Changhai Sangtian Classic Unchanged

Classic is the Birkin bag of Hermès. No matter which class of girls want to carry it on the streets of the Champs Elysees; classic is the Trench trench coat of Burberry, regardless of age Men will want to wear it in a hastily crossing the Tokyo’s ten-foot intersection; the classic is Christian Louboutin’s ‘red-soled shoes’. The touch of red underfoot seems to have a special magical charm; the classic is Mont Blanc’s pen , Writing a timeless time … The classic is always imitated, but never surpassed.

   The classic is still a tiresome ‘Roman Holiday’, a sexy photo of Marilyn Monroe, a ‘Reappearance of Yesterday’ sung by a Carpenter band, a MINI copper that has been passed down for half a century British car … Classic has a different interpretation for everyone, just like Emile Chouriet, the founder of Swiss Amy Long watch, inherited the original ‘wing of time’ design. Despite the passing of time and the many vicissitudes of life, what is displayed in front of the world today is the classic heritage of Amy Long’s charm. Bits of precise details make it buckle into people’s wrists with its own luxury.

   Amyron’s ‘Contemporary Luxury’ series models are grand and magnificent. The barrel-shaped appearance highlights the nobility, and retains Amyron’s streamlined wing design, just like an eagle soaring with wings. Barrel type, brand DNA time wing lugs, Roman numerals, Gothic church window dial and elegant blue steel hands …. This ‘contemporary luxury’ series of watches interprets Amy with its classic shape The charm of dragon watches.

   The opening of the connection of the shell belt breaks the dull style and dynamic vitality of the traditional barrel-shaped watch. The delicate texture of the dial and the barrel-shaped design perfectly blend together, showing the charm of a classical European palace, where the Renaissance civilization and the aristocracy’s grace and luxury meet here, and luxury condenses here. The entire watch exudes the luxury of a Geneva timepiece, steady but not dull, and fashionable but not frivolous. Centennial classics condense here, and contemporary luxury is here!

   The significance of the classic lies in the constant blooming of charm, which not only carries the ideology of gorgeousness, luxury and loyalty, leaving people with more conservation in memory.

Updated: 19. February 2021 — 8:07
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