brand: Omega
Series: Disc Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 61,200
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Comment on the watch: The Omega Constellation series is one of the most classic ladies’ watches in my heart. There are also many people who are enamored with constellations. The famous ‘Griffes’ and eye-catching dials show a timeless and charming design. concept. The number of this watch is The price is relatively high. Only the stainless steel body is equipped with 18K red gold diamond bezel. The stainless steel bracelet with 18K red gold links, silver and The connection of red and gold appears softer and understated on the wrist. In detail, the 27mm dial is very suitable for women to wear. The natural gold mother-of-pearl dial has a soft and romantic hue. It is decorated with 11 diamond hour markers exuding a brilliant luster. The ripple pattern extends from the iconic ‘paw’. Out. Functionally, the watch has a basic hour, minute and second display, and a calendar window at 3 o’clock makes the time reading at a glance.

  In terms of power, this timepiece is equipped with an Omega 8520 coaxial movement. Like the movement introduced in the previous paragraph, the cardless balance spring with silicon balance spring has a two-way automatic winding system, which can shorten the winding time.

Basic Information
Brand: Omega
Series: Constellation
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Published: 2014 Basel
Price: ¥ 86,900
For more watch details, please click: Omega Elegant Series 424. Watch

Comment on the watch: The elegance and beauty of women are in the Omega Sauvignon Elegance series, which cleverly captures inspiration from nature, so that the timepiece is presented in a more elegant way, which will surely be cherished by female wearers. This watch is numbered 424. and is certified by the Swiss Observatory. With a diameter of 32.7 mm, the wear-resistant sapphire crystal provides comprehensive protection for this dazzling dial. The mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with dancing butterflies, three purple butterflies, and a diamond-studded butterfly. The dial suddenly becomes a piece. The sea of ​​flowers is fascinating. The 18K red gold case is equipped with a diamond-set bezel and a bracelet of the same material, which is luxurious and noble, and at the same time it can set off the fair complexion of women. Romantic background with diamond hour markers, slender hands passing across the plate, rotating regularly, the date display window is located at six o’clock.
  In terms of power, this timepiece is equipped with the Omega 2500 coaxial escapement automatic winding chronograph movement, with a power reserve of 48 hours, which has opened a huge innovation in the mechanical watchmaking industry. Generally speaking, this watch is a win-win of appearance and inner, which is very suitable for female friends to buy and collect.

Basic Information
Number: 424.
Brand: Omega
Series: Disc Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: No
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Summary: Many men wonder why women love shopping so much? Things that can be bought in minutes, why do women go shopping for hours or even a day? On the one hand, beauty is the nature of women. They like to explore and discover beautiful things, and they prefer to use beautiful things to increase their glory. On the other hand, shopping is also a release of self-emotion. Forget about those troubles in shopping and pull in the relationship with girlfriends and friends in shopping chat. For women, why not? Buying a watch is the same. Watches have a non-negligible role in adding feminine charm, or gorgeous, or personality. Choosing a watch that suits you requires even more contrast and trying to find the watch you love . (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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