I Bought Piaget’s First Steel Watch

My impression of the count comes mainly from two things. One is that there has always been a popular phrase called ‘Earl Male and Earl Chopard.’ It is said that the source of this sentence is that the diamond watch was the standard for the rich in the past. To be exquisite, coupled with the name Earl is very stylish, so Earl Dai is popular. The second is that the famous watch collector Dr. Wu, who was very fond of Piaget, bought a lot of Piaget watches and left a deep impression on me. So, under the influence of these two things, when I encountered this limited edition of Earl POLO S, I immediately bought it.

Piaget POLO S Limited Edition
The new POLO S is Piaget’s first steel watch.

   The earl is a brand that has always only made gold watches. For a long time, the earl only produced gold watches. Later, Piaget also began to use materials other than K gold on the sports watch POLO, but at that time Piaget still did not use stainless steel, but instead made a POLO with a titanium case. Prior to this, Piaget had no steel watch. Until the first two years (2016), Piaget finally made its first steel watch, POLO S.
   Piaget has never had a steel watch before, so the starting price of Piaget watches is relatively high, the price of gold watches is tens of thousands of dollars, the price of the three-pin POLO titanium case is 100,000, the threshold is relatively high. Now that Piaget has a steel case of POLO S, the public price has finally decreased. The public price of the steel case steel chain POLO S is 75500, and the steel case belt version price is 64000. I now have a limited edition public price of 71500, which is easier than before.

Steel case POLO S (top) and titanium case POLO (bottom)
   The most special feature of Piaget’s new POLO S is its case shape. This round and square shape is unusual. The brothers who are familiar with the earl can actually see that the shell shape of the earl POLO S has evolved from the earl-shaped emperor pillow, which is the unique shape of the earl. In fact, the case of POLO S is round, the middle dial is similar to a square, with a size of 42 mm and a thickness of 9.4 mm. Some people also think that this watch is a bit like the Nautilus and Grenade of PP, very recognizable.

Steel case POLO S
   The details of the Piaget POLO S case are delicate. Polishing and brushing alternately. The bezel is brushed, and the limited edition is also black plated (using ADLC carbon coating technology). The edges of the bezel, the front of the case, and the lugs are polished, and the sides of the case are brushed. A large amount of brushing on the watch head is a consistent practice of sports watches. The polishing in the middle can enhance the luxury of sports watches. It should be noted here that the watch with ADLC black coating should pay attention to bumping, which easily leaves marks on the black plating, exposing the underlying steel (although black plating can make up). Piaget POLO S has three stripes on the dial surface. Stripe is the consistent decoration method of Piaget. In the early POLO, it was decorated with stripes. Piaget POLO S’s second hand is very special. The end of the second hand has a diamond-shaped cutout and a letter P inside, which is very delicate. In addition, the limited-edition second hand has a red tip for added sportiness. Piaget POLO S’s hands and three-dimensional hour markers have luminous on it, and it has also been polished at multiple angles, and it flashes in the light.

The limited-edition POLO S bezel is made of ADLC black and comes with tape or HNA canvas strap, which is cool.
   1110P automatic winding movement used by Piaget POLO S. The condition of this movement was mentioned before when we wrote the 56th and 3rd pins of the Vacheron Constantin steel case. Piaget POLO S’s 1110P movement, Vacheron Constantin’s 56th junior 1326 movement, is the same technical basis. It is a movement developed in the Richemont group where Piaget and Vacheron Constantin are located. It is produced by the ValFleurier movement factory and is wound with a double spring and a magic rod. Then according to the different needs of Earl, Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis, Cartier and other brands, each brand is decorated and improved by itself. The specific situation of the Piaget version of the 1110P movement is 25.85 mm, 4 mm thick. The Piaget uses a circular Geneva stripe decoration and baked blue screws, with fast and slow needles, swing frequency 28800, about 50 hours of dynamic storage, gray automatic engraved Piaget Shield lion logo. We can see that although the Piaget 1110P and Vacheron Constantin 1326 have the same movement technology, the decoration and technical details are completely different. At the same time, the Piaget version of the 1110P is thinner than the Vacheron Constantin version 1326. We know that many luxury watches like Piaget and Vacheron Constantin are not certified by the Observatory. But from the actual time of wearing the watch, it is also very accurate.

The 1110P self-winding movement used by Piaget POLO S. The sibling model of this movement is also used by watches such as Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis and Cartier.
   This limited edition is limited to 888, this is only the 39th.

Having said the specifics above, here are some of my feelings.

   To be honest, I am slow to this earl. When I first saw this watch, it looked like a circle and a square, and it was not accepted at first sight. But after I got started, I suddenly felt good-looking and easy to wear. The first is the size of 42 mm, which is very suitable. In addition, this watch is relatively thin and feels good to wear. The special shell shape of Piaget POLO S is very good to look at, including the special shapes such as nautilus, grenade and royal oak.

From top to bottom, Vacheron Constantin stretches across the sea, Earl POLO S, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

   For the watch of Earl POLO S, I also looked at the views of some other players. In foreign countries, some people have compared the counts of Earl POLO S and Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. These watches are considered to be the most typical luxury sports watches. If we compare them, we can find that watches such as Rolex Water Ghost, Omega Seahorse, Blancpain 50 噚, and IWC are professional diving watches and professional flying watches. Water-resistant to 300 meters and 600 meters, anti-magnetic, very durable. However, we can also see that watches like Piaget POLO S, Nautilus, regular version of Royal Oak, and vertical and horizontal seawater are about 100 meters waterproof, and do not have the performance of professional diving watches. Piaget POLO S, Nautilus, Regular Edition Royal Oak, Vertical and Horizontal These watches have the style of sports watches, but more attention is paid to the fineness, luxury and design of the watch. In other words, water ghosts and hippocampals are more inclined to watch watches, while imperial oak, nautilus and POLO are more inclined to luxury watches. They are indeed different.

Piaget belt version POLO S (top) and limited edition tape POLO S (bottom)
   Piaget makes watches and also jewelry, but everyone knows that Piaget’s accomplishments and positioning on watches are relatively high. This time, the public price of Piaget’s steel case POLO S is only about 70,000. Considering the actual situation when buying watches , Discounts, exchange rates, etc., brothers who have never played Piaget before, can take this feeling.

Updated: 5. November 2013 — 23:44
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