Month: August 2017

Amy’s First Specialty Store Settles In Tsim Sha Tsui International Plaza

Famous Swiss independent watch brand Maurice Lacroix (Emme Watches), set a milestone in Hong Kong: On March 19, 2013, Le Méridien’s first brand specialty store will be in Hong Kong’s fashion shopping hot spot, Tsim Sha Tsui The grand opening of the iSQUARE International Plaza showcases the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship of the brand from Switzerland for Hong Kong watch enthusiasts in a rich and elegant environment. Le Méridien specially invited Mr. Marc Gläser, Executive General Manager of the brand, and the two kite surfing brothers Mr. Andre Scholtz and Dr. Geza Scholtz who participated in the ‘Maurice Lacroix Le Meridien Crossing the Magellan Strait’ Switzerland came to Hong Kong from a long distance, together with Mr. Pan Zhengqi, regional general manager of the fashion brand boutique watch department of DKSH Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and Mr. Lin Wenhua, president of Le Méridien, a retail partner of Le Méridien, presided over the opening ceremony and witnessed the milestone of the Le Méridien brand.

 The new Le Méridien specialty store is located on the MTR floor of the iSQUARE International Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui. In this crowded shopping hotspot, a modern and elegant watch appreciation environment is built. Through a large area of ​​floor-to-ceiling glass, the decoration and furnishings in the specialty store are unobstructed. Whether it is a watch fan dedicated to admiring Amy watches, or a lot of passersby passing by here, they are all attracted by the watch and furnishings in the store. Attract stop to appreciate. The specialty store has plenty of light, and the simple design is mainly black and white. With the wood grain decoration that represents nature, it provides a comfortable shopping environment for customers. With the introduction of a professional team, customers can appreciate the carefully crafted masterpieces of Le Méridien watches.

 In order to carry out the spirit of Le Méridien’s ‘Eternity at this moment,’ the brand sponsored two kite surfing brothers Mr. Andre Scholtz and Dr. Geza Scholtz from Zurich, Switzerland. On January 7, this year, in the extremely harsh Under the weather conditions, the kite surfing successfully crossed the Magellan Strait at the southernmost tip of South America, setting a world record and taking kite surfing to a whole new level. The two brothers, who are full-time dentists, have a Hungarian father and a Hong Kong mother. The two came to Hong Kong this time. In addition to celebrating the unforgettable moments with Le Méridien, they returned to their second hometown.

Mr. Pan Zhengqi, regional general manager of the fashion brand boutique watch department of DKSH Hong Kong Co., Ltd. said: The opening of the first brand store in Hong Kong by Le Méridien is an important step in the development of the brand in Hong Kong. In this cosy space, Hong Kong watch enthusiasts will be shown masterpieces of Emmy watches. We are also honored to be able to invite two members of the Le Meridien Magellan Strait Expedition to come to Hong Kong in person to witness the important moment of this brand with us.

Sotheby’s Hong Kong: Arriving In Shanghai With Treasures In September For Autumn Auction Tour

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from October 5th to 9th, and will present Chinese porcelain and crafts, Chinese calligraphy and painting, contemporary Asian art, and Chinese art in the 20th century , Contemporary \\ Contemporary Southeast Asian Art, Jewelry, Watches and Wines.
    Some of the lots will be on tour in Jakarta, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Singapore, Bangkok and other cities from August 31 to September 23. Among them, the Shanghai station exhibition will be held in Shanghai on September 1 and 2 Four Seasons Hotel on display. All lots will be on display at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 5th to 8th.
    Sotheby’s Asia Chief Executive Kevin Kevin ChingChing said, “Sotheby’s has carefully planned auctions this autumn to present Asian collectors with treasures from private collections around the world, especially the Italian Catholic Jesuit missionary Lang Shining. (Giuseppe Castiglione), the most compelling painting of ‘Double Lotuses in Chilian’ during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. In addition, this season also introduced important Chinese art paintings of different eras, all from excellent sources, including works by Zhang Daqian, Chang Yu and Zhang Xiaogang. .Sotheby’s is committed to presenting various masterpieces of art to the public. Therefore, this season, it was again commissioned by the Hong Kong ‘Yuyitang’ to hold the ‘Love and Friendship Museum Collection of Zhang Daqian Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition’ during the auction, showing its collection of Zhang Daqian paintings It is rare for the public to see Daqian’s complete creative career and appreciate the sincere friendship between him and his family and friends. ‘

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