Shizhang Soft Red, You Are My Pure Blue Ocean

The clear breeze between the flowers and the stars at sea cannot reach each other’s true feelings. Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching. ORIS has selected two couples’ watches to brighten the tangram with bright colors and record the emotional moments of exclusive lovers.

ORIS Aquis Date Relief (left), ORIS Aquis Date Mint Version (right)

   The world is big, everyone has their own unique trajectory; the world is small, and thousands of trajectories can accidentally exchange countless stories. A pair of red men and green women interpreted with emotion in the story, compiling this ten feet of soft red world. Like the two watches from the Pride Time brand, one red and one green, cleverly matched and gorgeous colors tell the passion of love.

   ORIS Aquis Date Relief watch, the sun is like fire, is the best action. The red strap represents a passion that never fades, and the grey-black dial is the bold and firm heart of ‘he’. Under the dynamic appearance, it inherits the high-level diving watch manufacturing technology of Oris brand. The sturdy and wear-resistant sapphire mirror with stainless steel screw-in crown can reach a depth of 300 meters. ORIS Aquis Date Mint Version watch, gentle and pleasant, is a careful recorder. The gradient mint green dial and gray tungsten bezel show her freshness and generosity, and she is also a high-performance professional diving watch. Red men and green women, complementary to each other, are a trivial trajectory in the flower world, making a unique love story.

ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III (left), ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition (right)

   In the complex world, there are always disturbances. A right person will become the pure blue sea at the bottom of the heart, and a place to live in the chaotic world. Like the ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition watches, the gentle aqua blue dial seems to have magical power, which can instantly calm the anxious mood, just like when he / she brings with him That sense of security. The encounter of two professional diving watches is like a pair of gentle but powerful lovers, without words, but always providing warm support to each other.

   What’s even more valuable is the meaning behind these two limited edition watches: marine protection. ORIS Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III is a public limited edition watch launched by ORIS and the Coral Remediation Foundation. Its bottom cover is engraved with coral plants and Southern Cross, recording the power of each buyer for marine protection. . ORIS Clean Ocean Limited Edition is a collaboration between the Oris brand and the Pacific Garbage Screening Program. The organization is committed to using technology to recover and reuse marine waste. The bottom of the limited-edition watch is inlaid with recovered marine plastic waste. The pressed plastic plate is unique and far-reaching. Oris believes that guarding the blue is guarding pure truth and sincerity.
   The world is three thousand, ten feet soft and red. Meeting is an ordinary encounter, and it also makes a pair of complementary lovers. They disturb each other, everything in the world, and love is an ordinary story, but in the end it has become a faithful and pure dependence on each other. The Qixi Festival is coming, Oris would like to have a lover in the world, to accompany each other, to keep true.