Panarai History And Culture Exhibition And New Series Touring Exhibition Unveiled At Shanghai Ifc Center Station

Panerai held the Panerai History and Culture Exhibition and a new series of touring exhibitions in the atrium of the Shanghai International Finance Center. It aims to lead watch lovers to review the long history of Panerai and taste the unique Italian culture. A multifaceted presentation of Panerai’s new 2012 collection.
    Italian high-end watchmaker Panerai organizes a Panerai history and culture exhibition and a new series of touring exhibitions in the atrium of Shanghai IFC Center, which runs from October 11th to 15th, 2012, and aims to lead watch lovers to review Panerai’s long history , Taste Italy’s unique culture, and show Panerai’s new 2012 watch in many ways.
    Shanghai IFC is located on the Huangpu River. In September 2010, Panerai stores opened in Shanghai IFC. The exhibition is held in the atrium of this representative building. Through the historical wall against a black background, the ancient legend of Panerai is vividly presented, and the far-reaching and quiet ocean breathe. Stepping into the exhibition area, there are three areas, which show Panerai’s tireless research and considerable development in different areas of watches. The first exhibition area is the home-made movement exhibition area, and the exhibits are all watch series equipped with Panerai’s home-made movements. Visitors can appreciate the precision, accuracy and smoothness of the movement. Combined with the high-precision movement pictures behind the showcase, three-dimensional details of the watch are presented. All five homemade movements and their watches are displayed. Panerai’s full commitment and achievements in the development of movements. The most striking one is PAM00323, which has all the remarkable features of the Radiomir model, and is also equipped with the time and date display of the two places. The ultra-long 10-day power reserve is provided by the P.2003 Panerai-made movement source. The second exhibition area shows the outstanding achievements of Panerai’s innovative ideas in special materials. These include titanium, ceramics and 2012 new red gold from Panerai. This special alloy named 5Npt, in which the ratio of copper to platinum is much higher than that of ordinary alloys, creates a deeper color tone and has anti-oxidation effect. The connotation of elegance and nobility is perfectly interpreted by PAM00398.
    In the third zone, more new Panerai 2012 watches are on display. The semi-open display area offers watch enthusiasts a chance to see Panerai’s latest masterpieces up close. The dynamic images on the display loop circulate Panerai’s legendary historical story and the dynamic assembly picture of the movement, allowing visitors to better understand the history, growth and future development of the Italian brand of Panerai. The most surprising part of the exhibition area is PAM00389. Its case has a unique structure that comprehensively protects the watch from magnetic interference, making the antimagnetic ability eight times higher than the international standard of the Swiss watch industry.
After Shanghai Station, the tour will move to Taiyuan in mid-November and Jinan at the end of November.
Exhibition: Panerai History and Culture Exhibition and New Series Touring Exhibition
Venue: Atrium of Shanghai IFC
Location: No. 8 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai
Date: October 12-15, 2012 Time: 10: 00-22: 00