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Hu Bing Gentleman Participates In The Piaget Event

On October 19th, the 5th Beijing International Polo Open final was held in Beijing. As a kick-off guest, Hu Bing, who is 1.9 meters tall, immediately became the focus of the scene when he played. , With Piaget Piaget’s noble and atmospheric watch, the gentleman is handsome. In the subsequent kick-off session, Hu Bing, who had superb riding skills, was very handsome on the court.

Hu Bing is immediately handsome

Bian Hubing has a deep relationship with watches. As a 40-year-old man, a gentleman’s taste watch is particularly important. In particular, each Piaget watch has its own story, which can also be used as a topic to talk about social occasions.
Hu Bing and the origin of watches

Hu Bing and Fashion

Roger Dubuis 2014

When the snowfall of Christmas lit up the reindeer’s eyes, the golden church began to stage a beautiful and moving picture: the bright lights under the high dome, the holy choir leading the holy choir With a pure voice, he presents a quiet night to the world, and graceful and luxurious celebrities sit gently on the bench of the church, telling reverently the good wishes for life in the coming year.

   Along with the Christmas and peaceful festival time, Roger Dubuis selected four exquisitely crafted timepieces and played a Christmas carol to the gorgeous recovery and new time in the extraordinary mechanical world. The precision and excellence of the timepiece go hand in hand, transforming the wonderful craftsmanship into a tree full of gifts beside the fireplace. At this blessed moment, you will bid farewell to the old days and embrace the new times.

Christmas time betting world

La Monégasque self-winding watch (RDDBMG0026)

   The red and green La Monégasque Monte Carlo self-winding watch is like a very experienced Santa Claus, giving a happy Christmas time with the most pious blessings. The watches in this series all contain the rich flavor of the gaming world. The design of the imitation casino dial is distinctive and reflects the unique personality of Monte Carlo, a resort in Monaco. Its elegant shape and long-lasting, chic lines open up a wide field of vision, with both extraordinary boldness and elegance. The barrel-shaped case of this watch has a unique style. The rose gold satin ray pattern in the center of the dial is matched with the rose gold satin scale with black edges. The rose gold numerals at 12 o’clock add the classic timepiece style. The bright red scales and the black swirly small seconds dial are interspersed. The satin-finished outer surface is extremely rhythmic and dynamic, allowing time to shine on the wrist, combining strength and tranquility, and fearless time baptism. Elegant and dazzling, reaching the pinnacle of honor.

   Reference price: 229,000 RMB

Soul Master Classic Reappearance

HommageTribute to Mr Roger Dubuis (tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis) watch (RDDBHO0568)

   The Hommage series symbolizes the brand’s core world-the magnificent revival of ‘extraordinary machinery’, and makes an amazing modern interpretation of the history of watchmaking. The rose gold of the whole body and the Roman numerals with vivid geometric lines are like the golden and splendid church in the night, adhering to the rich content of the building on the wrist and proud of the immortal posture of the inner faith. This watch bears a strong personal imprint, expressing great respect and respect to the classic fine watchmaking skills inherited by the founder Mr. Roger Dubuis. The limited edition tourbillon is perfectly matched with a large calendar display with high legibility, and the charming bow-shaped power reserve display effectively indicates the winding state of the watch. The extended lugs and sunken bezel fit perfectly with the long Roman numerals, achieving a new realm of clear design and refined aesthetics. The limited edition of 208 watches are engraved with Mr. Roger Dubuis’s signature, as a tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis’ outstanding professional career.

   Reference price: 1180,000 RMB

Ferret smashes his wrist

Velvet Haute Couture Mink Fur Watch (RDDBVE00017)

  The Velvet series is full of charm, nobility and uniqueness. This limited-edition luxury watch perfectly displays the grace and beauty of women. It is like a noble celebrity who freely drives different stages of life. She is graceful in the spotlight. In the moment of private enjoyment, she is gentle and peaceful. Show the ultimate temptation. The case combines a barrel shape with a round shape, showing a special visual effect. The watch is paired with a carefully trimmed pure mink strap, perfectly embodying the pure white luster of the white gold dial and gorgeously paved with 496 brilliant-cut diamonds (total weight 4.34 carats), as beautiful as the beautiful snow scene, extremely bright. The central barrel-shaped innovative dial uses two sapphire crystals, one bearing unique metal Roman numerals, and the other supporting the hands, as if immortal imprints on a peerless watch. With its sharp lines and delicate and delicate, this watch is the perfect piece to win the Geneva Seal.

