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Omega Sea Horse Aqua Terra Coaxial Gmt Chronograph

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Coaxial GMT Chronograph
44 mm steel case, coaxial escapement chronograph movement, black teak dial
Features: 24-hour GMT hands and black P VD coated bidirectional rotating bezel for easy identification
Adjustment method: crown adjustment GMT pointer, bezel can rotate in both directions
    The function of the watch, in other words, is nothing more than that. Manufacturers launch new products every year, while discontinuing outdated products, all kinds of patterns can be seen on the face. The long chapter was exhausted, but he was undecided, as if it were not ‘the cup of tea of ​​his own.’
    In fact, as long as it is clear which features are most needed, the watch is not so difficult to choose. I do n’t see him. In today’s waiting halls, there are a lot of people buried in iPads. Everyone is enjoying it, and no one feels that there is anything wrong with the same thing. It is not difficult to draw the three necessary conditions for the so-called killer application, namely convenience, practicality and popularity. It is based on these three points that watch consumers will be divided into: some people only wear automatic watches, some people love the simple version of the junior calendar, some people go out and do not leave their perpetual calendar. However, from the perspective of compatibility, GMT watches are recognized as a killer application.
    That’s what GMT watches want. Ordinary mechanical watches, under normal operating conditions, we cannot adjust them, at most they are wound, otherwise it will affect the normal running time of the watch. GMT watches do not have this concern. Users can play according to their own wishes without changing the time in the main time zone. The entry-level GMT model, the adjustment of the off-site time and the main time zone are all realized through the 3-point crown. For more high-end models, the adjustment of the off-site is independent of the crown. This adjustment has profound meaning. Earlier human beings realized the independence of hands and feet. They started with grasping tools and finally grasped the fate of human beings.

13 Pieces Of Mother-of-pearl To Create A Beautiful And Charming Brunette

In ladies’ watches, we often see mother-of-pearl material, which is usually used to decorate the dial. The mother-of-pearl is delicate and soft, with its brilliance, which adds a lot to the watch. The Swiss Mido Bruna series of colorful mother-of-pearl watches in rose gold is a beautiful watch created by the brand for women. The dial is embellished with mother-of-pearl.

Mido Bruner Women’s Watch

   The difference is that the dial is not divided into 13 pieces of pearl mother-of-pearl. On the twelve mother-of-pearl on the outside of the dial, twelve black Roman numerals are distributed, striking and unique, with a retro and elegant atmosphere.
   This watch combines architectural style and watchmaking technology perfectly. Its design is inspired by the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. It is the oldest concert hall in London and officially opened in 1871. The pane-like structure on the dial resembles the towering dome of the Royal Albert Hall. On the dial, there is a round mother-of-pearl, and the Mido brand logo is located on this mother-of-pearl. Twelve pieces of mother-of-pearl surrounds the mother-of-pearl around the middle circle, creating a unique visual effect like the stars and moons. Grey-black willow needles add a mystery to the watch.

Royal Albert Hall

   Bruna series colorful mother-of-pearl watch in rose gold has a stainless steel PVD rose gold plated case, and the length of the fully polished stainless steel PVD rose gold bracelet can be adjusted by screws. The use of the two shades makes the watch both beautiful and special, just like a modern woman, her hands are full of elegance and capable temperament.

Mido Bruner M024. watch

   The 33 mm diameter case is small and exquisite, which fits well into the wrist of a woman. Instead of using a quartz movement, it is equipped with a powerful self-winding movement-an 80-hour power movement. This movement is based on ETA C07.611, with a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour and a power reserve of more than three days. The movement has a diameter of 25.6 mm and is placed in a 33 mm case, which is full and even, and fits perfectly. Thanks to the back design, the beauty of the movement can be seen at a glance through the case back.

Sweet’ Richard Miller To Find Out!

During this year’s Geneva watch fair, Richard Milleer introduced a series of ‘sweet’ watches with the exploration of food as the design element and the pursuit of innocence as the core of design. The delicious honey and fresh fruit present a dreamy color match, and each watch bears the childhood dream. Let’s enjoy one of these sweet watches together. (Watch model: RM16-01)

Watch real shot display


  Richard Mill launched a total of ten different designs, each limited to 30 pieces. With exquisite technology and romantic design, the brand has carefully created two types of ‘dessert’ watches with different themes. Based on the brand’s three iconic self-winding watches, four Sweets series models are presented, which reinterprets the deliciousness of candy with unique craftsmanship. The Fruits series includes 6 watches, showing the fun of candy in a bright and unique color scheme.

  This watch is a model of the Sweets series. The unique new square outline watch retains every detail of the case design. The bezel, middle case and case back need to undergo complicated stamping and machining processes. At the same time, the integrated design concept of the movement, case and dial was presented to the audience.

The three-layer case of the watch has a water-resistant depth of 30 meters and is assembled from a variety of waterproof parts

  Richard Mill uses new colors of ceramics-rouge powder and yellow TZP composite ceramics to make RM16-01RÉGLISSE watches. This low-density material is very durable, not only scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also has a very low thermal conductivity. In addition to good quality, this material also has a clear texture and presents a perfect case finish.

Crown fitted with a non-slip design for smooth adjustment

The hour markers at 3, 6, and 9 are color-coded, and a cartoon-style date display is located at the lower left of the disk.

  Through the mirror, we can see that the hollow bottom plate and bridge plate are made of grade 5 titanium alloy. This is an excellent hard alloy that allows the gear transmission system to operate perfectly without blockage. Compatibility and corrosion resistance. This alloy optimizes the mechanical properties of metals and is therefore commonly used in aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

Light blue strap design, fresh and refined overall

  Through the sapphire glass bottom cover, we can clearly observe the movement of the RM16-01 movement. The biggest feature of this movement is the use of a variable geometry automatic disk system to optimize the winding power of the automatic disk. In popular terms, it can effectively adjust the winding of the mainspring through the movement habits of the wearer’s wrist. Strength. The watch is also equipped with a dual barrel device, which helps to improve the long-term stability of torque, thereby achieving the purpose of long-term improvement of timing performance. After winding, it can provide about 55 hours of power reserve.

  Summary: The ‘Sweet’ watch launched by Richard Mill this time shows us many colorful timepieces with a design concept of returning to childhood. The colors are novel and bold, and the style is fresh. Like friends may wish to pay more attention to it! (Picture / Text Watch House Gu Yu)

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