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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic Winding Watch Shows Atmospheric Stability

Watch number: 15300R.OO.D002CR.01
Price: 209,000 yuan
In the 1970s, the masterpiece of watch design, Jero Zunda, based on the slogan of ‘Designing an unprecedented sports watch’ by the Audemars Piguet watch factory. The octagonal porthole was inspired by a special sports watch. Since then, this watch, also known as ‘Royal Oak’, has begun to lead the revival of Audemars Piguet, and has become the most outstanding work of Gerozunda. Whether it is a porthole-like bezel, a six-layer case, and eight hex screws on the bezel, they have become the banner elements of ‘Royal Oak’. The Royal Oak watch in the junior model also exquisitely interprets the exquisite Royal Oak. The thick metal texture, the black square-shaped dial, the tough martial arts baton pointers and scales, it is no wonder that this once controversial and expensive sports watch was launched, and it was able to gain such praise.
初期 In the early 18th century, the first time the second hand device was set on a series of precision marine clocks, people’s control of time became more precise, and the era of ‘race against time’ came. Because the second hand runs very fast and requires much more power than the hour and minute hands, the second hand is initially set to the position closest to the escape wheel group, while also reducing its volume as much as possible. The watch that came into being under the design is the current small three-pin style.
Of course, not all design ideas will be constrained by technology. The ‘big eight’ pocket watches that are more popular in the collectors industry are junior styles. When such styles were not mainstream at the time. The popularity of the small three hands continued until the appearance of watches. As the dial became more and more compact, some problems that did not exist on the large dial began to appear. For example, the watch was not easy to read because the dial was too small. People began to realize that Now, we should invent a larger second hand to replace the small second hand currently used. In the 1920s and 1930s, many pilots’ watches and clocks have begun to change the small third hand of the pocket watch to the large third hand for easy reading. Such situations have become more common with time.
The application of micro-hole penetration technology makes it possible to add a second hand shaft to the middle of the watch, and the junior hand watch also frequently appears in people’s field of vision. This trend of replacing small three-hands with large three-hands spread rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s. Major watch brands have developed or improved their second hand timekeeping systems. Mechanical power is transferred to the second hand in the center of the watch.
After the big three hands came into being, the slender hands not only improved the readability of the watch, but also made these watches give people a very different feeling from the small three hands and other models: the big hands will show the watch The atmosphere and stability are perfect for formal wear. For men, whether it is a large dial or a large scale, something larger in size always evokes the unbridled publicity and domineering in people’s hearts. This is also the junior needle that is still popular today. The motivation is.

Longines Classic Classic Models 92% Off The Spot

As a well-known excellent watch, Longines is welcomed by the Chinese people for its exquisite and elegant shape and accurate time. Both the models of its brand series have a better market performance, and they are more popular watch brands. Recently, according to feedback from table friends in the forum, Beijing Hendry (Cuiwei Department Store Peony Garden Store) has recently sold two watches with the traditional watchmaking tradition of Longines wristbands, which are exquisite, elegant and beautiful. The discount is 92%. Do not miss this opportunity.

Longines Traditional Watch L2.628.4.51.6

   Longines is famous for its elegance with the flying wing hourglass as its symbol. Whether aesthetically or technically, the innovations implemented by Longines will always promote the brand’s flying wing hourglass as a symbol of proprietary technology and Elegant and dignified symbol. This series of watches is a perfect example of Longines’ advanced proprietary technology and bright aesthetic features. Just like this watch, the polished steel case has a delicate texture and is comfortable to wear. The 38.5 mm black dial is stylish and sophisticated. The watch uses Roman numerals to show the classic style. The willow-shaped hour and minute hands are smooth and beautiful. With a stainless steel strap and folding buckle, it is easy to wear and will not fall off easily.

Longines Traditional Watch L2.

   Longines’ men’s watches are exquisite and elegant, while women’s watches are elegant and solemn. Just like this watch, the 25.5 mm dial is small and exquisite. Exquisite white dial to form a couple watch with the male model above. Unique Arabic numerals and hour markers, elegant and solemn. The polished stainless steel bracelet is more comfortable to wear. The date display window with 3 time scales matches the date display window with 6 time scales for men. This watch can be either “solitary fragrant” or with the men’s “double swords” above.

