Hi-tech Modern Breath Watch Two Tissot Touch Screen Watches Appreciate

Nowadays the unprecedented development of watch technology, how to meet the habits of modern people has become an urgent problem. Tissot owns a magical series of watches. This series of watches uses rare titanium to build the case. At the same time, the touch screen function of the watch is realized through high technology, which greatly facilitates people’s lifestyle, especially in the ‘smart era’. Today we will enjoy two Tissot touchscreen watches together.
 Tissot T-TOUCH EXPERT Stainless Steel T013.420.17.011.00 watch

 Tissot Touchscreen Men’s Watch T013.420.17.011.00 The dial is made of synthetic carbon fiber with a black rubber strap. The pure white dial is embellished with red bar scales and black square scales. In the process of climbing, no matter what extreme environment you encounter, with just a touch, it can provide you with vital and accurate information: weather forecast, altitude, temperature, direction … its rough shape, highlights With the adventure spirit of adventure lovers, professional function design is the best companion for adventure lovers.
 Watch details reference: Tissot Touch Collection T013.420.46.207.00 watch
 The design is inspired by the cockpit dashboard of the aircraft. The titanium bezel is engraved with a full compass bearing scale. On the black carbon fiber dial, the combination of sword-shaped hands, Arabic numerals, and the bar is clear and easy to read. The 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock scales are replaced by red and green bold hollowed out arrows, which are also consistent with the design on the aircraft dashboard. Touching the sapphire crystal glass, you can activate 11 unique touch screen functions, including altimeter, weather forecast and countdown. The cool brown belt model uses the same color lines on both sides to create a fabric feel. The overall design is masculine.
 Watch details reference: Summary: these two Tissot new model watches are refreshing, the use is also a new experience, greatly improving people’s awareness of new watches. This is not only a simple lifestyle, but also an innovation and promotion of the traditional watch market.

Updated: 18. February 2021 — 14:49
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