Month: December 2016

Perfect Astron Gps Satellite Positioning Solar Power Watch And Small German Limited Edition

Timekeeping function, dual time display, world time display, and now a large calendar display has been added. In 2017, the Astron series of GPS satellite positioning solar power watches continued to expand and became more and more Smarter and more convenient. The addition of the new 8X42 movement in 2017 has increased the number of multi-function movements in the current Astron series to four, adding elegant and casual new elements to the design of Astron series watches. This new collection will be launched in September 2017.

New Astron large calendar display movement SSE149J1
Astron watches for formal wear
   Just like all Astron GPS satellite positioning solar power movements, the new 8X42 movement also has outstanding performance. It is driven by the light source and can automatically adjust the time to any time zone in the world at the touch of a button. Local time. The new watch’s dial has added a large large calendar display window, a two-hour small dial at 6 o’clock, and a new slim hand. This design makes the watch more refined. When people are traveling internationally, even during international travel, When you go out to dinner, you can still perform perfectly. In 2017, several of Astron’s new products were first tried with Roman numerals, and the case shape was more polished. The Astron era, which is suitable for formal wear, has arrived.
   If there are changes to the world / time zone division criteria, you need to manually select the adjustment.
   The new series equipped with the 8X42 movement includes two stainless steel models. All new products have a strong anti-scratch effect, thanks to the ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal glass and ultra-wear-resistant carbon film coating. Processing. Newly developed coatings make even rose gold designs highly resistant to abrasion, ensuring that every Astron watch with 8X42 movement can maintain the luxurious appearance of the watch for as long as possible
Novak Djokovic limited edition Astron watch

Novak Djokovic limited edition SSE143J1
   The Astron series equipped with the new 8X42 movement also has a very special limited edition, which is commemorating one of the greatest sports achievements in modern times. With the victory of the 2016 French Open, SEIKO’s image ambassador Novak Djokovic has won a career slam in tennis and has entered one of the few top professional players in tennis. In fact, Novak has won four consecutive international open tournaments, which is even more rare. We are very pleased to design this limited edition watch for him with the new 8X42 movement to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Novak.

Novak recently renewed 4-year cooperation agreement with SEIKO
   This watch is stylish, sophisticated and sporty, reflecting Novak’s passion for tennis. The host cities of the four tennis tournaments-London, Melbourne, New York and Paris-are clearly marked in yellow on the bezel. The striped design on the dial echoes the grass court. The bezel is designed with tennis scoring ‘Love, 15, 30 and 40’ without any loss of humor. The durability of this watch is almost as extreme as its intelligence. The bezel is made of zirconia ceramic. The silicone strap is flexible and durable. No matter where Novak came, whether for travel, training or rest, his new Astron watch followed, reminding him to stay on time with an accuracy of only one second per 100,000 years. The caseback is engraved with a signature of Novak and a unique limited serial number.
SEIKO Astron GPS satellite positioning solar energy large calendar display series

Movement specifications:
8X42, GPS satellite positioning solar power large calendar display movement
Automatic time control and automatic time zone adjustment by GPS satellite positioning system
Dual time display with AM / PM indicator
Perpetual calendar, no need to adjust to 2100, the signal reception results display
World time function (39 time zones), daylight saving time function, energy saving function
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month (not receiving satellite time signal environment, temperature between 5 ℃-35 ℃)
Specification: SSE147J1, 149J1
● case
 Ultra-wear-resistant carbon film-treated stainless steel
 Ceramic bezel
 Ultra-clear coating on sapphire crystal
 Water resistance: 10 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4,800 A / m
 Diameter: 45.5 mm, thickness: 13.0 mm
● strap
 Ultra-wear-resistant carbon film-treated stainless steel, tri-fold button switch clasp
Suggested retail price in China: RMB 12,000
Available September 2017
Novak Djokovic: SSE143J1
● case
 Black ultra-wear-resistant carbon film-treated stainless steel
 Ceramic bezel
 Ultra-clear coating on sapphire crystal glass / div & gt;
 Water resistance: 10 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4,800 A / m
 Diameter: 45.5 mm, thickness: 13.0 mm
● strap
 Silicone strap, tri-fold button switch clasp
Suggested retail price in China: RMB 13,500, limited edition of 5,000 pieces worldwide
Listed in September 2017

Teach You How To Repair Your Watch Remember—watches Are All Broken (3)

Third, repair and assembly;
1, repair
Most repairmen in the industry call it ‘oil dismantling master’, which means that they will only disassemble and wash oil. If he has a questionable form to repair, the results can be imagined!
Here are some bad repair methods I have encountered (only the tip of the iceberg):
A friend asked me to watch a piece of Bailangduo that was not repaired for a long time. I even found that the winding wheel and the mainspring were riveted together. The rivets were exposed. The revolving wheel rubbed against the splint once every turn. After the clockwork is done, I guess the repairer ca n’t match the clockwork, and the broken clockwork and the clockwork are combined! Damn repairman! In fact, it is easier and better to bend an outer hook. I’m puzzled …
There are even more ridiculous, such as gluing the dial and the movement with gum; even 502 glue can be used to prevent the movement from being separated from the dial!
Some adjustment gaps are inserted between the splints with paper!
Most watch bars have no diamonds at both ends of the shaft. After a long time of wear and tear, eccentricity of the bars (especially some antique-grade pocket watches and watches) is often used for ‘retracting eyes’ when repairing. Direction! Causes eccentricity to become heavier and even scrap! (I once asked some of them, but they didn’t know that the reason for the wear of the shaft shaft was caused by the bar! They thought it was caused by the running of the bar! Oh my God! No wonder Wrong direction!)
2, assembly
装配 Assembly is easier for the repairman than disassembly.
I particularly call attention to the assembly of the screws, because the screws in the same table are long, short, thick and thin, and the upper part is thick and thin. Wrong screwing not only damages the splint screw holes, but also some unexpected failures. A few days ago, I solved the problem of the winding needle for the friend ETA2836 movement. After disassembly, it was found that the screw of the calendar pressure plate was screwed to the pendulum clamp plate. Due to its tail, it held against the rear of the clutch lever and interfered with the movement of the clutch lever. The needle is defective.
Other repairmen screwed the fork splint screw incorrectly, and the head of the screw slightly rubbed with the balance wheel, which hindered the movement of the balance wheel. This kind of watch is not good.
In fact, the knowledge of assembly is great, due to space issues, I will talk about it later.

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