Hong Kong Christie’s Watch Auction Totals 168 Million Hong Kong Dollars

On May 30, Christie’s Hong Kong’s ‘Exquisite Watches’ Spring Sale successfully achieved a total turnover of HK $ 168 million, becoming the highest watch auction in Asia so far.
Christie’s watch auction in Hong Kong
    Sam Hines, Christie’s head of watches and clocks in Asia, said: “The total turnover of the Hong Kong Christie’s“ Famous Watches ”spring auction was HK $ 168 million, with a transaction rate of 89% in terms of items, and 92% in terms of value. 53% The transaction price is higher than the highest estimate before the auction.
Patek Philippe Ref.-2481
    Among them, one lot sold for more than HK $ 10 million; two lots sold for more than HK $ 5 million; 41 lots sold for more than one million Hong Kong dollars. This season, nearly 1,000 watch collectors from 40 countries around the world are bidding fiercely by telephone, in writing, online, and on-site. Among them, online buyers from more than 30 countries participated in the auction through Christie’s real-time online bidding service, Christie’s LIVE ™. The top ten sold lots fell into the hands of nine private collectors from eight countries. So far, Christie’s has achieved a total turnover of US $ 54 million in the spring auctions of ‘fine watches’ in Geneva and Hong Kong.
Frank Muller
    The auctions of the three private collections performed well, with a total turnover of HK $ 38 million. This season’s remarkable performance once again reflects the depth of the luxury watch market and its continuous growth potential, and also allows us to witness the increasing appreciation of collectors and their thirst for rare and precious products. We look forward to the last spring watch of the year at Christie’s New York on June 13. ‘