Month: November 2012

Relationship Between Nomos Movement And Eta7001 Movement

Someone asked if nomos is a self-produced movement? nomos claims to be a self-produced movement. Some people say that it is not a self-produced movement. It is a modified version based on the ETA7001 movement.
   What about the answer? It is accurate to say that it is a self-produced movement, but it cannot be said to be a 100% self-produced movement, because it does not deny that it has the shadow of ETA7001 from the movement design or parts.
First look at the basic information of the ETA movement:
Manual winding, 72 hours power reserve, functions: hours, minutes and small seconds with constant motion, diameter 23.3 mm, thickness 2.5 mm, 17 rubies, swing frequency 21600 times / hour
  Long before the ETA 7001 was announced to stop production, there was a rumor that Nomos would speak out, and that the self-produced movement would be fully adopted after the 7001 was discontinued. From the basic ETA 7001 that was slightly polished to the later use of sandblasting technology, 3/4 plywood, and precision adjustment methods (Nomos used to indicate the movement of the letter combination TSP is German precision adjustment Triovis Feinregulierung, stop seconds Alpha from Sekundenstopp and Glashütte 3/4 Platine / Plate (only the main splint of ETA 7001, containing more than 60% of its own parts), to Epsilon, which announced its own production ( Although it claims to be all self-produced, the shadow of ETA7001 can still be found.) On the one hand, Nomos fulfilled his original ‘commitment’ by using actual actions, and on the other hand, expressed his affirmation of ETA 7001 with his determination.


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