Month: March 2013

Conquering The Star Sea Three Hamilton Khaki Watches Recommended

The Hamilton Khaki watch has a fine traditional style. Today, it is linked to adventure and popular Khaki watches, and it directly inherits the heroes who fought bravely in World War II. tradition of. This series of watches is full of dynamic design and excellent functions. Below, the editor of the watch house recommends several Hamilton Khaki series watches. Both the goddess of high cold and handsome men can wear the wrist and feel Han. Milton’s spirit.

Hamilton Khaki H24481131

Product model: H24481131
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Dial color: Black
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch price: ¥ 6650
Watch details: Normal sports are very suitable for wearing between the wrists.
Summary: The Hamilton Khaki series watch has a unique design and affordable price. It can be said to be able to withstand wind and rain, straddle the gun forest and rain, and conquer the sea of ​​stars. This is consistent with the spirit of adventure it advocates. The desire for style and elegance to achieve perfect new heights makes people feel the extreme freedom of the Hamilton Khaki series. Let the gentleness and toughness combine, let the tenderness and the iron man blend together, the inside and outside, the sincere and complete Hamilton Khaki series can not be copied, it is worth having.

Writer Of Time – Montblanc Nicholas Kaishi

The key to knowing Montblanc is not to mistake the name. Although the Chinese names are similar, the differences in English are still large. Of course you can say that with Montblanc, there is no problem in drawing Marlboro: Montblanc-Montblanc, Marlboro-Marlboro. Montblanc was founded in 1906. At the beginning of its establishment, it was a German brand with high-end stationery as its main line. Its fountain pens are well-known, smooth water, exquisite appearance design, white six-pointed star on black background has become an iconic logo. In 1993, the Montblanc brand was acquired by the luxury crocodile Richmond Group. After the Richemont Group injected strong blood, the Montblanc brand continued to expand its product lines, leather goods, jewelry, perfume, and then launched its first Taipan series watch in 1997. . It can be seen that Montblanc’s watches started relatively late. The biggest turning point was Richemont’s acquisition and merger of the Minerva movement factory in 2007. The maker of Minerva movements was founded in 1858 and was born in the Villeret region of the Jurassic Valley. The company was founded in the early years by the brothers of watchmakers Robert, and after the founder’s family exited in 1929, the company officially changed its name to Minerva (borrowed from the name of the goddess of wisdom in Roman mythology). Minerva is both a watch factory and a brand. Although there are less than ten watch movement models released in-house, the 13/21 movement that fascinated watch friends has become the impression of the timing goddess in everyone’s impression. The great thing is that it has changed hands several times, but the watch factory has not been interrupted. Although the products are not produced in-house, it is often processed and sold by other watch factories to produce high-quality and high-price products, so the life is not bad. can. If you are interested in the history of Minerva, check out a Marlboro book ‘MONTBLANC WRITING TIME’. Most of the content in the book is about the history of Minerva (because Montblanc watches really have no history) speak). From classic pocket watch movement models to cooperation styles with Montblanc, it can be seen that Minerva’s heritage still exists. The cooperation with Montblanc is not simply a doctrine, but a performance like a goddess dancing with a gentleman. Today I will talk about Montblanc’s first self-produced work, which was released in 2008 by Montblanc Nicolas RIEUSSEC. This is a modern Montblanc steel chronograph & GMT multi-function watch produced in 2018 / Nicholas Kies named in commemoration of the world’s first chronograph invented by Nicolas Rieussec in 1821 / with classic column wheel device And the vertical disc clutch / 43MM disc adopts the cool design of the bull head, the reverse thinking display mode — the chronograph dial rotates, the hands remain vertically upward / the sides of the striking digital disc are convenient for GMT to watch the day and night display and calendar device. I have to say that Montblanc’s design is full of creativity, changing the past elegant style, and the wide-opened cow head design shocked the audience-the base of curved ears polished metal, ruby ​​bull’s eye, brushed gray eyes, glamorous blue corners Sharp, every detail is worth enlarging slowly to appreciate. What’s even more fascinating is that Montblanc’s coating is