New Material New Design Sihh 2019 Athens Watch New Product Summary

Innovation is the spirit of Athens Watch. The brand has taken the lead in applying silicon materials to lead the industry trend. At the Geneva Watch Fair 2019, Athens Watch brings new surprises to fans-introducing carbon anion materials in the field of aeronautical engineering into advanced watchmaking, giving the X series a unique charm; at the same time focusing on the FREAK Whimsical Series, it is equipped with a watch for the first time The crown makes the watch easier to operate; in addition, the brand also cooperates with Miro Manaha to tell the moving story between human women and fantasy mermaids through the dial. Next, please follow us and learn about the new masterpiece of SIHH2019 Athens watch.

Athens Watch Hollow X Carbon Gold (3715-260 / CARB)


   This watch is unique in that it uses Carbonium® GOLD. The carbon-gold composite material is made of carbon fiber and gold particles. It is lightweight and has good sturdiness. The stunning marble texture and black and golden ripples blend together, showing the visual effect of flowing light, allowing every watch The case is even more unique. In addition, compared to the regular skeleton X watch, the watch is slightly larger than 1 mm in diameter.

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   The case is made of blue titanium, with sharp edges and corners, masculine lines, and more squareness, presenting a more modern appearance. The powerful and ‘transparent’ movement shows the three-dimensional structure of the movement, which is as charming as a heartbeat. The stylish blue and ethereal architecture arouses the desire for exploration.

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   Without compromising your durability or shock resistance, do your best to neatly remove as many parts as possible. This design blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, elevating the hollowing process to a whole new level. It adopts the geometric structure design of stacking structure. The X-shape formed by the time scales dwells inside the rectangular frame, and the rectangle is in the ring. Careful cutting and hollowing out, complicated decoration and manual polishing finally achieve the integration of inside and outside, and the borders.

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   The surface of the case made of carbon cation material is matte processed, which has an unparalleled lightness and stunning marble texture. Equipped with a crown for the first time, the time can be adjusted for easier operation. The use of carbocation materials also reflects the brand’s spirit of innovation. This material is completely made of next-generation carbon composite material, and it is also one of the strongest and most durable materials discovered by scientific research.

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   The round case decorated with curves has been newly designed, and its diameter has been reduced from 45 mm to 43 mm, making it more compact. The brand-made new flying Carrousel bar-shaped movement rotates around its own axis, no dial, no hands-the central bridge is used to indicate the minute hand, and a gear in the movement can be used to indicate the hour. The movement is still a flying Carrousel bar movement, which rotates 1 revolution per hour to show the time. In addition, the hour markers and Itabashi are decorated with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which makes the overall effect clearer.

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Athenaeum watch


   The Athens watch has a long history of making spring palace watches and is also a master expert in this field. Together with Miro Manaha, the brand tells ten unique and touching stories between human women and fantasy mermaids through masterpieces. Manaha created a total of ten works, and Athenian Watch reproduced them using micro-painting. The area of ​​the dial is only one tenth of the original watercolor. The drawing process of each dial takes about 50 hours.

   In order to fully display the Spring Palace scene in Manaha, the craftsman added a layer of lacquer coating on acrylic paint to highlight the light and shadow effect and noble temperament of his art works. This Miro Manaha special edition watch is made of shiny stainless steel or 5N rose gold material, each set of ten sets, a total of 200 limited editions.

   This series of watches is equipped with the UN-320 automatic movement and the brand’s silicon technology that has been mastered for decades. The dial only displays the hours and minutes to fully display the micro-painted patterns on the dial. The delicate design of the hands makes the painting an absolute highlight of the dial. The case of the ClassicoManara series watch is 40 mm in diameter and is equipped with a dark blue crocodile leather strap with Manaha’s intention.

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