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Roger Dubuis Opens New Flagship Store In Dubai

Nowhere is Roger Dubuis more suitable for opening its first store in Dubai than the Emirates Towers, a symbol of the region’s most luxurious and charming lifestyle.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Roger Dubuis’s flagship store in Dubai.
From left to right: Gerard Butler, Gerard Butler, Jean-Marc Pontroué (Global CEO of Roger Dubuis) and Kajol

To celebrate this wonderful moment, Roger Dubuis is proud to invite 300 VIPs to their new flagship store to check it out.
Roger Dubuis Global CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué welcomed the red carpet and hosted a grand and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. Subsequently, Gerard Butler, Kajol and guests were invited to experience the four universes of the brand.

Stepping into the cocktail bar, guests couldn’t help but indulge in the unique atmosphere of Monaco’s luxurious rock and enter the world of Player players. They were seduced by the charm and elegance of the ‘Diva’ actress world, and the guests were attracted by the dazzling armor of Roger Dubuis Warrior. After this incredible journey ended, I was finally invited to the adventurer’s world of Roger Dubuis Venturer. There is no fear here. Tension is the stimulant.

Gerard Butler, wearing the Excalibur series skeleton double tourbillon watch and Kajol, wearing the Excalibur 36 high jewelry watch

After opening the gates of the DIFC Gate, one of Dubai’s famous landmarks, the Dubai International Financial Centre Cultural Center, guests were invited to visit Roger Dubuis’s main area where Kajol and Gerard Butler were welcomed to present their most famous film skewers on stage. The dinner continued at the charming rhythm of DJ Dion Mavath.

Gerard Butler and Kajol

Roger Dubuis was impressed by the guests present, and at that moment they were taken away by magic. On this unforgettable evening, the Geneva watchmaker once again demonstrated its creativity, unique style and ability to surprise people.
Source: Sparkle PR Solutions for RogerDubuis

Variety Strap: Entanglement Of The Wrist

Women love fashion watches, love her colorful and ever-changing, love her fashionable avant-garde and decorative. This season’s fashion watch made a strap article, jumping candy-colored double-layer lingering, super long multi-level straps tied around the wrist, fun strap replacement and free combination, and directly become wrist decorations Bracelet type. This summer, the ever-changing watchband has completely replaced other accessories, and has become a wrist-based artwork that integrates fashion, practicality and fashion.
Oxette green double ring strap + oversized gold dial
Clearly colored with animal-like patterns, it crosses around the wrist. The oversized gold dial with a fine double-layered strap, shiny Roman numerals and Arabic numerals dance in the center of the dial.
Jumping Jelly Double Circle
Band characteristics: Jumping jelly color double circle design
Clear jelly colors, exquisite earrings decoration, and high-heeled water heels with contrasting effects, echoing the watch in color, let you be an eye-catching fashionable girl this summer.
After adding the elegant charm in the elements of the bracelet to the inspiration of the watch design, the new 俪 媛 series composes the summer atmosphere with more jumping and gorgeous colors. Straps made of smooth solid plastic and silicone are doubled in length and can be wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet.
Coolness level Strong aura
Band characteristics: Multi-layered winding
Tommy Hilfiger black extra long strap + rectangular delicate dial
Irregular multilayer black straps are wrapped around the wrist, delicate and sexy. Bundled art plus delicately designed rectangular dial, clean two-point digital design, black and white collision, elegant atmosphere.
The beautiful printed skirt is stitched with a long sense of long yarn, and the simple, sleeveless shirt is not only contrasted in material, but also unified and harmonious in color. The black and white multi-layered watch adds a powerful aura to the whole dress, and wildness and toughness coexist.
B ck extent Roman shoe series Multi-level white strap + minimalist elegant dial
60 ~ 65mm long multi-layered white straps create a sense of urban relaxation, and they are as elegant as ballet shoes. The large, simple dial with a slightly rough taste reveals a modern, neutral and feminine trend.
替换 Fun replacement games
Band characteristics: Multiple replacement and combination forms
自由 Gucci dial ring and strap freely replace each other
I have to say that this is like a ‘toy’ that children love. From the dial circle to the entire strap, you can freely match and replace as you like. The straps and dial circles of different materials are combined together like a game. An elegant dial of 27mm polished satin-polished stainless steel with a leapfrog leather, stainless steel bracelet with a studded digital scale and a stylish attitude. The most attractive thing to say is its freely replaceable three-color strap, making the Lingni series a master of decoration on the wrist.
Pink and satin print top, with multi-color decorative waist chain, using a royal blue chain bag to collide with colors, increasing visual impact. The interchangeable straps with rich colors and the free combination of multi-materials and multi-forms make fashion collocations skyrocketing.
Gorgeous style on the wrist
Band characteristics: Be like a bracelet as a bracelet
Guess Bracelet with Gold and Gemstones
The square dial is inlaid in a gold bracelet, and the streamlined letter LOGO crosses the entire body with a shining diamond. You say that she is a watch, it is better to say that she is a beautifully carved wrist art. The interlocking metal and leather strap are linked together, the exquisite dial wrapped in leather, the texture of leather, the texture of metal and the clean and elegant dial perfectly blend together, like a retro bracelet to take us into time city.
The golden bracelet watch can completely replace other wrist accessories, golden gorgeous one-shoulder dress, golden sexy pointed shoes, earrings with fragrant flowers, the elegant charm of women is lingering and sublimation.