surprisingly good. Under the double-sided anti-reflective coating, the quiet effect is matched with the dark surface, which is beautiful. The hollow roasted blue needles have a good name ‘hometime’, which is also a circle in twelve hours. However, it can be used with the day and night display panel on the left to obtain the specific time of the day. The day and night display panel has white and blue, white is day and blue is night. At 6:00 in the morning, the day and night display is completely blue, and it gradually turns white after 6 o’clock, and becomes full white at 12 noon. From 12 to 18 o’clock, the day and night display panel remains completely white. Beginning at 18:00, it will gradually turn blue in turn, so the day and night display device has the same effect as the 24-hour GMT needle. Hexagonal logo inlaid on the head, just like Montblanc’s calm, noble image. The thickness of the shell is controlled at 15MM, combined with a comfortable crocodile strap, the effect is thick and not heavy. In addition to pens and belts, watches are also a must-have for successful men. The design source of the bull’s head watch is also very particular. At the time of the horse racing competition, Nicholas Case, who was in charge of the court clock, invented the ‘ink drop timing’ device in 1822. One was responsible for the 60-second rotating component, and the other was responsible for the 30-minute rotating component. When the horse crossed the finish line, the button device was pressed, and the black device left ink marks on the turntable, thereby recording the meter room. Although it feels very backward now, Montblanc has to commemorate the design with the same disk rotation. The left side of the bull’s head is the chronograph second dial, and the right side is the 30-minute chronograph display panel. The single button at the eight o’clock position also follows the ancient system, and the single button realizes the continuous operation of start, pause, and zero. Note that the dial is missing the second hand. For design purposes, if the second hand is added, the overall dial surface will become more complicated; it is also possible to open the invincible fire wheel when the second hand is used. The feedback of the timing button is the softest and smoothest I have ever seen. It can be turned on without any effort. The strong technical support of Minerva has made Montblanc a firm footing in the high-end movement. The exquisite hollow-out automatic top seems to be thin and light, and the winding efficiency is quite satisfactory, thanks to the use of Seiko’s ‘magic lever’ high-efficiency technology-to meet the 72-hour power requirements of the dual barrel. The design of the vertical introductory column has also become standard in modern timekeeping, which can save space and cause less wear on gears. The design of the double-wing pendulum splint uses a cardless hairspring. The difference from the previous one is that the wheel design is full of surroundings. In order to meet the eccentric binocular timing, a great effort has been made. MB R200 movement parameters: diameter 31MM, thickness 8.46MM, vibration frequency 28,800 times, number of gems 40, dual barrels 72 hours long power reserve, no card spring. Speaking of whether this self-produced movement has anything to do with Minerva, I read the entire Minerva’s introduction and found no direct relationship with Minerva Movement Factory. From the perspective of research and development strength, the Richemont Group Val Fleurier factory has such strength to design and manufacture it (which is indeed partly similar to Panerai in terms of movement parts), and Minerva has done a certain degree of technical guidance. . Therefore, the difference between polishing and Minerva is still large, but the advantage lies in the high cost performance, the price of the self-produced timing movement cabbage, and what kind of bicycle is needed. The quality of the movement generally responded well, and few people who bought it did not see any major problems for the time being. And each Montblanc has passed 500 hours of rigorous testing when it leaves the factory, or it has the most fear that there is no brand history. Certainly guaranteed. A brand that makes pens across the borders is actually very risky. There is no accumulation of movement technology. The Richemont Consortium’s combination of Montblanc and Minerva has just perfected the two: one rich, one technological, living in a high level in just 22 years. And the product line is also very complete, low-end core, mid-end self-production, high-end Minerva trilogy has matured. Of course, the current popularity of sports watches has also caused Montblanc to fail to achieve its intended market share. In the apparently declining formal watch market, how to kill a bloodline is a test of the CEO’s ability.

