Romantic Does Not Die Tasting Cristoton Watch

What is Romantic? Romantic must be poetic, full of fantasy, and you know everything I say, and I have everything you want. A recently released movie, Romantique’s demise, tells the story of a big man in Shanghai during the Republic of China. Today’s story is not the story, but the romance. Did the romance really die? not at all. Romantic romance has continued to this day and will never fade away, just like insisting on creating classic and timeless celebrity watches. It has been passed down for centuries with elegance and romantic civilization. Romantic will not die, but only inheritance. (Today brings the tasting of the Crestton MOA10058 watch).

Romantique does not die, it will only pass on, and may change in the process of passing on, such as Swiss masterpieces that always adhere to ‘aestheticism’, many watches have become the perfect model. For a long time, Baume & Mercier watches have always adhered to their beliefs, constantly researched newer technologies, introduced new ones, and designed modern and elegant styles. This Baume & Mercier watch series brought to you today is a watch inherited from the Baume & Mercier 1950s.

1950s historical watch, Museum of Prestige, inspiration for the Crichton collection.

Inheritance of classics is common in all fields. This Baume & Mercier watch is inspired by a classic watch from Baume & Mercier in the 1950s. At the time, such timeless and elegant watches continued to emerge, known as the golden ten of watches. year. The Clifton series watches continue the essence of this era, and their styling and detailing reflect a strong urban style and retro charm, condensing precious time in life with a record of time.

The Baume & Mercier series has always been regarded as the best-looking and all-favorite series among all its collections. The design is simple, elegant and retro. Please forgive the aesthetics of a straight male cancer. This watch uses a simple three-pin design, 18K rose gold case, gold hands and hour markers on the 38.8 mm silver-white dial, which is particularly conspicuous, the watch’s elegant and refined interpretation.

    This watch is a full dress watch, made of 18K rose gold case, with a black alligator leather strap, coupled with the watch’s simple dial, full dress design, the main thing is that the thickness of the watch is 9.4 Millimeters, you can easily put the watch into the cuffs of the shirt, personally think that the thickness of the watch is more than 10 mm, then it can not be called a standard dress watch.

  The watch adopts two polishing processes: polishing and matte. No matter which method of polishing shows the luxury of 18K rose gold and the texture of precious metal, the edges and corners of the case are perfect, and the curvature of the lugs is naturally beautiful, which enhances the wrist. The beauty of the lines as a whole.

The bottom of the watch is a bottom-through design. Through the sapphire glass, we can see the internal movement of the watch. This watch is equipped with a SW 300 self-winding movement. Many people may not know about this movement. This movement is equivalent to the high-end ETA movement 2892. The accuracy and durability are still guaranteed. This watch has a full power reserve of 42 hours.

In summary: no matter whether it is romantic or other classic things, they will not die out, but will be passed down in different ways. This Baume & Mercier watch introduced today is a very successful case of inheriting classics. At present, this The domestic reference price of this watch is RMB 47,500. As an 18K rose gold watch, I personally think it is very affordable.

Updated: 1. November 2013 — 1:03
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