Month: March 2016

Reflecting The Legendary Lange 1 And Automatic Winding Lange 1 Daymatic

When putting LANGE 1 and LANGE 1 DAYMATIC together, people often have the illusion of ‘mirror’. The seemingly symmetric two dials are subtly different in substance, and they conceal two completely different watchmaking concepts.

LANGE 1 DAYMATIC and LANGE 1 in 18K rose gold

   LANGE 1 is equipped with a manual winding movement, while LANGE 1 DAYMATIC is equipped with an automatic winding movement. The two designs have their own fans. Manual winding is focused on ‘consciousness’, while automatic winding is like ‘subconscious’. LANGE 1 attracts ‘orthodoxists’ who value traditional winding habits, while LANGE 1 DAYMATIC is often the ‘pragmatist’ choice, focusing on convenience. Whenever you pull up the sleeves and give a glance at the watch, they will first see the time display on the right side of the dial. This is especially convenient for most people wearing a watch with their left hand.

   There is another difference between the two winding concepts. The manually wound LANGE 1 is equipped with a three-day power reserve indicator, which is very practical. This indicator is set to the right between the Lange’s large calendar display and the small seconds dial. The design is modeled on Lange’s classic UP / DOWN indicator. This information is not necessary if the self-winding watch is often worn, as the power reserve is generally maintained at a medium to high level based on the frequency of wearer activity. To this end, LANGE 1 DAYMATIC switched to the retrograde week display and the large calendar display. After midnight, the pointer advances by one space. When transitioning from Sunday to Monday, the pointer will jump back to the bottom again, restarting the process of day by day, until it reaches the top mark.


Near-mirror two dial design

   The eccentric dials of both models have perfect proportions, harmonious structure and elegant charm. The center of the large calendar display, the spindle of the power reserve indicator and the day of the week display, and the spindle of the small second hand are on the same line. This straight line is also the bottom line of the isosceles triangle structure, and its top end meets the center of the main dial.

   LANGE 1 first appeared in 1994. In 2015, it was equipped with a new manual winding movement while retaining its unique design. LANGE 1 DAYMATIC became a new member of the LANGE 1 watch series in 2010.

  Differences and similarities
  Manually wound Lange watch factory L121.1 movement, double barrel
  Self-winding Lange watch factory homemade L121.1 movement, center automatic dial
  Movement parts
  Jewel bearing
  Screwed gold sleeve
  Oscillating system
  Seismic balance wheel with eccentric weight, Lange balance spring, vibration frequency up to 21,600 times per hour
  Seismic Glucydur balance with eccentric weight, Lange balance spring, vibration frequency up to 21,600 times per hour
  Power reserve
  72 hours
  50 hours
  Other functions
  Small seconds with stop-seconds device, large Lange calendar display, UP / DOWN power reserve indication
  Small seconds with stop-seconds device, large Lange calendar display, retrograde week display
  Case diameter
  38.5 mm
  39.5 mm
  Movement diameter
  30.6 mm
  31.6 mm
  18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, white 18K gold, platinum 950
  18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, platinum 950

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