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In The Name Of Love Montblanc X Roseonly. ‘joint Valentine’s Day Gift Box’

The heart is everywhere, and the love follows. Love is never defined for a certain concept, nor is it bound by a certain boundary. As a century-old ingenious brand, Montblanc is launching MontblancXroseonly. ‘Co-branded Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box’ together with high-end rose and love token brand roseonly. With ingenious leather craftsmanship and eternal rose promise, in the name of love, the most exclusive pet company and sincere heart for your beloved.

Montblanc brand ambassador Yang Yang presents MontblancXroseonly for his beloved. ‘Joint Valentine’s Day Gift Box’
  Montblanc has always been committed to continuous innovation and breakthroughs, and looks forward to providing the most intimate companionship for love with elegant leather and ingenious craftsmanship. For Valentine’s Day in 2019, Montblanc and roseonly. Join hands to express their love, transmuting long-lasting love into MontblancXroseonly. ‘Co-branded Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box’. On this most romantic day of the year, lightly open the gift box, the joint limited edition clutch and the eternal rose, and feel the innocence moved by the fusion of ingenuity and eternal love. In this bold cross-border cooperation, Montblanc craftsmanship series of exquisite leather craftsmanship and roseonly. The cartoon characters loved by millennials are fused, and the lively design loves you and me. Passion adds an exclusive and customized sweet mark. Coinciding with the arrival of a loving holiday, the romance in you and me will return to the most innocent appearance.

MontblancXroseonly. ‘Joint Valentine’s Day Gift Box’
  The scent of scented roses flows with the pulse of thoughts, and the trajectory of your and TA thoughts in the hands of the bear’s paper plane turns into a page of romantic love letters, reaching the heart of the rabbit. Let you and TA’s sweet story be interpreted by cute adorable bears and bunnies, and take the testimony of the eternal vow of roses in this gift box.

Montblanc Valentine’s Day Limited Clutch
  MontblancXroseonly. ‘Co-branded Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box’ combines Montblanc’s original leather craftsmanship with the iconic figure of roseonly. Paper planes and envelopes are embellished on the cross-grain leather unique to Montblanc’s ingenuity series, which symbolizes eternity Love only roseonly. Eternal flower box, will pass the most innocent love to the TA in your heart. There are four different combinations of this limited gift box, of which Montblanc has specially launched four exclusive design clutches: the design of the men’s clutch is matched with black or indigo blue, which will show the constant warmth and companionship; the ladies’ clutch The bag uses pink or indigo design to interpret the feelings of the girl and the beloved waiting. The immortal flower gift box design also combines Montblanc’s classic hexagonal white star logo and roseonly. The cute and cute doll pattern will give unique and precious pets to loved ones. The exquisite craftsmanship combined with warm and cute elements is a honey product for millennials who are pursuing avant-garde fashion. They are eager to present such a unique and exclusive design to TA’s beloved and share this innocent and long-lasting sweet wait. . The Montblanc Valentine’s Day limited clutch is paired with roseonly. The classic eternal rose, which inadvertently expresses sweet companionship and petting. The gift box will be launched in hot pre-sale on January 25, and the official sale will be listed on the Montblanc official website on January 28 with the offline limited boutiques.

MontblancXroseonly. ‘Co-branded Valentine’s Day Limited Gift Box’ There are four different combinations
  This Valentine’s Day, Montblanc joins hands with roseonly. We present a romantic gift to you, let true love bloom in the name of love.

Why Can The Perpetual Calendar In Athens Be Pulled Back?

Today, I want to talk about a technical issue.
 Earlier, when I wrote the Jaeger-LeCoultre super thin perpetual calendar, I mentioned that in most perpetual calendars, the week, month, and date on the perpetual calendar can only be adjusted forward when the meter is adjusted, and cannot be adjusted back. Once you turn your head around, for example, today is No. 1 and the watch is adjusted to No. 10, you can only stop the watch and wait for the day to reach No. 10 before you can synchronize the watch with the day.

The Athens perpetual calendar can be adjusted forward and backward in both directions.
 Some players have suggested that the perpetual calendar in Athens can be pulled back. Yes, there are a small number of perpetual calendars, because of the use of unique patented technology, which can be adjusted in both directions, Athens’s perpetual calendar is one of them. So let’s take a look at why the perpetual calendar in Athens can be pulled back today?
 Although Athens is relatively small in mainstream domestic watches, among players, Athens is well known by players due to its leading watchmaking technology. Athens’s leading silicon material technology, silicon hairspring, diamond silicon crystal escapement and unique Freak are very familiar to everyone, but among the various technologies in Athens, the perpetual calendar is a major core technology of Athens.

