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Full Of Temperament Recommended For Fashion Quartz Ladies Watch

Wearing a watch can leave a better impression on others and make people feel that you are a person with a sense of time. Women wearing watches can also play a role in showing temperament.
Orient ORIENT Fashion Quartz Women’s Watch SUT0E005W0
Applicable people: fashion playful girls
Reference price: 1189 yuan Oriental ORIENT fashion quartz series women’s watch SUT0E005W0
SUT0E005W0 is a Swiss quartz watch with a water resistance of 30 meters. The size of the dial is about 35mm in diameter (32mm in pure glass) and 8mm in thickness. The case is made of rose gold-plated steel, and the mirror is made of crystal glass. The strap is made of leather with a length of 231mm and a pin buckle type.
Oriental ORIENT Fashion Quartz Women’s Watch SUT0E005W0
The watch should be worn for 48 hours for the first time, and then be worn for more than 8 hours each day afterwards, otherwise the lack of energy will cause it to stop at night. Avoid placing the watch in extreme environments or near items with strong magnetic forces. Of course, violent impact is also not allowed. Also, it is recommended not to wear a watch for bathing, because any watch is only waterproof and not resistant to steam, even for diving watches. And check the watch regularly every 2-3 years, or check the watch at the same time when replacing the battery.
Tissot TISSOT fashion series quartz female watch T007.309.11.116.00
Applicable people: mature and attractive women
Reference price: 3680 yuan
Tissot Quartz Women’s Watch T007.309.11.116.00
Tissot’s quartz female watch with a water resistance of 30 meters can show the mature charm of a woman to the extreme. The white mother-of-pearl dial with a sapphire crystal glass is magnificent. The case made of stainless steel is only 6mm thick, and the strap uses a silver steel chain material with a folding buckle clasp.
Tissot Quartz Women’s Watch T007.309.11.116.00
Tissot this female watch is the same as the previous model is a quartz female watch, then they need to pay attention to the matter is of course no different. Pay attention to it when you wear it, and nothing bad will happen. After all, an excellent watch is still ‘skinny’. In particular, if there is a protective sheet or label attached to the back of the watch, please remove them before use, otherwise sweat will seep into the backing paper and cause the back of the watch to rust.

Girard Perregaux Laureato Tourbillon Tribute To The Legend

In 1889, Girard Perregaux exhibited its first three-gold bridge tourbillon pocket watch at the Paris World Expo and won the gold medal in one fell swoop. This masterpiece has become a symbol of GP Girard-Perregaux watches. This year, Girard-Perregaux released a limited edition of ten Laureato three-bridge tourbillons to pay tribute to the legendary work of the year. Girard Perregaux inspired the legendary classics of the year to create a new Laureato Tourbillon that combines tradition and innovation. Although the appearance of the latter is avant-garde, it contains the essence of Girard-Perregaux watches. One of the masterpieces of craftsmanship.

 The Laureato Tourbillon with three bridges has a long historical background, but its appearance and aesthetics exude the design charm of the 1970s, and its bold and timeless style stands out from its peers. The octagonal platinum bezel has alternating satin frosting and polishing, with a strong texture contrast; the six screw-set backs have crystal glass pieces to see the extraordinary beauty of the movement; the motherboard has beautifully machine-engraved patterns and luminous rod hands Dancing on the transparent dial, showing a beautiful scene of craftsmanship.

Thousands Of Gold Do Not Change Stunning Stunning Enamel Watch

Now everyone is no stranger to the material ‘enamel’. In addition to artwork, more and more brands are trying enamel in the creation of jewelry and watches. ‘Enamel’ is called ‘enamel’ in English. It is said that the two Chinese words originated from the pronunciation of the ancient Chinese name ‘fu’ in western China, and also because it originated from Persia.

Enamel watches are often expensive, because this craft needs to master the fire just right and the craftsmen themselves have extremely high skills and rich experience. For the industry and senior watch fans, if you see a watch’s dial is very shiny, but not colored, it is likely that it is a plain enamel dial. Many brands now use the ‘big fire enamel’, a process that doubles the value of watches because it is rare. It is painted in the same enamel several times during the firing process and then fired and cooled. It must be repeated three times to truly reach the perfect standard. Plain enamel, a few small flaws are very obvious, especially black enamel, the yield is extremely low, the price is high and the quantity is small.

