The Goddesses In Men’s Hearts: Different Styles Lead Different Styles

The gorgeous female stars on the screen must be the goddesses in many men’s hearts. Liu Yifei, Gao Yuanyuan, charming and sexy Gong Li, Shu Qi, gentle and quiet Liya … Many goddesses are slowly becoming With some famous brand spokespersons, choosing the spokespersons that fit the brand concept from many stars is not achieved overnight, but is achieved through the fusion of the two. The so-called brand image ambassadors are hired or shaped by brand strategists, who can make people have a good impression of a certain brand by associating with their popularity, profession, image, personality, and character. These goddesses endorsing the watch brand have not only outstanding style, but also become the signature of contemporary fashion with their absolute feminine charm, leaving their unique marks in the streamer.
  Gong Li and Earl
  As everyone knows, Gong Li is the ambassador of Piaget’s global brand. The luxury of clocks and jewellery sets off her noble and elegant femininity. What the count counts is the unique spirit of the film star and Piaget’s pursuit of the ultimate tradition. Gong Li was the first Chinese female star to appear on Time Magazine and was highly praised for her performances in films such as ‘The Red Lantern Hangs High’ and ‘Farewell My Concubine’. She is still the only Chinese movie star who has won personal honors at the three major international film festivals. Noble temperament, unique personality and elegant demeanor, she will make a deep impression on the audience every time she plays.

  Like Piaget, Gong Li’s success stems not only from her natural talent, but also from her firm conviction and self-breakthrough in her career. The extreme attention to detail has also made her a stunning appearance on any occasion. ‘Movies are an important part of my life. I will do my best to show the passion of each character and the extreme attention to detail. I will experience the characters with my heart, integrate into the world of the film, and bring the best results. Earl The same is true-always facing the challenge and being a true pioneer in fine jewelry and watchmaking. ‘Gong Li said. Her unremitting passion for creation, her high standards, and her innovation in performances make her a perfect match with the jeweler Earl, who has more than 100 years of professional and technical tradition, continues to pursue innovation, and devotes herself to every piece of work. Gong Li’s pursuit of extreme perfection in her performance helped her create many exciting characters. Piaget’s extreme investment in superior technology and unique design has also brought a series of charming high-end jewelry works to Piaget.

  Piaget LimelightGala’s elegant and unique lug shape will also become Piaget’s most iconic product series. We expect LimelightGala to shine different brilliance on different women’s wrists.
  Shu Qi and Bulgari

  Founded in 1884, BVLGARI has become a classic symbol of eternal charm in the minds of many people. It not only represents the development history of Italian classic culture, but also an important chapter in the development history of the world’s top jewelry and watches. Bulgari, with a 130-year legendary history, constantly tells the world about its classic artistic legends with rich Italian aesthetics. Today, LVCEA once again demonstrates Bulgari’s creative magic of turning endless inspiration into a tangible gem, demonstrating Bulgari’s unique and bold style. This style of work will surely become another classic of Bulgari, continuing the beautiful legend of the charm brand from ancient Rome.

  Shu Qi went to Rome, Italy to shoot a promotional film with the theme of ‘light’. In the blockbuster, Shu Qi is either lazy and charming, or modern and sexy, or elegant and noble, and interprets modern women’s independence, courage, elegance, and confidence from different angles charm. Let’s enjoy the ‘Roman Holiday’ performed by the eternal goddess Shu Qi and Bulgari LVCEA together.

  The name LVCEA is derived from the combination of Italian ‘luce’ (‘light’) and Latin ‘lux’ (‘luxury’). This new watch series is inspired by the power of light and interpreted in the beauty of beauty. The rich and charming connotation of contemporary women-full of power, elegance, sensuality and energy. Its glittering round case symbolizes the passing of time, meaning the past and present are continually condensed. The bracelet is inspired by the Bulgari classic Serpenti serpentine series. The round dial and the architectural tension bracelet With a harmonious dazzling style. Inlaid with a clear gem on the crown is a signature feature of the LVCEA watch, showing in a subtle way another Bulgari identity-a fine jewelry manufacturer, on the other hand symbolizing the charming charm of women from the inside out. At the same time, it also highlights the brand origin of Bulgari originating from high jewelry.

  The path to fame of each female celebrity is difficult. Shu Qi has also been controversial, but Shu Qi used wisdom to slowly dilute those past deficiencies and show the glorious and sunny side to those who like it. Now she His acting skills, talents and achievements have been fully affirmed and appreciated by the public. Ms. Shu Qi, who talked about her personal charm, said at the event: ‘Bvlgari has always been a brand I personally love. What attracts me most to Bvlgari watches is the integration of jewellery design concepts, just like the new release today The same is true of LVCEA. And the concepts of ‘time’ and ‘light’ conveyed by LVCEA are also very much appreciated. For me, a beautiful watch can always light up the best time for a woman. ‘
  Zhao Wei and Jaeger-LeCoultre
  After more than a year of good cooperation, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Zhao Wei also reached a considerable tacit understanding. She constantly explores her personal development process and her spirit of “Reinventyourself” is highly consistent. In 2013, at the 180th anniversary of the brand’s founding, at the opening of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre announced that Zhao Wei had become the brand ambassador for her unique charm and pride in film and television. The result is a perfect endorsement of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s female product ‘Reinventyourself, passing time and exploring the true self’.

