Full Of Temperament Recommended For Fashion Quartz Ladies Watch

Wearing a watch can leave a better impression on others and make people feel that you are a person with a sense of time. Women wearing watches can also play a role in showing temperament.
Orient ORIENT Fashion Quartz Women’s Watch SUT0E005W0
Applicable people: fashion playful girls
Reference price: 1189 yuan Oriental ORIENT fashion quartz series women’s watch SUT0E005W0
SUT0E005W0 is a Swiss quartz watch with a water resistance of 30 meters. The size of the dial is about 35mm in diameter (32mm in pure glass) and 8mm in thickness. The case is made of rose gold-plated steel, and the mirror is made of crystal glass. The strap is made of leather with a length of 231mm and a pin buckle type.
Oriental ORIENT Fashion Quartz Women’s Watch SUT0E005W0
The watch should be worn for 48 hours for the first time, and then be worn for more than 8 hours each day afterwards, otherwise the lack of energy will cause it to stop at night. Avoid placing the watch in extreme environments or near items with strong magnetic forces. Of course, violent impact is also not allowed. Also, it is recommended not to wear a watch for bathing, because any watch is only waterproof and not resistant to steam, even for diving watches. And check the watch regularly every 2-3 years, or check the watch at the same time when replacing the battery.
Tissot TISSOT fashion series quartz female watch T007.309.11.116.00
Applicable people: mature and attractive women
Reference price: 3680 yuan
Tissot Quartz Women’s Watch T007.309.11.116.00
Tissot’s quartz female watch with a water resistance of 30 meters can show the mature charm of a woman to the extreme. The white mother-of-pearl dial with a sapphire crystal glass is magnificent. The case made of stainless steel is only 6mm thick, and the strap uses a silver steel chain material with a folding buckle clasp.
Tissot Quartz Women’s Watch T007.309.11.116.00
Tissot this female watch is the same as the previous model is a quartz female watch, then they need to pay attention to the matter is of course no different. Pay attention to it when you wear it, and nothing bad will happen. After all, an excellent watch is still ‘skinny’. In particular, if there is a protective sheet or label attached to the back of the watch, please remove them before use, otherwise sweat will seep into the backing paper and cause the back of the watch to rust.