Harry Winston Exotic Bird Theme Watch
WinHarry Winston’s first attempt to combine colored glaze with diamonds. This little-known technique combines traditional watchmaking and jewelry setting techniques, and finally creates beautiful and delicate works that are unique and contemporary. Exotic Birds maintains the classic and elegant square frame of the Avenue series. Under the rich color glaze and gem embellishment, it shows her natural elegance.
Exotic Birds There are four kinds of exotic bird themes, which are Parrot, Peacock, Phoenix and Pink Flamingo. The beautiful figure outlined by smooth lines is completely expressed on the small and exquisite dial, and with the colorful gesture of bird feathers, a pure and simple figurative picture is drawn, and it is casually splashed on the face and case. On the canvas, the rich and natural color glaze perfectly sets off the shining diamonds, which together present a splendid and gorgeous atmosphere, which is really fascinating.
之一 One of the characteristics of these four masterpieces is to reinterpret the gorgeous figure of tropical birds through jewellery setting. All Exotic Birds gems, round brilliant-cut diamonds, and sapphires are specially selected. Jewelry setters reproduce the subtle changes in the color of each bird’s feathers based on the nuances of the gemstone’s color. Precious stones and precious stones and glazes are harmoniously integrated, which is a time-consuming and painstaking masterpiece.
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterflies

The butterfly symbolizing the metamorphosis and renewal is the inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels for more than 100 years. Its figure once again rests on the magnificent new dial, and becomes a limited edition watch treasure.
Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterfly series applies new stained glass enamel technology for the first time. This technique freezes the beauty of butterflies on a three-dimensional dial with magnificent stained glass panes. The case with refined lines and pure individuality was created by Pierre Arpels in 1949 for the PA49 timepiece. The simple central buckle design adds to the richness of the dial. Because the case back is also exquisitely crafted, the watch owner can also enjoy the exquisite carving handwork on the back of the watch.

Blancpain Moon Phase Display Black Enamel Watch

The half-time zone 8-day power reserve watch not only allows the wearer to more accurately adjust the second time zone in a span of 30 minutes, but also has a power reserve of up to 8 days, which is very amazing. Hour scales are painted on the black dome-shaped black enamel dial, and the entire dial exudes different qualities. Compared to the white enamel plate, the success rate of this black enamel plate is lower, because in the production process of the black enamel plate, every little mistake is very obvious, so it is more expensive. In addition to the black enamel dial, this watch also has the characteristics of Blancpain. Long power, full calendar and moon phase display are the most classic Blancpain models.

Shizhang Soft Red, You Are My Pure Blue Ocean

The clear breeze between the flowers and the stars at sea cannot reach each other’s true feelings. Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching. ORIS has selected two couples’ watches to brighten the tangram with bright colors and record the emotional moments of exclusive lovers.

ORIS Aquis Date Relief (left), ORIS Aquis Date Mint Version (right)

   The world is big, everyone has their own unique trajectory; the world is small, and thousands of trajectories can accidentally exchange countless stories. A pair of red men and green women interpreted with emotion in the story, compiling this ten feet of soft red world. Like the two watches from the Pride Time brand, one red and one green, cleverly matched and gorgeous colors tell the passion of love.

   ORIS Aquis Date Relief watch, the sun is like fire, is the best action. The red strap represents a passion that never fades, and the grey-black dial is the bold and firm heart of ‘he’. Under the dynamic appearance, it inherits the high-level diving watch manufacturing technology of Oris brand. The sturdy and wear-resistant sapphire mirror with stainless steel screw-in crown can reach a depth of 300 meters. ORIS Aquis Date Mint Version watch, gentle and pleasant, is a careful recorder. The gradient mint green dial and gray tungsten bezel show her freshness and generosity, and she is also a high-performance professional diving watch. Red men and green women, complementary to each other, are a trivial trajectory in the flower world, making a unique love story.

ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III (left), ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition (right)

   In the complex world, there are always disturbances. A right person will become the pure blue sea at the bottom of the heart, and a place to live in the chaotic world. Like the ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition watches, the gentle aqua blue dial seems to have magical power, which can instantly calm the anxious mood, just like when he / she brings with him That sense of security. The encounter of two professional diving watches is like a pair of gentle but powerful lovers, without words, but always providing warm support to each other.

   What’s even more valuable is the meaning behind these two limited edition watches: marine protection. ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III is a public limited edition watch launched by ORIS and the Coral Remediation Foundation. Its bottom cover is engraved with coral plants and Southern Cross, recording the power of each buyer for marine protection. . ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition is a collaboration between the Oris brand and the Pacific Garbage Screening Program. The organization is committed to using technology to recover and reuse marine waste. The bottom of the limited-edition watch is inlaid with recovered marine plastic waste. The pressed plastic plate is unique and far-reaching. Oris believes that guarding the blue is guarding pure truth and sincerity.
   The world is three thousand, ten feet soft and red. Meeting is an ordinary encounter, and it also makes a pair of complementary lovers. They disturb each other, everything in the world, and love is an ordinary story, but in the end it has become a faithful and pure dependence on each other. The Qixi Festival is coming, Oris would like to have a lover in the world, to accompany each other, to keep true.

