Month: May 2018

Extraordinaire La Rosetop Jewelry Watch

In 2007, the Extraordinaire La Rose top jewelry watch debuted at the Venice Film Festival. This year, the watch re-emerges in a crystal version. It is set with 14 carats of diamonds and beautifully decorates the wrist. The watch draws on the design style of the 19th century to create a delicate and delicate moving curve. The embossed dynamic petals, white gold carved corolla, and flowers full of precious stones all highlight the delicate work of this watch, making the petals come alive. Only a true master of art has such a smart and delicate hands, carefully crafting this fine jewelry watch. It uses the most sophisticated snowflake mosaic technology and is undoubtedly an artistic example of the perfect combination of beauty and precision.
   In Jaeger-LeCoultre, gem setting is an art in itself. Jaeger-LeCoultre not only fully grasps the essence of this traditional technology, but its gemstone masters have also developed special techniques to meet specific aesthetic requirements. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original snowflake mosaic method makes art perfect, and requires jewellery craftsmen to show their best in order to complete the exquisite snowflake effect. Only this watch can show a distinctive taste. The stones are clustered closely together, completely covering the metal. In addition to the complexity of the work and the time it takes, selecting the diamond itself requires considerable expertise, as this technology must seamlessly incorporate the smallest diameter diamond garment into the boldest design. Just like the petals of this watch, 1420 diamonds are spread on the roses without leaving any blank space. The petals are like a huge gem plate. The jeweler cuts and adjusts all the stones one by one, arranges the stones of different sizes closely, and gradually covers the platinum case and dial completely. A pair of hands adorned with pink sapphire leap above the dial, which not only accurately indicates the time, but also highlights the long-term precious value. All in all, this watch has outstanding mosaic technology and unique watchmaking technology: under the glorious flower core, Jaeger-LeCoultre 846 manual winding mechanical movement silently beats.

Gem Setting Technology
   Traditional gem setting technology has greatly enhanced the art of decoration with the icing on the cake. Mechanical gem setting is performed by a worker mechanically placing a gem on a setting table and then fixing it. The professional artisan who is engaged in traditional gem setting has a unique skill in determining the number of gems and the position of setting, and then drilling two times: the first time to drill a very fine hole to determine The correct position of the stones, the second time the holes are enlarged according to the size of each gem. This is a arduous process of slow work and careful work. They also need to repeatedly cut and perform secondary cutting on the material to make the metal texture of the fixed gemstone smooth and natural. Next, they will carry out delicate work to precisely adjust the position of the gemstones with sophisticated skills. Therefore, even if several watches of the same style are produced, the craftsmanship of the craftsmen can still give each watch a unique look.
   Jaeger-LeCoultre’s sculptors have also shown their talents in certain works, not only emphasizing the outline of the watch, but also using the professional combination of the two technologies of watchmaking and gem making to show the beauty of the watch. Slim gem setting is the use of gems cut at different angles, such as square, rectangular or step cuts. The procedure for setting a gemstone is the same as before, but it takes considerable preparation before inserting the gemstone into the setting. In addition to the well-known hand-polished gemstone setting technology, Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed two distinctly creative and unique technologies, snow setting and rock setting. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s gem-setter said these technologies are increasingly appreciated and loved by jewellery designers and customers

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