Basel Watch Fair Day 3 Certina Dealer Advances 36%

As the ‘Oscar in Luxury’, the Basel Watch Fair has entered its third day and is gradually getting better. Compared to last year’s light, the first two days of this year, the brands have been busy I am very happy, but they are also very clear that there will be important customers from around the world coming these days. Among them, we Chinese may be the main force.
I’m talking about China all the time
‘Last year due to the financial crisis, fewer people came to Basel, and dealers generally came less and less, such as 1 or 2 people, but this year there has been a significant recovery. Some mighty people came to this group, with 10 more personal. ‘The CEO of Hublot acknowledges that this recovery is very positive for the entire watch industry. Fang Yan, vice president of Certina China, said that official dealer appointments this year were 36% higher than last year.
Zhen Lishi brand manager Wan Beibei told us that now the whole field is talking about China, which has almost become the topic of everyone’s attention. Oris has even set up a reception area for Chinese guests in the pavilion this year, and even the room number is the ’18’ number we like. Of course, Certina is even more thoughtful, and even has a conference hall in a nearby Swiss hotel that serves Chinese food and specializes in receiving customers from China.
In the Hamilton pavilion, as soon as we entered the reception room, the global CEO followed suit and asked if we had prepared a drink for us. ‘The boss is certainly enthusiastic about Chinese guests, including you. In the past few days, in order to receive the head of Xinyu Group, our distributor in the Chinese market, our three big bosses, the president, the product director and the sales director, pushed off nearly 10 meetings in the morning. It is only the Chinese dealers that can make 3 bosses appear together. ‘Rui Ning Zhu, director of marketing at Hamilton, said,’ Xinyu’s order has doubled compared to last year, and the boss has also planned to make China the number one market in the world. When US sales began to fall, the Chinese market grew by 70% last year. & rdquo;
New tailor made for China
Almost all foreigners know that it is important to understand the tastes of the Chinese. ‘The Chinese favorite is a simple and clean, small three-pin small calendar, but it must be special in details. & rdquo; Bao Qiang, manager of Frederique Constant brand.
I saw that at the scene as long as I saw the ‘look’, I could basically understand that it was born for China.
Ld & ldquo; In the design of watches this year, we are all looking for things that can reflect the brand’s characteristics and also reflect the needs of the Chinese. & rdquo; This is feedback from Zenith.
Certina’s ‘Carmen Series’ is displayed in a special cabinet, which is completely new for China. & ldquo; Simple, the dial is less than 40mm, not too thick, and the Chinese like mechanical watches, so we add a large number of mechanical watches, in order to succeed in China, we must understand our customers. & rdquo; said Fang Yan, vice president of Certina China.
Similarly, Baumann also launched mechanical watches for the Chinese market this year. After Hamilton tasted the sweetness in China last year, he specially tailored 6 series for China this year and vigorously seized the market.

Updated: 7. May 2015 — 14:30
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