Simple And Clear Sports Fan Tasting Patek Philippe Aquanaut Series Chronograph Watch

Among the timepieces of high-end brands, steel watches with strong sports style are mostly one of the more popular models. Because they occupy the two advantages of price and practicality, they have become the ideal timepieces for many watch lovers. Since last year was an entire anniversary of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut series, the brand also brought a lot of heavyweight models at the Basel Watch Fair that year. In 2018, the brand once again injected fresh blood into the Aquanaut series, and launched a very ‘coquette’ work, that is 5968A-001. It is worth mentioning that the stainless steel case and the orange rubber strap match the fashionable and sunny sporty atmosphere, highlighting the youthful vitality of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut series. Below, let’s enjoy this watch together: (watch model: 5968A-001)

A more concise ‘grenade’

   Because the design of the texture of the disk is very similar to the appearance of a grenade, the watches of the Aquanaut series are also nicknamed ‘grenade’ watches by watch friends. This outstanding series was born in 1997 and is positioned in a modern casual fashion style. Once launched, it has received wide attention from watch lovers. Young, modern and unique is its label. Although the Aquanaut series models all have a strong sense of movement, before this year, in terms of overall style, it was mainly black, blue, brown, and white. So there is still a calm style. This year’s orange ‘grenade’ is a bold breakthrough in the style of the brand, more like a bold attempt in the design of the brand, making the ‘grenade’, which is already a sports watch, more youthful.

Watch real shot display

42.2 mm stainless steel case
   The case uses the classic outline of a round octagonal bezel. The bezel is beveled and polished to make it more delicate and beautiful. Slender buttons on both sides of the crown protector are harmonious and natural. The screw-down crown is also polished and embossed with the brand’s ‘Calatrava Doji’ logo pattern, showing the brand’s exclusive aesthetics. The crown is designed with a non-slip texture and is also carefully polished to give it a first-class feel, making time adjustment easier and faster. The rest of the case is frosted and blends with the bezel, shining a smart sheen.

Watch thickness 11.9 mm

    The front is polished and the lugs on the frosted sides are slightly curved, showing a natural curvature, which fits the watch closer to the wrist of the wearer and is ergonomically designed.

   The black dial with the embossed decorative pattern of the Aquanaut series is in stark contrast to the chronograph display with orange markings (chronograph hands, outer-circle scale scale accurate to a quarter second, 60-minute cumulative timer), and the The three-dimensional Arabic numerals and the widened bar pointer echo the time and timing functions, making them more legible. In addition, the hands and time scales are covered with a fluorescent coating to ensure read efficiency in any environment. The 60-minute cumulative timer at 6 o’clock uses the same outline as the case, and the overall sense is stronger.

   The watch is equipped with Patek Philippe CH 28-520 C Caliber automatic winding flyback chronograph movement, which can be seen through the back cover, showing the brand’s traditional mechanical aesthetics. The classic star wheel control is integrated with a modern vertical clutch, which prevents the hands from bouncing or rebounding when the timing function is activated. It is worth mentioning that because the clutch hardly causes friction, the center chronograph second hand can also be used as a continuously rotating center second hand instead of the small seconds. In addition, the flyback function can start a new timing directly when the chronograph hands rotate, without resetting. With the stop-second function, the chronograph second hand is instantly transformed into a continuous second hand, which is convenient for synchronizing the watch with the time signal. The watch has a power reserve of 45-55 hours and a water resistance rating of 120 meters.

   Just like the series of textures on the disc surface, the composite material strap adopts this embossed decorative pattern and is decorated with sunlight orange, which makes people look bright. This composite material can better fit the watch to the wrist, and is comfortable and durable, and can resist the erosion of seawater and ultraviolet rays. The watch can be paired with two kinds of straps, the standard black strap and the orange strap that can highlight the novel design of the dial. And equipped with a new folding clasp to ensure easy use.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph
Summary: The orange that represents the sun and the movement makes the new Aquanaut series chronograph watch lively, and once again interprets the simplicity and does not represent the simple philosophy of clock design. Coupled with a deep black strap, the watch can be freely switched between calm and vibrant style according to changing occasions, highlighting the exclusive charm of top sports watches. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention. Watch price: RMB 329,700

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