Radar Haoxing Series Watch Another Gift For Mothers

The annual festival of thanks to mothers is coming soon. No matter what age mothers are, if they want to present themselves with a gift, they will naturally recommend the latest Rado watch from Swiss Rado.

Immaculate-The Hot Mom’s Choice
 The pure dial with striking gold hands and scales, simple and elegant temperament, make the radar watch Haoxing series become the best choice for many fashionable hot moms. The date display function at the three o’clock position allows the stylish mother to accurately record every unforgettable warm day. The high-tech ceramic chain belt is comfortable and light to wear, and has the characteristics of never wearing. This watch is white and elegant, showing elegance, whether it is to wear a parent-child outfit for a dynamic party with a baby, or to enjoy a sweet afternoon tea in elegant outfits, the brilliance on the wrist will make the stylish hot mom a focal point.

Timeless Gold-The First Choice
 The innovative Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet innovative material of Swiss radar shows a charming gold color, and the texture and color of the metal show the toughness and ability of the wearer. Modern hot mom shuttles between a busy workplace and a warm family, although busy but not messy. The ceramic material will never wear, the golden luster will never fade, even if you are busy, you will not be stunned by the ornaments on your wrist. The smooth lines and elegant appearance perfectly interpret the mother’s soft middle band, which makes the hot mom shine like gold on the wrist at all times.

Accurate timing-the first choice for careful moms
 The design of the Swiss Rado Hao Xing series chronograph watch is eye-catching, and the dynamic appearance also has practical chronograph functions. The attentive hot moms take care of every process of the child’s growth, and they will naturally not miss the observation and record every classic moment of the child from babbling to toddler, and accurate timing becomes a good helper for the mother. What’s more worth mentioning is that this watch won the internationally renowned Good Design ™ design award for its stunning design, which perfectly demonstrates RADO’s dedication to design and its unremitting efforts for breakthrough innovation.

 The Haoxing series watches use a precision injection molding process to create an integrated (single structure) high-tech ceramic case, setting a new benchmark for the high-tech ceramics field. The Hao Xing series is famous for its elegant, smooth and bright design on both sides, which are inspired by the mysterious ring pattern surrounding Saturn. A watch that combines top technology and dynamic fashion, with different colors and functions, it perfectly meets the various needs of fashionable hot moms.

Updated: 28. February 2017 — 17:44
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