   Reference price: 1180,000 RMB

Carol Messenger

Excalibur 42 Hollow Flying Tourbillon Jewellery Watch (RDDBEX0419)

   The Excalibur King series has created a permanent model and Peugeot characteristics with its extraordinary transcendent design. The hollowed-out watch design allows complex mechanical structures to be presented in front of everyone, and the highly artistic geometric lines present inaccurate and original designs. The white alligator leather strap is as clear as the white snow around the wrist. The open tourbillon shows the trajectory of time in a very rhythmic manner. The 60 square-cut diamonds (approximately 1.95 carats) set on the bezel exude a dazzling luster, lighting up a happy Christmas night. On a devotional and peaceful Christmas Eve, the watch is tied to the holy wrist, like a holy carol ambassador, presents a quiet night to the world with the ultimate voice, and presents you a delicate and exquisite creation through Roger Dubuis’ extraordinary mechanical world Christmas, remember every moment of celebration.

   Reference price: 1535,000 RMB

   All Geneva watchmakers Roger Dubuis fully comply with the latest stringent standards set by the Geneva Seal. The ‘Mark of Geneva’ is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a few watchmakers have been awarded this honor. It is the official guarantee of the watch’s normal operation and precise function. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and adjusted in Geneva and meets the strictest standards of watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory that produces all movements in accordance with the Geneva Seal certification standard.

Cartier Sogo Fuxing Store Reopened

Cartier Taipei SOGO Fuxing Store reopens
New concept of shopping space planning debuts in Taiwan

   Cartier’s SOGO Revival Store opened in January 2008. At first, with the determination of being close to consumers, it welcomed guests with three open entrances. Bright and smooth space planning and a complete entry-level boutique series of products showcase the brand’s attempt to attract young people. The strategic operation of the ethnic group is also a new attempt that Cartier planned for the Taiwan market. Since its opening, it has repeatedly created dazzling sales results, and has repeatedly been awarded the best sales specialty store in Cartier Taiwan. Reflecting the endless stream of people at SOGO Fuxing Pavilion and providing consumers with a more spacious and comfortable consumption space, Cartier’s expansion plan in the Fuxing Pavilion specialty store is also the brand’s sincere feedback on consumer support.
   In addition to the expansion of the original 30 pings to 48 pings, the Cartier SOGO Fuxing Store, which was reopened in July 2011, allows consumers to feel more spacious and comfortable during the overall shopping. The appearance of the store maintains the elegant image of Cartier’s global direct-operated stores that have always blended modernity and romanticism. The light flowing under the refraction of French crystal lamps and the bright jewellery in the display cabinets complement each other in a calm and peaceful manner Welcome every distinguished guest who comes to appreciate.
   The layout of the interior space is divided into four areas: jewelry, watches, accessories, and custom wedding rings that are popular with Taiwanese consumers. The curtain wall is used as a cabinet for each other. The room was quiet. With the concept of space separation planned by product attributes, consumers can more easily find products in addition to a complete balance between privacy and comfortable shopping space. This is also the new display and space planning of Cartier stores worldwide Guidelines. Cartier Taipei SOGO Fuxing Store is the first store to present this new concept.

Bridal salon offers complete custom wedding ring service
   Cartier’s personal custom wedding ring service (Ser for You) has been well received by Taiwanese consumers. Consumers can choose their ideal wedding ring from the 4C grade of diamonds and inlaid it in brand classics such as 18952. Ballerine ring with four-claw inlaid ring and romantic round dance to the Declaration ring of Modern Fashion Story. Delivery through Cartier store’s global ordering system takes only 4 ~ 6 weeks to realize your dreams. Wedding rings are delivered to consumers in Paris jewelry workshops.
   According to statistics from Cartier’s internal statistics, the SOGO Revival Store has an excellent performance in the sales of wedding rings. Corresponding to the reopening of the SOGO Revival Pavilion, a Bridal Salon has been set up independently from a single diamond To design a novel and highly compatible line ring lift arch to give each new couple a wider range of consumer choices.
   In addition, Cartier provides a wedding photography venue in each Cartier store for each new couple who purchases Cartier wedding rings, so that each couple can take your wedding photos in a romantic atmosphere. At the same time, it also provides Cartier’s selected jewellery for the bride to wear during the shooting, which is a very blessing for Cartier to the new people.

Délices de Cartier-delicious moments of time and creativity
   In order to welcome the re-opening of Cartier’s SOGO Revival Pavilion, the exclusive launch of the annual women’s new watch model Délices de Cartier specially prepared an art deco display for this opening with an all-white wave-shaped curtain to outline a sharp outline; The interior is like the private kitchen layout of a modern pastry master. This new table is delicately placed on the pastry stand and blended with a variety of delicious desserts, vividly highlighting the essence of the Délices watch: A new watch with free and flexible lines, soft and playful, with a smile of smile: it is the dessert and delicacies mastered by the dessert master, reconciling the humorous and agile, and also the time commitment of the watchmaking process to capture time, and through this decorative art display Cartier presents your Délice watch

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