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Radar Haoxing Series Watch Another Gift For Mothers

The annual festival of thanks to mothers is coming soon. No matter what age mothers are, if they want to present themselves with a gift, they will naturally recommend the latest Rado watch from Swiss Rado.

Immaculate-The Hot Mom’s Choice
 The pure dial with striking gold hands and scales, simple and elegant temperament, make the radar watch Haoxing series become the best choice for many fashionable hot moms. The date display function at the three o’clock position allows the stylish mother to accurately record every unforgettable warm day. The high-tech ceramic chain belt is comfortable and light to wear, and has the characteristics of never wearing. This watch is white and elegant, showing elegance, whether it is to wear a parent-child outfit for a dynamic party with a baby, or to enjoy a sweet afternoon tea in elegant outfits, the brilliance on the wrist will make the stylish hot mom a focal point.

Timeless Gold-The First Choice
 The innovative Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet innovative material of Swiss radar shows a charming gold color, and the texture and color of the metal show the toughness and ability of the wearer. Modern hot mom shuttles between a busy workplace and a warm family, although busy but not messy. The ceramic material will never wear, the golden luster will never fade, even if you are busy, you will not be stunned by the ornaments on your wrist. The smooth lines and elegant appearance perfectly interpret the mother’s soft middle band, which makes the hot mom shine like gold on the wrist at all times.

Accurate timing-the first choice for careful moms
 The design of the Swiss Rado Hao Xing series chronograph watch is eye-catching, and the dynamic appearance also has practical chronograph functions. The attentive hot moms take care of every process of the child’s growth, and they will naturally not miss the observation and record every classic moment of the child from babbling to toddler, and accurate timing becomes a good helper for the mother. What’s more worth mentioning is that this watch won the internationally renowned Good Design ™ design award for its stunning design, which perfectly demonstrates RADO’s dedication to design and its unremitting efforts for breakthrough innovation.

 The Haoxing series watches use a precision injection molding process to create an integrated (single structure) high-tech ceramic case, setting a new benchmark for the high-tech ceramics field. The Hao Xing series is famous for its elegant, smooth and bright design on both sides, which are inspired by the mysterious ring pattern surrounding Saturn. A watch that combines top technology and dynamic fashion, with different colors and functions, it perfectly meets the various needs of fashionable hot moms.

15 Most Watchable Watches Of 2017! The Twelfth Time, The Awards Ceremony Of The Top One Hundred Talents Summit Ended Successfully

This afternoon, the largest selection of Chinese watch industry ——The twelfth most expressive people summit, held an awards ceremony at the St. Regis Shanghai Jingan. At the summit, a total of 15 award-winning watches with 14 awards were announced (the best sports watch was ranked first). Senior executives and representatives from the Asian and Chinese branches of well-known watch brands from Switzerland and Germany, the judges of the most part of time and cousins ​​of Flow Hip-Hop participated in the award. Xiang and Ding Zhifang, well-known art collectors Ms. Ying Qinglan, etc., were the guest of honor.
▲ The peak of time expresses the peak of people The organizer of the conference, Ms. Zhou Kaixuan, gave a speech
▲ Speech by Mr. Ding Zhixiang, Co-founder of Flow Hip Hop
▲ Ms. Ying Qinglan, the founder of Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, was the guest of honor for the best ladies’ formal watches
▲ Ms. Zhou Kaixuan presented the best watch award of the year
The complete list of winners of the Twelfth Express Speakers Summit is as follows:
The best watch of the year Omega 3 classic wristwatches in 1957 Table 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Set
▲ The 60th anniversary of the three classic Omega watches in 1957 Limited Edition Set
Best Men’s Formal Watches Lange Lange 1 Moon Phase Watches Best Women’s Formal Watches Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold ‘Frost Gold’ watch ▲ Lange Lange 1 Moon Phase Watch
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Collection Frosted Gold ‘Frost Gold’ Best Men’s Complication Watch Patek Philippe 5316P Best Women’s Complication Watch Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Rondedes Papillons Watch
▲ Patek Philippe 5316P


Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Rondedes Papillons Watch
Best Decorative Craft Watch Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Master Series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT watch best jewelry watch Bulgari Serpenti Misteriosi fine jewelry watch
▲ Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art master series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT watch Bulgari Serpenti Misteriosi high jewelry watch
Best Sports Watch (tie) Richard Mille RM 35-02 RafaelNadal Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Watch
▲ Richard Mill 35-02 RafaelNadal
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Watch
Best three-hand watch Breguet Classique 7147 Cartier Tank Cintrée skeleton watch
Treasure Classique 7147
Cartier Tank Cintrée skeleton watch
Best time zone watch Rolex GMT Master II best chronograph Montblanc 1858 series chronograph limited edition
Rolex GMT Master II
Montblanc 1858 Series Speed ​​Chronograph Limited Edition
Best innovative watch JACOB & CO Opera best watch smart watch TAG Heuer Connected modular 45 smart watch
JACOB & CO Opera musical watch
TAG Heuer Connected modular 45 smart watch
The selection of the Clock Express People Summit lasted for 3 months, with the participation of 100 watchmakers, including top collectors, industry professionals, watch media professionals, watch media professionals, watch and fashion bloggers, etc., and geographical coverage To the three places on both sides of the strait, the lineup has never been stronger. These include: Carson, Chairman of FHH Greater China, Zhao Shu, Chief Representative of Antigoron China, Wang Mengjin, Consultant of China Watch Association, Guo Fuxiang, Researcher of the Palace Museum, Famous Collector Zhang Youxu, Publisher of men’s uno Group, Wei Jianglei, Senior Vice President of, Famous Host Ren Cao Difei, famous fashion critic Ji Liang, etc. Their multiple understandings and judgment standards for watches and clocks can more truly reflect the current Chinese world’s judgments on watch values, consumption and trends.
100-person expressive lineup
The selection is divided into 14 awards, and each award has 20 alternative models. In the early stage, the ‘Time Concept’ team first selected 280 from thousands of new products in 2017, and then scored by 100 judges. 3 awards were selected for each award. The final winner.
The initiator of the time, Ms. Zhou Kaixuan, said: ‘This time we specially separated the’ time of the time ‘from the media selection and development Becoming a summit of expressers of clocks is to hope to create an independent IP of ‘the most time’, which can face the future and continue to serve as the benchmark for the world of Chinese watches and clocks. In the next election to be launched soon, we will comprehensively evaluate the qualifications of judges, the award mechanism Optimization, please continue to pay attention. ‘
▲ The Clock of Time, the organizer of the summit, Ms. Zhou Kaixuan
The most time (full name ‘CHAMPIONS OF TIME’ Grand Prize ‘) was first founded by’ Time Square ‘magazine, and’ Time Square ‘is the first professional watch magazine in the global Chinese-speaking world. The predecessor of Time is the ‘World’s Most’ Watch and Clock Fair in 2004. In 2006, it became an independent standing award. It has been held continuously for 12 consecutive years. With the reputation of ‘Chinese Oscar World Oscar’, Time has developed into the only high-end watch event in Asia that can resist the GPHG Geneva Watch Awards Chamber.
▲ Some awards and Signing and group photo of the awarding guests
Host Ms. He Daizhi
The twelfth most expressive people summit is hosted by Flow Hip-Hop, and Flow Hip-Hop is jointly organized by Zhou Kaixuan, Ding Zhixiang, Ding Zhifang, and Ma Huifeng initiate. In the past year, it has developed into the most influential social media in the watch industry. Regarding hosting this talent summit, Mr. Ding Zhixiang said: ‘A lot of new watches appear on the international market every year. Since Fluke Hip Hop is a social media centered on watches and clocks, we must use our experience and the industry’s Understand and introduce important products and features to everyone. Of course, we only contribute experience and knowledge, not to provide standards. There are many selections of watches and clocks, but the most important thing is to persist and have the determination to do the best with the watch industry . This is the first time that we have hosted Fluke Hip Hop, but we hope to continue the summit! ‘
▲ Group photo of 4 co-founders of Fulu hip hop
The summit awards ceremony , Has received strong support from The St. Regis Shanghai Jingan, The Thermos, Ape Baozi Ancient Tree Tea and Finnish fast fashion jewelry accessories brand FEO.
Why are these 15 watches on the list, and what is the significance of their awards to watch friends? In the next article, Fluke Hip Hop will explain in detail, so stay tuned.
At this event, Flow Hip-Hop also made the 2018 New Product Promotion Conference for the brand. In 2018, Fluke hip-hop will have more big moves. Please watch and watch.
▲ Fuluo hip-hop co-founder Speech by people
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