The Athens Astronomical Trilogy (top) and Athens’ new FREAK X (bottom) are both famous models of Athens.
 In general perpetual calendars, in order to automatically recognize the date, day of the week, month, and year (the average year and the leap year), the watch’s movement is complicatedly ‘programmed.’ All perpetual calendar movements have a 48-month ‘programmed’ gear. Because there are 3 flat years and 1 leap year in every 4 years, the cycle repeats, so a 48-month ‘programming’ gear is directly placed in the perpetual calendar movement (48 months is 4 years). In layman’s terms, a complicated gear is used to calculate the date, week, and month in 4 years, and reincarnation in 4 years, and then we don’t need to worry about anything, wear a watch every day, the perpetual calendar can be on its own Identify the day, week, and month of each day.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Super Thin Perpetual Calendar and the perpetual calendar module used by Jaeger-LeCoultre, we can see that the movement has a lot of linkages with springs.
 However, this encountered a problem. The ‘programmed’ gear drives the date, day of the week, and month to be displayed correctly every day through the spring and lever in the movement. The problem that occurs is that the spring and lever can only advance the movement of the movement every day according to the ‘program’ of the ‘programmed’ gear. Before running, you cannot go backwards. The perpetual calendar has also been like this since ancient times. If anyone carelessly adjusts it too much, it can only be considered ‘unlucky.’ If you have adjusted too much, you can only return it if you return to the factory to disassemble the meter. This is caused by the structure of the perpetual calendar movement.

The perpetual calendar module used by Frederique Constant can also see many linkages of levers and springs.
Athens has a ‘big god’ who wants to change this ‘short board’ of the perpetual calendar.
 This person is Dr. Oklin of Athens (Ludwig Oeschlin in English). Dr. O’Klin is the official scientist / watchmaker of Athens. In addition to researching for Athens, he is also the curator of the International Clock Museum of La Chaux-de-Fonds and teaches at the Swiss Institute of Technology. It was developed by him. The above background.

At the Athens perpetual calendar, we can see the structure diagram of the movement below the watch. The perpetual calendar is linked by gears, so it can be adjusted in both directions.
 The reason why the traditional perpetual calendar can only be forward, not backward, is because of the linkage using levers and springs. The lever and spring only push the calendar gear and cam forward. So Dr. O’Keelin invented a patent, using gears instead of levers and springs, and the linkages in the perpetual calendar movements all use gears. The gear linkage can go forward and back again. In addition, Dr. O’Kelly’s perpetual calendar can be adjusted only through a crown, and there is no adjustment of the restricted zone time. You can use a crown at any time to move the perpetual calendar forward or backward. The perpetual calendar jump is also instantaneous. Perpetual calendar operation becomes very convenient and very cattle.

The patented technical map of the Athens perpetual calendar, we can see that the perpetual calendar is linked by gears.
 In 1996, Athens used this technology for the first time and introduced the perpetual calendar. If I remember correctly, Athens was the first watch brand with a perpetual calendar. Later in these years, Cartier also introduced a perpetual calendar that can be adjusted forward and backward. It is pointed out that the perpetual calendar for Cartier’s celestial body operation was also developed on the basis of Athens technology.

Cartier’s celestial body runs perpetual calendar, and some sources point out that it borrowed from Athens technology.
Perpetual calendar movement in Athens
 In recent years, the main self-produced movement UN-118 in Athens has been known to players because of the use of diamond silicon crystal escapement (plus a diamond coating on the silicon escapement). The patented technology of Athens’s perpetual calendar was mentioned earlier. Below I mainly talk about the perpetual calendar movement in Athens.

The UN-33 perpetual calendar movement used in the Athens perpetual calendar.
 The perpetual calendar movement in Athens has a deep historical roots. The UN-33 movement used in the Athens perpetual calendar was originally developed by Lemania (the Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, and Omega moonwatches have all used the Lemania movement, and Lemania now belongs to Po玑). In 1995, Lemania, a famous Swiss movement manufacturer, developed a movement for Athens, Ebel, etc. based on the movement of Lemania 1340. This movement can easily install various functional modules. Among them, Athens installed a patented perpetual calendar module and developed today’s UN-33 perpetual calendar movement. Ebel installed a timing module and developed the Ebel 137 chronograph movement. Breguet’s 582 chronograph movement is also derived from this Lemania movement.

The UN-33 perpetual calendar movement used in the Athens perpetual calendar.
 Although the perpetual calendar UN-33 movement in Athens, at a glance, someone will wonder what kind of movement it is? Is it a universal movement? In fact, UN-33 is an Athens-produced movement with multi-technology fusion. What’s more interesting is that in 2012, Athens took the UN-33 movement’s ‘brother’ Ebel 137 movement under its ownership and became Athens’ self-produced movement, namely the Athens UN-150 chronograph movement.
 As a result, the UN-118 (automatic three-hand), UN-33 (perpetual calendar), and UN-150 (chronograph) several Athens-produced movements have been polished in accordance with Athens decoration standards as the main Athens movement.

