Jaquet Drozthanks Without Limits

Mother love is a great hymn to bear the time of life. The warmth of May, which is warmed by the spring breeze, also welcomes the most beautiful festival in the world-Mother’s Day. The fascinating charm of watches is that the invisible and invisible shadows stop the years and settle the pulse of tenderness. Just like what a mother means to her children, the blood-soluble love will not fade away at any time.

 The white horse travels through the ages without change and has nearly three centuries of historical JAQUET DROZ. In 1785, it first created the Grande Seconde concept of the large second hand, interpreting the passage of time in a new way and becoming a brand classic. The dial design is inspired by the number 8. On the same dial, the hour and minute display eccentrically set at 12 o’clock, and the second dial set at 6 o’clock hug: perfectly fit the aesthetic idea of ​​JAQUET DROZ’s poetic avant-garde. The intertwined inner dial, like the true and endless love between mother and child, embracing and relying on each other is the permanent spiritual pillar of the other party. The number 8 also contains the meaning of ‘∞’, just like the great continuation of the life that mothers give their children, creating the eternity of affection. The time is flowing, but the tenderness is precipitated. On this special festival, JAQUET DROZ is grateful to his wrist with his unending eternal symbol, and is a gift to every great mother.

Grande Seconde Circled

 For more than 200 years, the JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde series has fulfilled an eternal promise with its elegance and elegance. The JAQUET DROZ gold ring inlaid large seconds watch with diamonds, its gems are dazzling under the light, exposing superb jewelry setting technology. The art of timing makes the noble and gorgeous under the glittering diamond. Make every woman who wears it feel happy. . The pure white mother-of-pearl dial is like the mother’s pure selfless love, condensing the ingenuity of JAQUET DROZ, like drawing the craziest painting on a blank canvas. Excellent craftsmanship combined with exquisite aesthetics, JAQUET DROZ gold ring inlaid large seconds hand watch with its graceful form gives the most affectionate record of time.

 The white mother-of-pearl faceplate shines pure purity, and the total weight of the inlaid diamond is 2.186 carats representing infinite thanks.

 Grande Seconde Ceramic Mother-of-Pearl

 JAQUET DROZ ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds watch once again shows the brand’s ability to continue to surpass itself in the production process. Behind the white and flawless rustic appearance is the essence of superb craftsmanship and innovative spirit. The ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds watch uses the classic pattern of JAQUET DROZ: the number 8. The case is made of extremely exquisite ceramic material, which is more modern. A pure white strap made of rubber is set with 4 diamonds, and the bright colors change with the change of light. The white mother-of-pearl dial exudes a rainbow of light, giving the wearer a refined elegance. No doubt a great choice for Mother’s Day.

 Ceramic mother-of-pearl large seconds watch is affectionate and elegant

Updated: 25. October 2020 — 0:54
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