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In today’s era, what is the hottest watch? Of course, it is a sports watch. Although most of the sports watches are goods, they are not really suitable for sports wear, but for sports, there are still many enhancements in water resistance, wearability, time readability, etc., so sports Tables have a more practical meaning. Last year, in order to pay tribute to the brand’s 225th anniversary, Girard Perregaux relaunched the Laureato series. Regardless of Girard Perregaux’s positioning on it, at least we can feel a strong sense of movement. This year, Girard Perregaux created its original series and became one of Girard Perregaux’s most popular products.

   When Laureato was launched, of course, the sound of doubt exceeded its affirmation, because of its octagonal shell shape, the connection between the strap and the lugs, and the style of the bracelet, all lively with Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Parrot. The snail has similarities at a glance, and the latter two are the masterpieces of today’s hot top sports watches. However, Laureato is indeed not a plagiarism. Girard Perregaux launched this watch more than 40 years ago, but later the brand’s operating direction changed and it changed hands several times, so this series was broken.

   This re-launch is of course impossible like the brand said, just to pay tribute, everyone knows that the sports watch market is now hot, and Girard Perregaux suffers from the fact that there is no sports-style watch that can be worn everyday. This time series. Girard Perregaux had a professional sports watch before that, which was the Sea Eagle series, but that watch was very professional, the shape of the watch was weird, big and thick, so it was not suitable for daily wear. In the past two years, this series No new models have been released, which shows that Girard Perregaux has shifted the development of sports watches.

   So after understanding these backgrounds, I don’t think everyone will misread this watch. This watch should be said to bring a good choice to the luxury sports watch market, because its price is less than 100,000, much lower than the price of Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin’s sports watches, and at ten Wannei’s sports watch brands are nothing more than Rolex, Omega, IWC, Panerai, etc., from the perspective of luxury, Girard Perregaux is positioned higher than them, although the popularity is not.


   So we can come to such a conclusion, in fashionable words, it is a ‘dimensional reduction attack’. So it is not difficult for us to understand that although it is a steel model, the degree of luxury of decoration and craftsmanship has not fallen, an advantage of decorating this watch. We can see that the case is finely crafted, and the dial is very detailed, including three-dimensional scales and hands, and sharp edges and corners.

Octagonal bezel

   Let’s take a look at some details. The case is stainless steel, because it is a sports style, so the brushing is done more, and it looks more practical. The shell type of the middle case is also a very common type. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and IWC engineers are all this type of case. The octagonal bezel has a round lining attached to the bottom, so it has its own distinctive style.

   The dial is a Paris nail design, very beautiful, the hands and scales are polished, so the three-dimensional impression of the dial is very strong, plus the scale and hour and minute hands, and there is a luminous coating, so as a three-pin model, it With a bit of functionality. These are combined to make it more sporty, but also with some Sven, so it can be used for daily and leisure wear.

   The connection between the strap and the case is basically the same as that of the Patek Philippe Nautilus belt. The advantage of this structure is that the leather strap has high flexibility and is more convenient and comfortable to wear.

   The reason why it is a sporty watch is that it uses a leather strap and pin buckle after all. From the style point of view, it is still elegant, but it is close to the sporty style.

   Turning over the back, it is equipped with Girard Perregaux’s classic self-winding basic movement GP03300, which provides 46 hours of dynamic storage. Girard Perregaux movement has always been exquisite, very beautiful, the details are very beautiful, and it is very pleasing to the eye. This is what distinguishes it from luxury sports watches of the same price. It is more luxurious. However, due to the back coating, there will be some visual impacts, and the real thing is very exquisite.

Summary: Girard Perregaux Laureato is a very exquisite sports-style watch. At a price of less than 100,000, it obviously has great advantages in positioning and craftsmanship. From the perspective of daily wear, It is also very characteristic and very prominent. It is a good daily tool watch.

Updated: 27. April 2021 — 9:25
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