The 2016 French ‘rado Swiss Rado Star Creation Competition’ Glory Set Sail

In cooperation with Paris Design Week, RADO held the 2016 “RADO Swiss Rado Star-Star Contest” in France, and awarded the “prix du jury” and “Most Awards in two categories: ‘prix du public’. Young designer Elodie Rampazzo won the ‘Jury Award’ for his ‘Nomade’ desk series, while the ‘Most Popular Award’ was awarded to a work called ‘Cogoyo’ designed by Léa Baert. Baert is the fourth ‘Most Popular Award’ winner since the ‘RADO Swiss Rado Star Creation Competition’ was held in France.

 ‘Material is the starting point’

   Baert’s award-winning handmade bowls are the result of a collaboration with a number of Panamanian artisans, which combine multiple personal styles. The shape of the base was developed by Baert in collaboration with a potter from the village of Monagrio, and later reinterpreted by talc by an artisan from the Membrillo tribe. Two artisans weave fibers using a fan grill recovered from a colleague’s workshop. This is the first time that artisans have collaborated with neighbors to create a system to link stones and weave elements.

  ‘Material is the starting point of my research.’ Baert said, ‘By processing textiles and raw materials, I can create works of different shapes, volumes, and textures. This is my guiding method for product design and stage setting.’ —

Updated: 14. July 2021 — 3:53
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