  The 71st Venice International Film Festival was held from August 27th to September 6th, 2014. Jaeger-LeCoultre Brand Ambassador Zhao Wei wore Jaeger-LeCoultredon Neva women’s silk chain snowflake inlaid double-sided flip watch at the opening red carpet. Bright diamonds set off Zhao Wei’s gorgeous costumes, beautiful.

  Julia and Bucherer
  During the just-concluded 2015 New York Fashion Week, the new domestic actress Lu Liya shot a set of modern and bright fashion films for Swiss century-old watch brand Carl F. Bucherer. With the new Bucherer-Bethys PATHOS series Diva watch, the charming power is released on the streets of New York. Independent style, infinite charm!

  A century-old Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer and the new Chinese actress Ms. Xun Liya joined hands in New York to make appearances at major fashion shows and shine in the fashion capital. In the lens, every minute and second brought by her agile Boucherer-Bettis Diva watch. Shuttle the bustling Fifth Avenue and walk the streets of Manhattan. Ms. Zuliya is truly extraordinary and unique, and perfectly interprets the PATHOS series of Bucherer-Bethys Poetry-with a sincere personality, a dream, and does not follow the flow.

 The new metropolis of Bucherer is the PATHOS series of women’s confession. The design is neat and the details are chic. The Bettich Diva watch, paired with rose gold and stainless steel, creates an elegant femininity, extending from the dial to the chain. The crown is intertwined with a beautifully decorated dial, rose gold indexes, Roman numerals and flash diamonds. The watch is meticulous inside and out, like New York this city is overflowing with brilliance.

  Gao Yuanyuan and Fiyta
  On September 10, 2014, New York time, Fiyta and Gao Yuanyuan attended New York International Fashion Week. In recent years, the American-style ‘simple style’ has swept the world. This time, Gao Yuanyuan also walked the major shows with the simple style of white clothes and black wide-leg pants. The Fiyta Heartstring watch has become the finishing touch on the goddess’ wrist. The low-key but dazzling black ceramic and stainless steel mechanical model makes the high-circle moment shine brightly.

  Abandoning complexity is the classic. Gao Yuanyuan is the only female actress invited by MK China to appear in the New York show, personally interpreting the classic black and white classic style, with a little urban romantic feeling in the atmosphere. The simple and capable white shirt is full of femininity; the black wide-leg pants are stylish without losing personality, and the intellectual beauty and sensual beauty are just right. However, in the glittering fashion week, clothing alone is not enough, accessories are eye-catching. Gao Yuanyuan’s heartstring watch series this time has become one of the mirror-enhancing tools to enhance the gas field. The deep black mother-of-pearl exudes a mysterious luster. The temperament introverted black ceramic strap is inlaid with natural zircon. Luxurious, looking forward to your posture on your wrist. Trends change all the time, and only style persists. The avenue is simple, and eternal.

 Gao Yuanyuan has always been the darling of the media in international fashion weeks, with her elegant and confident image of a light mature woman shining in front of the spotlight. After the 2012 Milan Fashion Week and the 2013 Paris Fashion Week, Gao Yuanyuan joined hands with Fiyta for the third time for a fashion appointment. She persists in pursuing her dreams and is willing to appreciate the beauty of life, which coincides with the aggressive philosophy and positive attitude of the Fiyta brand. And Gao Yuanyuan wears the Fiyta Heartstring watch, which is inspired by her spirit, and personally participated in the design of the watch series. Gao Yuanyuan has completed the heartstring series, and the heartstring series has also completed Gao Yuanyuan. Together, the two express the fashion trend of the streets of New York this year.

 Fiyta’s heartstring series LA8628.WBC watch, with a deep black mother-of-pearl dial, highlights the mystery of women; delicate phoenix pattern, gentle and elegant, exudes charming charm; the shell is like a human fingerprint, its uniqueness shows every The uniqueness and confidence of a woman. The stainless steel strap is matched with medium grain black ceramics and inlaid with zircon, highlighting the independent and capable temperament of women.

Summary: Once the bland neighbouring girls have become mature, the goddesses of different styles show us their different charms, either gorgeous, sexy, fresh or elegant, they all live. Out of his own life trajectory, continue to continue the gorgeous and wonderful life. Just like the brand’s spirit of continuous progress and progress, there is no best but only better on the pursuit of timepieces. Whether it is because the brand likes the spokesperson or because the brand likes the brand, it is a win-win situation. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Updated: 31. January 2021 — 23:04
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