Parmigiani Tonda Series Gifts 2014 Father’s Day

If mother love is like flowing water, delicate and long, father love is more like the mountains of the mighty shore, deep and silent but extremely thick. For a long time, words that seemed too sensational did not seem to be suitable for direct speaking to his father. Then, on Father’s Day in 2014, Parmigiani’s Tonda series posted ‘core’ for you to express your gratitude, dependence, and love for your father.

Tonda 1950 elegant styling movement is ultra-thin PF701

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 returns to true interpretation of classics

 This Tonda 1950, named after the year of birth of the founder Michel Parmigiani (1950), is definitely a model of simplicity but not simplicity. At the same time, it has a high level of comfort and accurate time display performance. The small three-pin design reflects one of the classic elements of the watch. There are two kinds of dials: ‘graphite’ and ‘white with wood grain.’

 The Tonda 1950 watch is not only elegant in appearance, but its self-developed ultra-thin self-winding movement PF701 also incorporates Parmigiani’s exquisite high-end watch modification elements-very few brands can incorporate watch modification into such a small mechanical device. In the nickel-silver main plywood, sandblasted, round-finished and rhodium-plated. The bridge is sandblasted, frosted, or Geneva rippled, then manually chamfered, and finally rhodium-plated. At the same time, both sides of each gear have been eye-catching-chamfers, grooves and round finishes, and gold plated before cutting. PF701 has a diameter of 30mm and a thickness of only 2.6mm. It uses platinum 950 miniature eccentric automatic oscillating weight and can work continuously for 42 hours.

Tonda Hemispheres watches are practical, powerful and outstanding

Parmigiani Tonda Hemispheres warm and intimate, practical and innovative

 The small dial at 6 o’clock provides seconds and day and night display, a calendar window at 9 o’clock, a second time zone day and night display between 1 and 2 o’clock, and a second time zone time indicator at 12 o’clock. Every delicate component, every faceplate and window of the Parmigiani Tonda Hemispheres watch is silently expressed: even if it is separated from his father, it is never disconnected.

 Although its shape does not have the grace and luxury of gems or diamonds, it shows us another kind of calmness and quality with shiny stainless steel (also available in white and rose gold cases). As a world first, Parmigiani has adjusted minute accuracy in the second time zone, enabling watch wearers to achieve 8 destinations in the world that are half an hour or three quarters of an hour away from the standard time zone. Precise timing has made a breakthrough in clock technology. It is equipped with a completely self-produced PF337 self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of 50 hours and a hand-chamfered ‘Geneva Ripple’ bridge.

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