Month: July 2015

Raymond Wei’s Grandson Plans To Innovate Watches

The grandson of the famous watchmaker Raymond Weil, the entrepreneurs Elie Bernheim and Pierre Bernheim, are launching A new Swiss watch brand, 88 Rue du Rhone, will debut its first product at this year’s JCK Swiss Watch Show.
88 Rue du Rhone
   Deeply rooted in the luxury watchmaking industry, Avery Berheim and Pierre Berheim, with their mastery of watchmaking technology, marketing and business management, are fully committed to independent watchmaking founded by grandfathers. The company’s Raymond Weil brand is marketed globally and ensures that each market share continues to grow. Inspired by the niche market of young, fashionable and value-conscious watches, Avery and Pierre are determined to work hard to achieve their ideals and create a new brand from scratch.
    The first watch collections to be launched include women’s watches and men’s watches, ranging in size from 29 mm to 42 mm. Both quartz and automatic watches are available. The new brand’s name comes from Geneva’s most famous luxury shopping street and the name of the river that flows through the city. The brand logo is based on the number 88, which means good luck and unlimited.
    ‘The creation of 88 Rue du Rhone is a great pleasure. It brings our watchmaking knowledge and professional background to our beloved brand. My brother and I are very excited,’ said Avery Bohai, one of the co-founders Sam said. ‘Style and performance have been our norms since the brand was created, and we are happy to introduce our brand to consumers like this,’ said Pierre Berheim, one of the co-founders.
   The luxury Swiss watch collection is affordable, priced between $ 395 and $ 995, and will be available in more than 200 stores starting in fall 2012.

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