Beijing Hengdeli (Cuiwei Department Store Peony Garden)

Summary: The above two Longines watches are exquisite and elegant. They are also made of stainless steel and can be worn alone or with the other half. Two watches are also more popular. The watch shop is located near the Peony Garden subway station, and the transportation is more convenient. If you like either or both of these watches, hurry up. (Both are 92% off)

More details:
[Watch discount]: 9.2% off, real feedback from forum table friends, edited by Watch House
[Dealer Name]: Beijing Hengdeli (Cuiwei Department Store Peony Garden)
[Dealer Address]: F1, Cuiwei Peony Shopping Center, Building 19, No. 2 Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-62020030

Summer Mood, Ingenious ‘core’ With Baume Crichton Baumatic ™ Wrist Watch

In the midsummer season, the cicadas are happy. Gentleman fashion has entered a new summer cycle. Unlike the complicated and diverse choices of women’s fashion, men’s summer style and elegance are more likely to be revealed in the details. Whether it is a mature gentleman or a fresh teenager, the watch is always an indispensable finishing touch for men. Selecting a watch that is suitable for temperament and style will add more highlights and ingenuity to the overall shape. Show off the summer ‘core’ feeling. Baume & Mercier, a Swiss watch brand with a long history of 188 years, provides contemporary celebrities with more summer matching options with the new Clayton series Baumatic ™ watch launched this year. The production movement Baumatic ™ brings masterpieces of different styles with different materials and colors to highlight the distinguished qualities of contemporary celebrities.
The best choice for urban elites

   Summer is a season for lightweight fabrics, and the simple rule is not to go wrong. Black is the most versatile color, bringing a touch of coolness to the contemporary summer of the Baume & Mercier. The Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ watch with black belt and stainless steel case contrast creates black details . On hot summer days, cool black watches are embellished with light-colored tops, adding a touch of calmness to the frivolous Look in summer, and highlighting the noble temperament of contemporary celebrities. It is undoubtedly an indispensable summer men’s temperament single item, and it is also a shuttle in the city The perfect choice for elite men.

Baume and Mercier Baumatic ™ watch 10399, reference price: RMB 20,700
‘Young’ Love Calendar

Baume and Mercier Baumatic ™ 10400, reference price: RMB 21,600
   Colorful colors are undoubtedly the darlings of summer, but if you want to create a bright literary freshness, you do not have to rely on bright colors or copy flowers. Basic striped shirts or white T-shirts with simple tannic pants will make you look bright. The refreshing sunny charm. A stainless steel Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ watch brings a sense of coolness to the hot summer, and is undoubtedly a secret match weapon for sportsmen this summer.
Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™

Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ Series M0A10399
Series: Crichton
Model: M0A10399
Movement: BAUMATIC BM12.1975A
Number of jewels: 21
Power reserve: 5 days
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28’800 times / hour)
Function: Hour / minute / second display, 3 o’clock position with enlarged date display window
Case: round
Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 10.3 mm
Polished & satin-finished stainless steel case
Domed anti-reflective (single-sided) scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal case back with 4 screws
Dial: Black dial with ceramic texture
Rivet-style slim engraving with diamond facets
Pointed sword (lancet) hands, white minute scale
Strap: black alligator leather strap with square scales and tonal stitching
Reliable buckle at curved lugs, no need to change the strap
Clasp: Pin buckle
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters)

Baume & Mercier Baumatic ™ Series M0A10400
Series: Crichton
Model: M0A10400
Movement: BAUMATIC BM12.1975A
Number of jewels: 21
Power reserve: 5 days
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28’800 times / hour)
Function: Hour / minute / second display, 3 o’clock position with enlarged date display window
Case: round
Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 10.3 mm
Polished & satin-finished stainless steel case
Domed anti-reflective (single-sided) scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Sapphire crystal case back with 4 screws
Dial: White dial with ceramic texture
Rivet-style slim engraving with diamond facets
Pointed sword (lancet) hands, charcoal gray minute scale
Bracelet: Polished & satin-finished five-row link stainless steel bracelet
Buckle: Triple folding safety buckle
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters)

