Angelababy, Liu Qingyun, And Zhang Jiahui At Montblanc 2013 Hong Kong Watch Fair

From September 25th to 28th, 2013, the 2013 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair presented a feast of horological art for the connoisseurs of high-end watches in Asia. 13 European classic watch brands Hong Kong showcases a series of forefront, rarest and most sought after works in the watch industry. In order to make this watch event even more exciting, Montblanc, the international top brand, has specially designed a personalized experience link, showing its sophisticated watchmaking craftsmanship to visitors at close range, and igniting the infinite imagination of watch collectors and lovers. Passion. To celebrate the successful opening of the 2013 “Watches and Miracles” Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, Montblanc held a special celebration event on September 26 (Thursday), and invited three special guests of great significance, including the two movie stars Liu Qingyun, Zhang Jiahui and famous artists Angelababy was dressed up for a simple and solemn toast with the CEO of Montblanc International, Jérome Lambert, and congratulated Montblanc for its dazzling light at the watch fair.

 (From left to right) Famous movie star Liu Qingyun, famous artist Angelabady, Montblanc International CEO Jérome Lambert (Jerome Lambert), famous film star Zhang Jiahui and Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard (Honald) attended the 2013 “Watches and Miracles” Montblanc Montblanc Celebration

 Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series Tourbillon Chronograph

 At the celebration, the three special guests each wore the latest Montblanc watch that matched their personal characteristics, and shared their views on the core values ​​of creativity, art and time with the guests. The film emperor Liu Qingyun wears the extraordinary new work that debuted at this exhibition, Montblanc Villeret 1858 series external tourbillon chronograph watch, he said that an excellent actor often needs a lot of creativity to perform each role, Like his watch, this watch is a masterpiece of a variety of advanced watch technology: different from the traditional tourbillon structure, using a large independent screw balance that is not tied to the tourbillon frame; it is no longer a single timing function It adopts double-column wheel and double-clamp structure to realize the function of chasing hands; unlike the dial of conventional materials, it is made of solid gold and big fire enamel. This masterpiece of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship uses an 18K white gold case, a standardized dial design, and a 24-hour second time zone function for day / night display. This watch is preciously limited to 18 pieces worldwide.

 Montblanc Star Collection Special Carpe Diem Full Calendar

 In addition to the Villeret 1858 series external tourbillon chronograph watch, the Villeret 1858 series classic small three-pin ladies watch of the same series also perfectly presented Angelababy’s charming and beautiful beauty in front of guests. Feminine dial with full bezel and Montblanc hexagonal diamond on the crown. In addition, the outer edge is set with 38 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.11 carats. It weighs 0.93 carats and is as radiant as Angelababy. In addition, Angelababy also shared her values ​​for time. Angelababy, who is faced with a lot of work every day, reminds himself to devote himself to every job. Because of his limited youth, he must cherish every moment, live in the moment, and seize the opportunity. This value is in line with Montblanc’s new “Carpe Diem” full-calendar watch design concept introduced at the 2013 “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition, showing the preciousness of time with outstanding Swiss watchmaking quality; through slenderness The continuous rotation of the red second hand allows us to appreciate the multifaceted and priceless nature of time.

 Montblanc Nicholas Kays day and night chronograph

   Another film actress Zhang Jiahui put on his Montblanc Nicholas Kies circus chronograph to share his passion for art creation with the guests. Zhang Jiahui’s enthusiasm and investment in the film are obvious to all. He devoted his time and spirit to his breakthrough in the interpretation of his career, just like Montblanc’s passion for artistic creation, absorbing the first watchmaking master Nicholas Keyes who obtained a patent for the timer technology 190 years ago Inspired by the design of the dual-turntable timer, it developed its own movement, Nicolas Rieussec, and followed the first patented chronograph design, which made Montblanc a major breakthrough in watchmaking.

 Montblanc also specially designed a stage performance at this watch exhibition to show Montblanc’s unique watchmaking skills and brand story. It uses various forms of music, film, visual art and live performances to explain the artistic connotation of handmade skills and fine watchmaking, so that visitors are immersed in the fascinating sensory stimulation. The performance is divided into three acts, including cherishing time , Capture passion, and promote creativity. For collectors and enthusiasts of haute horlogerie, this is not only the enjoyment of sight and hearing, but also the touch of the soul. The ticking sound of every minute and every second of the handmade clockwork full of artistic sense and originality shocked their hearts.

Updated: 6. March 2021 — 9:27
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