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Jane sir has a radar. I have worn it for more than 20 years. I checked it out and it was at least 95 new, with almost no old appearance. The strap of this radar case is ceramic. It is undeniable that this material is fragile, but its anti-scratch and anti-wear properties are also true. I believe that many people’s perception of the radar brand will start with ceramics. However, starting this year, I am afraid that I will have to change my mind slightly, because radar seems to have ‘knocked’ and made a fierce angle-Captain Cook, is a The most modern diving watch under this brand is a highly original work. Radar has always been a brand that is more in pursuit of modern design. Since the 1980s, the innovation of ceramics and other shell materials is the brand gene, but nowadays, almost any watch factory cannot ignore the appeal of retro style. So how to interpret modern and retro, so there is Captain Cook. It is said to be highly original, because similar designs on the market don’t seem to exist yet. Captain Cook has three diameter cases, combined with different colors and different straps, can provide consumers with more than ten choices. The three diameters are 37mm, 42mm, and 45mm. The first two are in line with most Asian wrists. There have been many articles introduced in China. This article will take a look at the largest one. The material is a scratch-resistant titanium alloy. The bezel design is very special. Inserting it inward, the overall vision is easy to focus on the simple main surface. The basic three-pin plus single calendar display function is good Luminous performance. At 12 o’clock is the iconic rotating radar anchor, a brand design detail that many people miss. The silver polished anchor under the background of the red circle can rotate freely under the effect of gravity, just like a small automaton. This kind of disk design that relies on gravity to produce different effects, I will think of Chopard’s happy diamond, but the radar anchor will not occupy the time reading space, just as a finishing touch, wonderful. The buckle is a butterfly buckle, which is easy to pick and wear. The back of the case is densely packed with an ETA C07.611 movement inside, which is actually an 80-hour movement, but it is named differently according to the brand (Tissot, Mido, Hamilton), but the radar is not added. ‘Powermatic’. The C07 movement is the exclusive self-produced movement of the Swatch Group, which is only used by internal brands. Based on the ETA 2824-2 movement, it has been upgraded and upgraded, and has some improvements in the original stability, such as the balance spring system upgrade, silicon balance spring The application of the material will make the travel more accurate. As for the vibration frequency, from 4Hz to 3Hz, I have asked such a question before-‘Does the higher the vibration frequency make it more accurate?’ The answer is ‘not exactly’. Find a balance between accuracy and durability, because frequency reduction can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the movement of the movement and delay the depletion of watch oil, prolong the later maintenance cycle, and save costs for consumers in the later maintenance. Captain Cook’s domestic public price range is between 15,000 and 20,000 in different sizes. Do you think it looks good? Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch

Updated: 21. September 2020 — 8:56
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