Swatch Presents Awards To Art Utopian Designers At The 2016 International Talent Support Creative Contest

ITS works of art are the main competition category of ‘International Talents Support Creative Contest’ (ITS). Italy-based Trieste’s ITS invites emerging designers from around the world to compete for awards in four categories: fashion, jewelry, accessories and art. The Swiss watch maker Swatch has partnered with ITS to create the ITS Art Competition, which seeks to discover pure artistic creativity. At the invitation of Swatch, the 10 final candidates selected at the beginning of this year need to express their personal “art utopia” ideas with artistic works, and apply colorful Swatch watch elements such as watch heads, straps, Buckle and dial.

   The finals held in Trieste this year included fashion shows, impromptu performances and award-giving ceremony full of suspense. The climaxes were full of creative atmosphere. Young designers waited nervously and excitedly for the results after submitting their entries. Announced. Entries are novel and chic, or bright and bright, or talented, and have been highly evaluated by international media, VIPs and creative arts authorities. Finally, Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch Global Creative Director, announced the winners.

   The 2016 ITS Art Award was won by Italian player Marco Baitella. In addition to a € 10,000 prize, he also won the opportunity to exhibit special projects at ITS 2017. Carlo Giordanetti said: ‘Marco’s art works express his own personal story, covering the past, present and future, full of emotions, simple methods and modern style. His next challenge is to conquer again with new works on ITS next year we.’

   The Swatch award was won by Jana Zornik of Slovenia. Carlo Giordanetti said: ‘We chose Jana because her work shines courage and faith, is encouraging and fully explores the introspective theme. There is no doubt that she will bring interesting new ideas to Swatch’s creative team.’ Jana Zornik will win a € 10,000 prize and a six-month paid internship at the Swatch Creative Lab in Zurich, Switzerland.

   Due to the talents of the contestants, Swatch presented the third unexpected prize for the second consecutive year: Japanese artist Hazuki Katagai won the opportunity to work as a resident artist for three months at the Swatch Peace Art Center in Shanghai. Carlo Giordanetti said, ‘Hazuki has created an amazing world of fun and optimism, making people smile and laugh and be subdued by her ‘weapon of love.”

   Ten finalists of ‘ITS Art Works’ from 9 countries submitted works full of wisdom, creativity, wisdom and imagination. They are full of wit and humor, which are amazing. All 10 finalists went to Trieste to participate in the final. They are: Birute Mazelkaite (Lithuania); Cheng-Zong Yu (Taiwan); Chinami Tokizawa (Japan); Wenxin Lee (China); Han Kim (Korea); Hazuki Katagai (Japan); Sheila Pazos (Spain); Marco Baitella (Italy); Karan Torani (India) and Jana Zornik (Slovenia).

   In addition to Carlo Giordanetti and ITS founder Barbara Franchin, the judges of the 2016 ITS artwork competition included IKEA creative director Mats Nilsson; Italian architect and freelance writer Alessandra Laudati; Italian Evening Post fashion magazine editor Michele Ciavarella and Safilo Creative Director Nicola Bonaventura. Given the rich content and excellent quality of the finalists, the selection of only three winners is undoubtedly a difficult challenge for the jury.
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3 winners and their artwork

Marco Baitella (Italy)

Jana Zornik (Slovenia)

Hazuki Katagai (Japan)-

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