The Small Dial Accommodates The Stars And The Starry Sky Watch Introduction

Exploring the starry sky is the endless desire and spiritual longing in our hearts. On the limited ladder of knowledge, we will always yearn for and examine the infinite unknown world, especially the starry sky with vast horizons above us. German philosopher Kant once said, ‘There are two things in the world that can deeply shake people’s hearts, one is the noble moral law in our hearts, and the other is the brilliant starry sky above us.’ Now the starry sky elements are also integrated into the watch design. Today I will introduce two watches with starry elements.
Omega: Constellation

 Since its birth, the charm of the constellation series has swept the world: Mikhail Gorbachev, the eighth Central General Secretary of the former Soviet Union, often wears constellation watches; in 1995, the constellation series became an international supermodel ‘Cindy’ Clindy Crawford’s ‘Choice of Choice’ made his fame helliphellip, the first constellation watch launched in 1952. It has 12 facet dials, rivet-shaped scales, triangular arched hands and Caliber 352. The bracelet has a gorgeous gold coating and a small gold star emblem on the dial. By 1982, the bezel of the Constellation series began with 12 Roman numerals. A more prominent innovation was It is the design of four claws introduced by designers Carol Didisheim and Pierre-André Aellen in the shape design. This classic shape has become the main feature of the constellation series and has won the love of watch enthusiasts around the world. Omega constellation series interprets time Classic legend, became one of the best-selling watch series in the world, blooming eternal light in the vast starry sky of the watch world.
Patek Philippe: chronograph collection

 Although Patek Philippe’s slogan reads ‘No one can own a Patek Philippe, it’s just for the next generation of custody’, but every watch of this world’s top brand’s complex chronograph series is what people dream of. In addition to their increasing collection value, they are also very eye-catching in terms of workmanship and design. The Patek Philippe complication chronograph watch series uses the moon phase and starry sky elements to the fullest. Each watch looks very beautiful and has appreciation value. The dial of a psychedelic star watch is as mysterious as a magic compass and has a sense of balance in nature. Its dial design is small and exquisite, and it is romantically dotted with ‘stars’ at each time scale, letting you imagine the realistic night sky. The hour and minute hands swept the time on the constellation ‘Compass’, reminding the world of time.
 Nowadays, people’s love for the starry sky slowly infiltrates into life, and the use of starry elements by luxury watch brands has also reached its extreme. The change of the starry sky elements between the square inch dials is unpredictable. Such a watch allows those starry sky lovers to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the vast sky, which is really a good choice!

Zhu Yawen Wears Roger Dubuis Rocali Dubuis Excalibur King Series Watch Attends The Beijing Film Festival And The Film ‘army Of The Army’ Conference

On April 16th, the famous actor Zhu Yawen wore Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Excalibur King Series automatic winding watch to attend the 7th Beijing Film Festival and the movie ‘Army of the Army’ conference. For a long time, Zhu Yawen on the screen has released life energy, and has shaped a tough guy who dares to break through and empathy. At this film festival and conference, Roger Dubius worn by Zhu Yawen Roger Dubius Excalibur King Series automatic winding watch, to give people the courage of the king. The silver satin dial is inlaid with black Roman numerals, as if the light unfolds from the inside, calm and atmospheric. It seems that people are in the vast expanse of sky, constantly exploring the unknown self, which also coincides with Zhu Yawen’s attitude of not challenging and surpassing himself.

Zhu Yawen wears Roger Dubuis Rocali Dubuis Excalibur King Series Automatic Winding Watch (Model: DBEX0538) to attend the Beijing Film Festival

Zhu Yawen wears Roger Dubuis Rocali Dubuis Excalibur King Series Automatic Winding Watch (Model: DBEX0538) Attends the conference of the movie ‘The Great Army’

Unforgettable Classic Moments In Classic Movies

When you are walking hurriedly on the road, have you ever thought of stopping your footsteps and capturing the moment that once made you feel agitated? The warm time, re-recording the unforgettable impression, we re-interpret this wonderful moment with classic images.
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Men in Black Watch: Zenith’s flagship happy date and moon phase watch
‘The Underworld’ The Sopranos Watch: Dior LA MINI D DE DIOR
‘Nightmare Nightmare’ watch: Certina Kinetic automatic winding diving watch
Artist The Artist female watch: TAG Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star watch; male watch: TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Rose Gold watch
One of Three Definitely, Maybe Watches: ck cogent Roundtable Series

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