Month: June 2016

Unexpected Combination Bvlgari Serpenti Spiga Watch

Bvlgari combines the bold design of the Serpenti series with the legendary background of the Spiga series of jewellery, and newly launches the SerpentiSpiga series of watches that incorporate modern elements in classics. Adhering to Bulgari’s extraordinary design concept, the new SerpentiSpiga series watches use precious metals combined with rubber, silk, enamel or ceramics to create eye-catching visual effects.

The modern design blends with the ancient symbolic meaning. The pattern of wheat ears on SerpentiSpiga conveys endless charm, and the exquisite watch ring has become an eternal symbol. At the same time, the watch’s enticing single- and double-turn meandering winding ring wraps around the wrist like a snake. On the top of the unique wheat ear patterned ring, a delicate snake-head dial completes it.

The Bvlgari SerpentiSpiga series is a collection of feminine watchmaking. A 35mm 18K rose gold or beautifully polished stainless steel case is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement for precise movement. A bright red tourmaline is embedded at the top of the crown. Watch models will be launched in stainless steel white ceramic, stainless steel black ceramic diamond, rose gold white ceramic diamond and double ring rose gold black ceramic diamond four models. Each of the SerpentiSpiga watches exudes amazing appeal. On the white or black lacquered dial, the Roman numeral hour-markers exude an elegant and beautiful historical style. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Blancpain Grand Opening Of Taipa Store In Taiyuan Creates New Landmark Of Dragon City Top Watch Brand

(August 17, 2018, Taiyuan) Today, the creator of the classic timepiece, Blancpain, a Swiss fine watch brand, entered the Taiyuan Wangfujing shopping mall and held a grand opening ceremony. Mr. Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China and the guests at the ribbon-cutting and toasting, invite table friends to come to the store to appreciate the timepieces and witness the inextricable relationship between the top watches and Longcheng Taiyuan.

High-level ribbon cutting, from left to right are Ms. Zhao Lihong, general manager of Xinyu Group’s Northeast District, Ms. Tan Ying, general manager of brand management department of Xinyu Group, Mr. Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China, and Taiyuan Wangfujing Department Store Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Zhenggang, general manager of the company
 ‘Balper was born in 1735. It is the world’s first watch brand and the most innovative and successful brand among the top contemporary watches. It has a deep relationship with China.’ At the opening ceremony, Mr. Liao Xinjia was Everyone shared Blancpain’s long and innovative brand culture. ‘Bauber is the only modern watch brand in the Palace Museum, and also exclusively designs Chinese calendars with complex functions. In recent years, more and more customers trust Baobao Perth, not only because of our sincere craftsmanship and technology, but also on behalf of the brand’s culture and values ​​have been widely recognized. Today, we are very happy to be able to come to this ancient city of Taiyuan and let more cousins ​​take a closer look The look of a top watch. ‘

Mr. Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

 As the oldest watch brand, in the 283 years since its establishment, lasting passion and persistence have always been rooted in Blancpain’s brand spirit. For nearly three centuries, Blancpain has never produced a quartz watch. At the same time, all mechanical watches of the brand use 100% self-produced movements, and provide this powerful ‘engine’ support for other watch brands. The strong independent production and R & D capabilities of the movement have made Blancpain famous throughout the world, and the unswerving pursuit of innovation in watchmaking technology has allowed Blancpain to continue to break through and improve on the basis of reviving traditional mechanical watchmaking. Extraordinary craftsmanship such as Damascus inlaid gold, red copper, and moving dolls converge on Le
 Brassus big complex watchmaking workshop.

Blancpain’s new Villeret classic series ‘Master of Art’ studio Binchōtan charcoal watch

In addition, Blancpain has an extremely rich and complete product line, covering almost all of the watch’s complex functions, as well as the brand’s original carrousel, Chinese calendar and other complex function watches. It can be said that in the first-line camp of the watch world, Blancpain has always been a low-key and pragmatic, impeccable and most innovative member.

The first contemporary watch from the Palace Museum since its establishment: the Blancpain Caruso watch
 This time, the Taipa Shengshi watch store Blancpain store opened grandly, will display Blancpain’s selection of the best timepieces, including the Villeret classic series with the brand’s signature aesthetic elements, the legendary born explosion models Fifty
The Fathoms Fifty Fathoms series, the dynamic and bold avant-garde L-evolution pioneering series, and the romantic choice of independent women-women’s series. At the same time, a number of complication watches were also unveiled at the opening, giving watchers a chance to get a closer look at the finest watches.

 Taiyuan Shengshi Watches Blancpain Monopoly

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