Luxury Watch Brand Athens Teamed Up With ‘troll’ Randy Johnson

Swiss luxury watch maker Athens is a leader in the invention and innovation of timepieces. Its style complements the former Major League Baseball pitcher Randy Johnson. As the most popular sports icon in the United States, Johnson will also be the first American to have his own limited edition Athens watch.
    Johnson and Athens CEO Patrick Huffman announced a partnership on June 4 at Diamondback Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona. Johnson’s limited edition Titan Watch is currently under development and is expected to be launched in various specialty stores and stores at the end of 2012 or early 2013.
  ‘Randy Johnson is an Athenian watch enthusiast and a representative of great baseball pitchers,’ Huffman said. ‘As a company, our mission is to be superior, and we are happy to join this American sports figure because he understands our pursuit of innovative watchmaking.’
    Randy Johnson is a legend in baseball, not only for his height, but also because of the tremendous talent he has shown during his 22-year pitching career. Although he retired in 2009, his record-breaking total and the number of awards he has earned have made him a prominent list in the Hall of Fame.
   ‘I am honored to be the ambassador of Athens Watch. Its perfect quality provides a fusion of practicality and fashion for watch lovers like me,’ Johnson said. ‘I am a fan of Athens Watch. I I really look forward to wearing a limited edition ‘troll’ watch. ‘

Iwc And Türler Partner To Open Retail Store At Zurich Airport

This year is the year of IWC’s pilot watch. To commemorate the long-term close cooperation between the brand and the aviation world, the brand timely opened a new airport in Zurich Airport, the nearest international airport to its Schaffhausen headquarters. IWC retail store.
The new store is located at Airside Level 2 at Zurich Airport and is operated by the well-known family business Türler Watches & Jewellery, which has operated various stores at the airport for 61 years. Although the Türler flagship store in Zurich’s famous Paradeplatz has been selling all IWC watches for many years, the new IWC retail store at Zurich Airport will provide passengers with exclusive limited edition watches.

New IWC retail store at Zurich Airport

Türler Uhren & Juwelen, Zurich Airport
Email: [email protected]
Airside Level 2, Phone: +41 (0) 43 816 66 95
Opening hours: 6am to 10pm daily

Beautiful And Beautiful Five Classic Piaget Jewellery Watches

Constantly innovating and challenging ourselves is the goal that Piaget has been pursuing. It is their spirit of challenge that has led Piaget to launch classic products from generation to generation and promote the traditional mechanical watchmaking process to last Inheritance, refine the aesthetic consciousness of its own jewelry creation, and keep an open mind on the application of high technology. All the above points must be based on serving the ultimate aesthetic spirit. Five new creations with great complex performances testify to Piaget’s unique expertise in a timely manner. Since 1874, Piaget has consistently interpreted the flow of time with a remarkable example. In these nearly 140 years of history, Earl has introduced several legendary creations to the world and has become a pioneer in several watch technology fields. The fine jewellery watches it creates are escorted by the finest watchmaking traditions to shine through with perfect aesthetic creativity. Yu Xun, these 5 super-luxurious creations have truly become the brilliant manifestation of Piaget accomplishments.

 Piaget Rose – Limelight Garden Party earrings in 18K white gold with 304 diamonds (approximately 1.44 carats) and 2 pear-shaped diamonds (approximately 3.07 carats)
Twins’ Watches and Jewellery
Before we talk about big complex performances, let’s take a look at Piaget’s brand history. Starting from the clock workshop founded by Georges-Edouard Piaget in La Cote-aux-Fees in 1874, Piaget has established a unique twin in the world’s top boutique brands for more than a century and a half. skill. With the La Cote-aux-Fees top watchmaking workshops belonging to the Jurassic Valley region and the Plan-les-Ouates modern watch factory in the outskirts of Geneva, the expertise of the two factories has spawned the Earl 5 A uniquely limited watch with a breakthrough time.

 Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch-49 mm, 18K white gold case, set with 120 square diamonds (approximately 10.3 carats) and 380 beautiful diamonds (approximately 2.2 carats). Black mother-of-pearl dial with 12 square-cut diamond hour markers (approx. 0.3 carat total). The crown is embellished with 1 beautiful diamond (about 0.3 carat total) and 8 square diamonds (about 0.3 carat total). Black alligator leather strap, sapphire glass back, ‘equipped with Piaget’s own 856P ultra-thin self-winding perpetual calendar diamond mechanical movement, with retrograde day, date and second time zone indication, the movement is set with 25 diamonds (Total weight about 0.2 carats), ‘Hour and minute indication, small seconds sub-dial at 4 o’clock, retrograde date indication at 3 o’clock, retrograde week indication at 9 o’clock, second time zone indication at 8 o’clock , Day / night indication at 8 o’clock position is linked with indicated time, month indication at 12 o’clock position, year indication at 12 o’clock position
 Belonging to the superb skills in the field of machinery, the Emperador Perpetual Calendar watch equipped with Piaget’s self-made 856P ultra-thin movement has obtained the most cutting-edge seal. This 856P movement combines a perpetual calendar, dual time zone indication, retrograde date and day of the week indication, and has a classic month and leap year display. These indicators are placed on an elegant black mother-of-pearl faceplate. The case and the sides, the hour markers, the frame of the transparent sapphire glass back, the clasp, and even the automatic dial that can be seen through the transparent back, are gorgeously embellished with square and round brilliant cut beauty Drill. The pleasing and elegant case and its sides, carefully cut square diamonds that have been carefully calculated on the makeup, can hug the pillow-shaped case seamlessly. A total of 560 round brilliant-cut and square-cut diamonds weighing approximately 15.3 carats were used, which took more than 100 hours of intricate fine setting to complete this limited production masterpiece.

 Piaget Emperador Cushion Tourbillon – 49mm, 18K white gold case, set with 136 square diamonds (approx. 9.9 carats) and 875 diamonds (approx. 6.1 carats). Dial set with 107 diamonds (total weight about 0.2 carats). The crown is set with 1 beautiful diamond (about 0.3 carats total) and 8 square diamonds (about 0.2 carats total). Black alligator strap with buckle set with 24 square-cut diamonds (approx. 1.7 carat total weight), small sapphire glass back, ‘equipped with Piaget’s own 1207P ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon mechanical movement with power reserve indicator Hour indicator at 5 o’clock, minute indicator at 5 o’clock, small seconds, power reserve indicator.
 The Emperador Tourbillon watch is the second example that highlights Piaget’s classic bloodline heritage: its unique strength in research and development of ultra-thin movements, and the firm determination to continue to develop technologically innovative and innovative complex performance movements . Its 1270P movement is the first self-developed ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement developed by Piaget with a thickness of only 5.55 mm. Through the back of the transparent sapphire crystal, you can explore the beauty of its movement. This movement, which characterizes the Piaget ultra-thin movement, is also lined with outstanding fine gem setting. Square and round brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the case and its side edges. The luxurious decoration is wide and the transparent sapphire glass rear caseback frame exposing the tourbillon frame and power reserve indicator, its folding clasp and automatic dial. And the gold ring of the tourbillon window. The Earl’s Workshop jeweller spent over 140 hours of inlay work and a total of about 18.4 carats of diamonds to achieve this unique and unique creation.

Extremely tiny but vast
 Piaget’s top watch maker, another creative talent with indisputable legitimacy in the history of watches, is reflected in its top-notch skills in making ultra-thin watches. Since the introduction of the legendary 9P movement with a thickness of only 2 mm in 1957, Piaget’s expertise in ultra-thin movements has spawned countless complex movements and the most recognizable watch series under the brand’s door: the Altiplano series. It is precisely because of the rise of Altiplano, that many of the brand’s watch series have advanced to the most slender concepts, including the Dancer skeleton watch, which has tried several techniques. Its movement is carefully carved and inlaid. On the diamond.

 Dancer skeleton watch-41 mm, 18K white gold case set with 144 diamonds (approximately 1.2 carats total) and 52 square diamonds (approximately 2.8 carats total). Crown set with 14 diamonds (approx. 0.2 carat total). 18K white gold strap with 277 diamonds (approximately 24.4 carats) and 488 square diamonds (approximately 24.4 carats), sapphire glass back, ‘equipped with Piaget’s own 838D ultra-thin mechanical skeleton movement , Manual winding movement made of white gold with small seconds indication, the movement is set with 219 diamonds (about 0.5 carat total weight), and 8 black sapphires (about 0.2 carat total weight). Performance: small at 10 o’clock Second hand indication, hour and minute indication.
 The Dancer skeleton watch is truly the world’s thinnest mechanical watch with diamonds. Its appearance reveals the dazzling elegance interpreted by ultra-thin platinum watchmaking and jewelry setting. Thanks to its ultra-thin case, combined with the finest pavé jewellery skills, only the most agile hands and the most experienced eyes of a jeweler and inlayer can practice such a masterpiece of art creation . This uniquely limited creation devotes up to 700 hours of production and 325 hours of gem setting, using 1,194 round brilliant cut and square diamonds totaling approximately 31.8 carats. Not only does the diamond shine, but it also beats the steady shot of the 838D movement. It is a magnificent race penetrating visual feast. The movement is like floating in the air, more like an extremely luxurious embroidery art. It is perfectly matched with the inherent softness and comfort of the stylish and elegant strap.