Jacques De Ronaldo’s New Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watches Elegant Listing

Jaquet Droz Perpetual Calendar Eclipse watch embodies the essence of the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology, breaks through traditional design concepts, and cleverly combines the two complex functions of the perpetual calendar and the moon phase , Elegantly presented the new perpetual calendar moon phase watch. The dial design is noble and elegant without losing interest. It is a leisurely display of a new moon phase change, and you can measure the time accurately between the profit and loss of the moon.

Perpetual Calendar Eclipse
 The Eclipse watch, a poetic masterpiece, is one of Jacques Droe’s most iconic watches. This year, La Xia Defang’s masters combined the moon phase display with the perpetual calendar, and reproduced the complex function of the moon phase profit and loss cycle on the dial. With careful layout, this fusion makes these two complex functions more elegant and clear.

 Two straight hands wander on the deep and pure black and the paper-like ivory-colored large fire enamel ‘Grand Feu’ dial, which contrasts with the other two winding crescent-shaped crescent-pointed serpentine hands. The calendar display is distributed on both sides of the dial: the date is displayed on the right and the day is displayed on the left. The month display at 12 o’clock is equipped with only a hand to pass over it, and a hidden leap year display window. At 6 o’clock, a round of golden moon reveals the moon with the opening and closing of the black onyx and the large ivory enamel indicator window. The moon appears or disappears, the light and dark overlap, until it completely disappears. The entire dial is dotted with a beautiful view of the sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand).

Tissot Opens A Specialty Store In Moscow’s Famous Gum Department Store

Tissot store opened in the famous and luxurious GUM department store in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and this market means far to Tissot. In this department store that attracts more than 50,000 tourists every day, Tissot has a unique geographical location. The building is as old and historic as the Tissot brand, and has been built for more than 120 years. Tissot has come to Russia more than 120 years ago, and has also designed special pocket watches with Tsarist sculptures for the Russian tsars and their ministers. Russia was one of Tissot’s main markets in the early days. Therefore, the opening of the Tissot store in Russia is a great honour, as this country has contributed to the success of Tissot, further making it a familiar global brand today. Tissot store at GUM
     Tissot store is perfectly integrated into the luxurious decoration style of GUM department store. Its store design conveys the brand’s values, and gives a luxurious but approachable feel, without losing traditional and modern flavor. When shoppers step into the Tissot store, there will be several watch showcases, from pocket watches to memorable classic watches, dazzling, and you will also see Tissot’s high-tech Touch series.

Iwc Launches Pilot Watch With Lacquered Dial

Schaffhausen, January 15, 2018-Schaffhausen IWC launches three limited-edition pilots in the special edition series of the 150th anniversary of the brand at the SIHH in Geneva Watch. The 150th Anniversary Special Edition of the Large Pilot’s Calendar brings the calendar to the commemorative edition. The 150th Anniversary Special Edition of the Grand Pilot’s Date is the first model in the series with a large date display.

 At the anniversary celebration, three new members of the IWC pilot series were added. All styles are designed in the same way as the Anniversary Special Edition collection. The superb lacquered white or blue dial is impressive.

 The ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition of the Large Pilot’s Calendar (Model: IW502708) is the only watch with an annual calendar in the special edition series. Limited to 100 pieces:

– Stainless steel case, blue dial, lacquered finish, rhodium-plated hands (type: IW502708)

 The annual calendar displays the month, date, and week in an American layout in three separate windows on the dial. It only needs to be adjusted once a year at the end of February. The IWC 52850 self-made movement is equipped with a Pellaton winding system with zero-wear ceramic parts and has a 7-day power reserve function with a dual barrel. Through the sapphire glass case back, the exquisite structure of the movement is clearly visible.

 The ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition of the Large Pilot Large Date Watch (Model: 5105) is the first large pilot watch with a large digital date display under the arrow indicator at the 12 o’clock position. Two models each limited to 100 pieces:

– Stainless steel case, blue dial, lacquered finish, rhodium-plated hands (type: IW510503)
– Stainless steel case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (model: IW510504)

 In order to create IWC-manufactured caliber 59235, the watch designer added a large digital date display to the caliber 59210, which was manually wound on the 8th, to expand its functionality. The date is displayed by a double date ring with one disc with ten digits and the other disc with single digits. In order for the dial to retain the simplicity and clarity of the pilot’s wristwatch, the power reserve display must be placed on the bottom of the watch. The soft iron inner shell is equipped with a round window to ensure that the antimagnetic protection function is not affected.

 The Pilot’s Chronograph ‘150 Years’ Special Edition (Model: IW377725) is inspired by the popular pilot’s chronograph watch and has been reinterpreted in the Anniversary Special Edition series, limited to 1,000 pieces.

– Stainless steel case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands (type: IW377725)

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