Month: October 2016

Type 20 Four-color ‘team’ Strong Assembly Zenith 2017 New Product Launch Conference

On September 3, 2017, Zenith, a Swiss legendary watchmaker with more than 150 years of history, joined hands with representatives of the new and old generations of pilots to tell stories about their flight and heroic dreams and share them. Their brave flight memories explain the lofty sentiments of the new and old generations on the profession of pilots. At the same time, with the media friends present at the scene to witness the powerful assembly of Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 series four-color special edition watch, officially released.

 This time, the venue of the event was chosen to be held in the Civil Aviation Museum of China. The quasi-machine is quietly displayed, and the old rusty spots show the discs of time, telling those great achievements of yellowing, not to have a charm. It coincides with the Zenith Pilot’s Watch, which also makes a great contribution to the pilot’s career. So far, the only brand that can be labeled “pilot” on the dial represents the supreme glory and excellence of pilot watches. At the scene where light and shadow are intertwined, four simulators in the hall are placed, and the visiting guests enter the experience and experience the scene of the pilot operating the aircraft. Give it a new life again and pay tribute to every flying brave who rushed to the skies.

 Ms. Mendy Cheung, General Manager of Zenith Greater China, came to the scene, and then retired Chinese fighter pilot Mr. Tan Senlao and Ms. Song Yin, the most handsome female pilot in China, made a surprise appearance and talked about flying life and stories. Mr. Tan Sen, who has 30 years of flight experience, was once awarded the title of First Class Pilot by the Air Force, and Song Yin is one of only two female pilots in the active maritime search and rescue team in mainland China.

 Mr. Tan Sen believes that he must have a brave temperament and a spirit of sacrifice as if he were dead. He is the spirit that a qualified fighter pilot should have, and he is very pleased to have such a spirit of bravery. Song Yin also feels that although it is dangerous to become a rescue pilot, it is also her dream. She has to prove with her own actions that women can be very good in the field of flying. As the typical representatives of the new and old generation of Chinese pilots, the words and performances of the two are respectful.

 Just recently, Zenith and Du Shaofei, a ‘men’s fashion media brand,’ joined hands to launch the ‘THE AVIATOR’ solicitation campaign, and collected the dream insights of countless pilots who are associated with the sky. Many submissions are also on the day of the event. Exhibited in the museum, along with the displayed simulator, cruise in time.

 This summer, Zenith has continued to inherit its rugged, reliable, and accurate characteristics of its flight instruments, and launched a four-color pilot series TYPE 20 special edition watch to commemorate every flying adventurer who embarked on the sky and embarked on a blue journey. Four colors of vintage tones, burgundy red, mustard yellow, khaki green and blue, interpret the gorgeous style of the new era watch. TYPE 20 also has an oversized luminous digital display with a grain-shaped dial, and the large hands sit firmly on it to ensure optimal readability. The large onion crown on the side of the case, the ‘onion head’, is also a classic design for pilot watches, making it easy for pilots wearing driving gloves to adjust time when driving across time zones.

Summary: Fearless of the flow of time, Zenith Pilot’s Watches combine watchmaking tradition with modern techniques to create a refreshing and surprising model. I believe that the four TYPE 20 after assembly and release will become the wearer. Long companionship on the wrist. Carrying the dream of each pilot, continue to perform.

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