2012 Panerai Limited Collection Pam00448 Watch

Panerai is named after the founder of the brand. It was founded in 1860 in Florence, the Italian renaissance town, and was then the capital of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. After the reunification of Italy, the brand has been a supplier of diving equipment to Italian navies until the Cold War. In 1936 and 1950, two models, Radiomir and Luminor, continued to date. The brand was acquired by Richemont in 1997 and began to move to the world stage. Today we come to appreciate this 2012 Panerai PAM00448 watch.

 This PAM00448 was re-engraved in 2012, and it can be said that it was re-engraved again. The 249 re-engraved in 2006 has become hot, after all, the 249 contains the soul of Rolex and Panerai. The classic 47 mm diameter can already conquer everything. Those who know Panerai know that only the 47 mm diameter is the most ideal size in mind. The stainless steel case is also the best material of Panerai. The heavy metal Shenma is poison, and for military watches, only the steel watch is its true color. The disc surface is a California surface, which is a mixture of Arabic numerals and Roman numerals, which is a patent of Rolex. But now Rolex should not be able to find California watches, Panerai, Rolex and Tudor are the only brands that have appeared in California, and only Panerai is really sought after.
 You must know that the biggest feature of California noodles is that they look too exaggerated during the day, and only at night can you find its beauty and readability. This case is accompanied by a brown crocodile leather strap. These straps are from the American artificial crocodile farm. Never use wild crocodile skin. The mirror is made of resin and has good abrasion resistance. The back is a sapphire glass back, which is very beautiful.
 The movement of PAM00448 is a P.3000 manual winding movement made by Panerai. This movement is completely developed by Panerai. There are two barrels that can store power for 3 days. Unfortunately, there is no power display, unlike its two brothers, which can display the remaining power. The dual barrel allows the slim long barrel to store 3 days of kinetic energy, allowing the barrel to take longer to release more even kinetic energy. It is also equipped with an Incabloc® shock absorber and a cardless hairspring. In fact, this movement also has the function of quickly adjusting the date, but there is no calendar window on PAM00448, and the function of displaying the date is useless.

 This Panerai 00448 has the most classic dial of Panerai, the size that makes watch fans the most favorite, the same is limited edition, but this time only limited to 750, only one year is even rarer than the previous 249. And those two blue needles are so good-looking, they can really kill people. If you haven’t started with 249 before, this 448 can really make up for the original regret. The domestic public price is 64500, a super scarce resource, and it takes time to wait to own it. For Xiaobian, a fan of shallow entry, if 005 is the best entry model, then this 448 is the best promotion model. Although the 424 that was released in the same year is also California, it is really in the heart of Xiaobian. Not as high as 448. Maybe it’s because 448 is closer to the original and easier.
 Watch details: panerai / 20030 /

Panarai History And Culture Exhibition And New Series Touring Exhibition Unveiled At Shanghai Ifc Center Station

Panerai held the Panerai History and Culture Exhibition and a new series of touring exhibitions in the atrium of the Shanghai International Finance Center. It aims to lead watch lovers to review the long history of Panerai and taste the unique Italian culture. A multifaceted presentation of Panerai’s new 2012 collection.
    Italian high-end watchmaker Panerai organizes a Panerai history and culture exhibition and a new series of touring exhibitions in the atrium of Shanghai IFC Center, which runs from October 11th to 15th, 2012, and aims to lead watch lovers to review Panerai’s long history , Taste Italy’s unique culture, and show Panerai’s new 2012 watch in many ways.
    Shanghai IFC is located on the Huangpu River. In September 2010, Panerai stores opened in Shanghai IFC. The exhibition is held in the atrium of this representative building. Through the historical wall against a black background, the ancient legend of Panerai is vividly presented, and the far-reaching and quiet ocean breathe. Stepping into the exhibition area, there are three areas, which show Panerai’s tireless research and considerable development in different areas of watches. The first exhibition area is the home-made movement exhibition area, and the exhibits are all watch series equipped with Panerai’s home-made movements. Visitors can appreciate the precision, accuracy and smoothness of the movement. Combined with the high-precision movement pictures behind the showcase, three-dimensional details of the watch are presented. All five homemade movements and their watches are displayed. Panerai’s full commitment and achievements in the development of movements. The most striking one is PAM00323, which has all the remarkable features of the Radiomir model, and is also equipped with the time and date display of the two places. The ultra-long 10-day power reserve is provided by the P.2003 Panerai-made movement source. The second exhibition area shows the outstanding achievements of Panerai’s innovative ideas in special materials. These include titanium, ceramics and 2012 new red gold from Panerai. This special alloy named 5Npt, in which the ratio of copper to platinum is much higher than that of ordinary alloys, creates a deeper color tone and has anti-oxidation effect. The connotation of elegance and nobility is perfectly interpreted by PAM00398.
    In the third zone, more new Panerai 2012 watches are on display. The semi-open display area offers watch enthusiasts a chance to see Panerai’s latest masterpieces up close. The dynamic images on the display loop circulate Panerai’s legendary historical story and the dynamic assembly picture of the movement, allowing visitors to better understand the history, growth and future development of the Italian brand of Panerai. The most surprising part of the exhibition area is PAM00389. Its case has a unique structure that comprehensively protects the watch from magnetic interference, making the antimagnetic ability eight times higher than the international standard of the Swiss watch industry.
After Shanghai Station, the tour will move to Taiyuan in mid-November and Jinan at the end of November.
Exhibition: Panerai History and Culture Exhibition and New Series Touring Exhibition
Venue: Atrium of Shanghai IFC
Location: No. 8 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai
Date: October 12-15, 2012 Time: 10: 00-22: 00

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