 Piaget Altiplano watch – 41 mm, 18K white gold case set with 313 diamonds (approx. 1.7 carats total) and 48 square diamonds (approximately 2.5 carats total). Dial with 155 diamonds (approximately 1.8 carats total weight) and 36 square diamonds (approximately 3 carats total), dial set with 1 diamond (approximately 0.1 carats total), black alligator leather Strap, buckle set with 24 diamonds (total weight about 0.06 carats), transparent sapphire glass back, equipped with Piaget’s own 1200P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement, the world’s thinnest movement (thickness 2.35 mm), hour and minute indication.
 In response to this Dancer skeleton watch, it is a uniquely limited Altiplano creation. With the call of the world’s thinnest automatic winding watch (only 6.44 mm thick), this Altiplano watch has also become the stage of the thinnest automatic movement in history and the most honorable stage-the 1200P movement with a thickness of only 2.35 mm. This miniature masterpiece and its unparalleled gem setting, especially the Piaget emblem engraved on the platinum automatic plate, can be seen at the back of the transparent sapphire glass. This uniquely limited work, with its extremely thin lines, highlights the design codes of the Altipano series Yayi, and complements the excellent mechanical achievements of the interior. The slender black Barton scepter-type hour markers on the dial are contrasted with the sharp hour-markers shining with square-cut diamonds. The case, lugs, and even the folding clasp show the square or round brilliant-cut diamonds. Dazzling. The entire production process took about 260 hours to produce and more than 30 hours of jewellery setting (a total of about 9.2 carats of diamonds) before it could be achieved. Perfect treasure With the full energy of the existing manpower, the existing technological frontier is pushed to the extreme, just to tailor the shape and size of the case to meet the contemporary fashion. Piaget made unremitting efforts to pursue more advanced jewellery making techniques.

 Limelight Jewellery Watch – 32 x 34 mm, 18K white gold case, set with 34 diamonds (approx. 10.6 carat total), and dial with 32 diamonds (approx. 5.6 carat total). 18K white gold bracelet set with 211 diamonds (approximately 33.5 carats), equipped with Piaget’s 40P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement with hour and minute indication.
 Exuding a unique refinement style, the Haute Joaillerie Classique jewellery watch exquisitely reveals diamonds shaped and shaped by precise measurements. From the dial, the case to the strap, it is dominated by the highest harmony: the whole is seamless, leaving no trace of axe chisels. Square-cut diamonds are fixed with claws to secure room for other gemstones. The Paris grid strap ensures wrist-friendly comfort. The back of the case back of the transparent sapphire glass is also set with diamonds in a curved arc, and extends to the side edges and straps of the connected case, giving the watch an extremely elegant touch. The dial is also discreetly set with radial sun-patterns made of 32 square diamonds. The total weight is about 5.6 carats. Each inlaid diamond, such as a fan-shaped divergence on the hour ring, is precisely cut to match each other. Triangle. The gem setting process alone took about 150 hours to complete the setting of 277 diamonds totaling approximately 49.7 carats. Piaget’s enthusiasm for creative and jewellery production is obtained through the dazzling light and air sense inspired by this uniquely limited jewellery watch, and the slimness of the ultra-thin 40P mechanical hand-winding movement equipped with it that drives the hour and minute indicator The most vivid manifestation.

 At their own best, these five uniquely limited timepieces sing one of the greatest complete watchmakers in the history of horology: Piaget’s heroic epic. By multiplying their classic shapes with contemporary techniques, they have written a new chapter in the new era of legendary history. Their sincere differences are reflected in an original and unique timepiece that combines practical performance with aesthetic considerations, and fits the curves of men’s and women’s wrists comfortably. The tradition, boldness, aesthetics and innovation inherent in them, and the unrestrained creative imagination will undoubtedly catalyze more creative fruits in the future.

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