Month: August 2015

Citizen ‘light Breath’ Concept Female Watch

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewelry Fair every year, there is always a green light from the future world, attracting the attention of thousands of watch lovers. In this grand event in 2012, the world-renowned watch brand Citizen has once again become a focus of attention in this timepiece Oscar with its two new women’s watches with Eco-Drive concept, Eco-Drive Luna and Eco-Drive Nova. .
   Using light as the driving energy and emitting light at the same time, the two products use the extraordinary creativity of ‘breathing light’, which perfectly illustrates the eternal pursuit of the concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ by Citizen, and the unlimited power of light kinetic energy Possible tireless exploration!
   At the first sight of Eco-Drive Luna, you will be attracted by 60 brilliant diamonds set on the edge of the full moon dial. Every second that time elapses, a diamond is lit. The fusion of technology and beauty is fully exerted in this unique creativity, so that every second in life can release its brilliance, which is exactly what this watch wants An important message to every confident and elegant woman. Interspersed with diamonds is a warm and tactile ceramic bezel. The unique artistic temperament, combined with the characteristics of not easy to wear, perfectly reflects the feminine and strong urban female charm.

How About Beijing Watches? How About Beijing Watches?

Introduction to Beijing Watch Brands
  Beijing Watch Factory was founded in June 1958 and is located in Changping, the back garden of Beijing. The factory sits north and south, leaning against the military capital, and overlooking the Wenyu River. For half a century, Beijing Watch Factory has been immersed in the culture of ancient capitals, admired people’s talents, explored the art of watches and clocks, and challenged the limits of craftsmanship, forming a corporate culture of ‘humanism, collaboration, truth-seeking and innovation’.

  Beibei has made brilliant achievements in history, and the ‘unified movement’ watches, which have an important position in the history of Chinese horology, come from Beibei. It is a backbone company in the industry that has a significant production and sales scale and social impact.
  In 1995, Beibei independently developed the tourbillon watch, which is the best in terms of complexity, rarity and artistic beauty. In 2004, Beibei first released a limited edition tourbillon gold watch in red gold. This is the first time that a Chinese brand has entered the high-end watch market with precious metal appearance, tourbillon high-complexity movement, and limited edition elements. In 2005, the Beibei Tourbillon officially called ‘Chinese Tourbillon’. The Chinese tourbillon has gradually developed its unique style and completeness with its unique cardless hairspring, Chinese spirit-swallow-shaped pendulum splint, fine manual polishing and assembly by masters, no external movements, and a distinctive Chinese cultural theme. Intellectual property.
  In 2006, the tourbillon platinum diamond watch ‘Dragon and Phoenix’ shocked the Basel International Watch Fair in Switzerland with seven world’s first hand-made micro-engraving techniques. In the same year, the watch was collected with 1 million yuan, becoming the first Chinese watch ever Make. In the spring of 2007, Beibei’s enamel movement tourbillon watch ‘Butterfly Love Flower’, enamel double tourbillon watch ‘Beijing 2008’, Chinese tourbillon eight-day long-chain timepiece and enamel gold watch appeared in Basel Switzerland in 2007 The exhibition has become a masterpiece representing the highest level of China’s watchmaking industry. In April 2008, Beibei again participated in the Swiss Bar Expo with high-end watches such as the deep-relief all-gold movement gold watch ‘Athena’ and the Chinese tourbillon minute repeater. At this point, Northwatch has the design and manufacturing capabilities of advanced watches such as micro-engraving, deep relief, enamel, tourbillon, three questions, long travel time, etc., establishing the Beijing watch’s leading position in the field of high-end watches in China.
  Beibei also produces mechanical automatic multifunctional watches and movements.
  Beipiao was converted into a limited company at the end of 2004. It currently has 600 employees, total assets of 130 million yuan, covers an area of ​​115,000 square meters, a construction area of ​​58,000 square meters, and more than 2,000 sets of equipment.
  Beipiao is committed to providing customers with satisfactory quality products, and adheres to the quality policy of ‘do it right the first time’.
  Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold 50 years of watchmaking experience, firmly establish the product positioning goal of domestic products, actively enterprising and innovate, and make the ‘Beijing’ brand watches into well-known brands with distinctive features and high technical content .
How about Beijing watches, netizens comment
  Comment 1: Beijing Watch is an old brand of domestic North Watch. It was once known as China’s four famous watches with Shanghai, Seagull and South Watch Guangzhou. The design is more atmospheric.
  Comment 2: I just bought a piece of Beijing watch, it feels very good, looks great ~~
  Comment 3: Although it has fallen, I still support domestic products: Beijing watches! !! !!
Beijing watch price
  Beijing watch prices range from about 500-10,000 yuan. The most popular models sell for between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan.

Kunlun Launches The New Admiral Cup Legend Series Women’s Watch

The Admiral’s Cup has joined the Kunlun watch family since 1960 and has now become one of the brand’s most famous series of watches. In 2014, Kunlun added a new member to the Admiral’s Cup series and launched a women’s watch with a distinctive dodecagon case design. The brand’s new Admiral Cup Legend series is divided into two distinct styles to meet the individual needs of each female wearer.

   The smaller watch has a diameter of 32 millimeters, is exquisite and delicate, and is equipped with a high-precision Swiss quartz movement. It does not need to be wound by hand and is suitable for day and night wear. It is a perfect companion. There are four different styles of watches of this size to choose from.

Ref.A020 / 02582 Admiral Cup Legend Women’s Watch

   Specifically, the Ref.A020 / 02582 watch retains the traditional appearance design of the Admiral Cup series, and is appropriately transformed to make it more feminine. In a stainless steel case surrounded by a rose gold bezel, a dial made of mother-of-pearl sparkles. This watch has a more prominent feature-the twelve time scales are replaced by the flag pattern, continuing the tradition of the Admiral Cup series. In addition, the white silk satin strap also makes this watch more feminine and elegant.

   Both the Ref.A020 / 02580 and Ref.A020 / 02581 watch cases are set with sparkling semi-precious stones. The Ref.A020 / 02581 watch replaces the time scale with 12 fiery topaz, and the Ref.A020 / 02580 watch scale is made of faceted blue topaz, while the latter’s bezel inlaid with topaz adds charming charm to the watch. Both watches are equipped with red and blue silk satin straps.

Ref.A020 / 02579 Admiral Cup Legend Women’s Watch

   The Ref.A020 / 02579 watch will definitely meet the desire of women watch lovers for diamonds. The dial is divided into 12 sides according to the shape of the case, and each side is decorated with three rows of double-row bright-cut diamonds. In addition, the watch bezel is also densely set with a row of precious stones, shining and luxurious. This watch comes with a white alligator strap.

Ref.A020 / 02586 Admiral Cup Legend Women’s Watch

   The larger women’s theme watch has a diameter of 38 mm and is also equipped with a high-precision Swiss quartz movement. The dial of Ref.A020 / 02586 continues the classic design of the series, replacing the time scale with a national flag pattern, and the champagne guilloche pattern is painted on the dial. This watch comes with a white silk satin strap.

   The new Admiral Cup Legend series watches are decorated with the Kunlun Golden Key logo on the dial, crown and case back, and the case is water-resistant to 50 meters.

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