Month: May 2013

Radar Releases 2012 New Series Watch Innovative Ceramic Technology

Rado radar watch continues the footsteps of 2011 this year, maintaining high-quality ceramic material use standard, the design style has greatly changed, moving closer to movement. In addition to the HyperChrome models disclosed in Pre-Basel, the D-Star series is even more hardcore in color matching and design; as for the most eye-catching and unique model, it should be the R-One piece, which is a rare rectangle of the radar The case is embellished with fluorescent blue lines like space travel, creating a new path for the brand.
   Last year’s radar products gave a lot of new highlights, including ‘True Thinline’, ‘D-Star’ two new series, and the use of Ceramos patented metal; and this year will still focus on several important technologies. The ‘True Thinline’ series is made of a new ultra-light ceramic material-silicon nitride ceramics. This material is generally used on automotive engine parts and has a dark gray color. After polishing and sanding, it can have a very smooth texture. The hardness is 1450, and the weight is only half that of high-tech ceramics, reducing the burden on wearing. The new ‘True Thinline’ series is equipped with a rubber strap. The current quantity is 1,000 pieces. The suggested selling price is undecided.

  ‘True Thinline’ new work, using a new ultra-light ceramic material-silicon nitride ceramics, has the characteristics of light but hard. Limited edition of 1,000 pieces.
   The patented Ceramos material first introduced in 2010 by a radar meter is a combination of titanium carbide and a metal alloy with a Vickers hardness of 1,900. This year, the radar meter will use the Ceramos material in the Specchio series and HyperChrome series. A combination of nobility and perseverance. The Specchio series has a round dial and a barrel-like case, with two styles of 24×30.9mm and 40×49.6mm. Among them, the brand has developed a rose gold Ceramos material as a companion, with black ceramic, the contrast is quite eye-catching.

The new Specchio series, using the latest rose gold Ceramos material with black ceramic, the contrast is quite eye-catching.
   The D-star series, launched in 2011, is full of sporty inspiration. Its creative inspiration comes from the launch of the radar in 1962 and the world’s first wear-resistant ‘DiaStar’ watch. This year’s new product is a total of 10 new models of the D-star 200 series. The diving element is added to pull the waterproof specification to 200 meters. The 10 models are 5 chronograph styles and 5 large and three-hand styles. The strap is more powerful, injecting different blood factors into the radar watch, and it has a strong meaning of attacking young ethnic groups. In addition, the brand also launched a simple black-and-white ceramic style on the D-star series, with a simple and pure shape, which is also a good choice.

The D-star series is adding a new color style this year, with a stainless steel strap for a more sporty feel.

   This year’s radar watch is the most special ‘R-One’ model, with the future as its theme, and it has a lot of tension in the use of shape and color. The rectangular rectangular ceramic case with the crown and the chronograph pusher is full of modern flavor; the blue lines and blue hands on the inner ring echo each other, and the chronograph dial and time scale constructed by the lines are simple and neat. The watch is equipped with a self-winding chronograph movement and has a 37-hour power reserve. In addition, in order to create a consistent visual effect, a black rubber strap was selected. The ‘R-One’ model is limited to 300 pieces, and the suggested price is undecided.

  ‘R-One’ is the dazzling work of this year’s radar watch. The style and color are rare in the brand, and it is actively moving towards a younger brand. Limited edition of 300 pieces.

Heavy Debut, The New Mp Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch

In the watchmaking process, the perpetual calendar is regarded as a very high-end complex function. The complicated structure and intelligent design of the mechanical device can ensure the accurate display of the date, day of the week and month, and even the leap year can be accurately indicated without manual correction in the next 100 years. Although Glashütte’s original perpetual calendar series has a longstanding reputation, this time the watch exhibition launched a new self-made Calibre 36 caliber-based perpetual calendar watch.

   The watch has a 42 mm diameter case and is available in satin-finished steel or red gold and is water-resistant to 5 bar (50 meters). In the brand’s own dial factory, experienced craftsmen craft every detail and polish it to the extreme, showing the artistic atmosphere in the slightest. For example, the moon phase at 8 o’clock, the delicate curves echo the soft lines of the window. The three-dimensional moon pattern is embossed against the starry electroplated blue sky. The contrast is even more striking. At 4 o’clock, there is a large calendar, day of the week and month window, and the border is soft and picturesque. There is a separate display window below the 12 o’clock position, and the leap year indication is clear at a glance. The pointer moves counterclockwise between the scales 1 to 4, which not only clearly indicates the leap year, but also ensures that the instructions for each year are clear.

   The settings and adjustments of the watch bring the simplicity of the design to the extreme: the date setting can be viewed directly through the display window; the design of the watch’s subtle adjustment buttons on the case can adjust the day, month and moon phase display. The 100-hour power reserve function is extraordinary. Even if the watch owner does not wear the watch, it can ensure that the display is accurate within a few hours. Especially the adjustment button is very practical. If necessary, only a few operations can change the day of the week. , Date, and month.

   The Senator Excellence watch series is equipped with Calibre 36 automatic movement, which can meet the needs of today’s life. Extremely high precision can be achieved with an innovative silicon hairspring; a single barrel ensures a power reserve of more than 100 hours and a frequency of 4 Hz (a vibration frequency of 28,800 per hour). Glashütte’s original movement series continues to grow. The accuracy of its new movements is mainly due to the compact design and the innovative bayonet design that fixes the movement in the case. Finally, the elegant decoration and the unique structural design of Glashütte ensure that the mechanical core of each watch of the Senator Excellence series is both internal and external, and interprets the perfect work with details.

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