The Reason Why Impressionism Is So Hot Is That It Depends On Huge Waves!

In 1853, the black ship of the United States passed through Japan, backed by strong force, forcing Japan to open its ports and cede the concession. After that, Japanese tea and fabrics began to flourish in the West. At that time, the packaging painting of the product, Ukiyo-e, began to cause a new wave in the Western art world.

   Ukiyo’s painting style is bold, the lines are free to use, and the overall expression is extremely strong. Especially, Wuying flat painting has inspired many western painters. Some of the avant-garde artists who wanted to break free from the shackles of realism, including the Impressionist humerus masters such as Manet, Monet, and Van Gogh, got countless artistic inspirations from it.

Katsushika Hokusai ‘Kanagawa Surfing’

   Among them, the ‘Kanagawa Surf’ in Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Sixty-six Views of Fuyue’ has the deepest impact.

Van Gogh Starry Night

   Van Gogh is probably the person most affected by this painting. He also named the ‘giant waves’ in this painting ‘Claw Waves’, and the swirling starry sky of his famous work ‘Starry Night’ was clearly affected by ‘Kanagawa’ Surfing.

Debussy Symphony Poem ‘Sea’ album cover

   The musician Debussy’s symphonic poem ‘The Sea’ (1905) made a musical interpretation of ‘Kanagawa Surfing’ and used ‘Kanagawa Surfing’ as the album cover. It can be seen that this classic print had an impact on the western art world at that time.

Now we let 3D ‘Big Wave’ surging on the wrist

   In 2016, to pay tribute to the great artistic achievements of Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Kanagawa Surfing’, the master of Blancpain’s ‘Art Studio’ used extraordinary techniques such as three-dimensional gold carving and red copper between square inches, performing on the wrist Ever-changing and lone wave watch with 3D visual perception. The giant waves are fleeting in all manners, showing a dazzling rich mood. Once launched at the 2016 Basel International Watch & Clock Fair, it shines brightly and is highly sought after.

Unique dial material-silver ocher

   Mexican silver ocher is known for its calming and calming effect. It is a translucent volcanic rock. Dense cloud-shaped silver dots are distributed on the stone body, and its mysterious color injects a unique elegant charm into the gemstone, making it an ideal material for Blancpain ‘masters of art’ to make new watches. This elegant stone is used as the basis for the white gold inlay of the new ‘Julang’ watch. In order to create this unique inlay shape, Blancpain also incorporates several other extraordinary craftsmanship that are very popular.

Extraordinary craftsmanship creates mysterious waves

   When making the dial, two extraordinary craftsmanship, gold carving and red copper, were used. First, use platinum to sculpt platinum into the shape of a giant wave, and then fix the platinum ‘giant wave’ to red copper (red copper is a copper alloy. It was first used by Blancpain in the Ganesha wrist in 2015. On the table. In the same year, this watch won the title of ‘Best Craft Watch’ at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award), and was then immersed in the 瀛 rokushō patina, after a magical chemical reaction, it was removed Red copper base, leaving only platinum inscriptions. At this time, the platinum carving not only has a unique green-gray color, but also forms a wonderful grainy appearance. At the same time, part of the spray is polished to enhance the texture of the giant waves when the frame is stopped. Finally, the entire piece is inlaid and fixed on the Mexican silver vermiculite. This series of steps perfectly creates the visual beauty of “seeing in motion”, which complements the mysterious dial with changing colors.

   On the dial, the waves carved by white gold tumble with patina. When the light and shadow float on the dial, the power and dynamic beauty of the surging waves and the changing light sense of silver ochre form a mysterious light and shadow change, which is the only worldly zone. A masterpiece of visual perception of dynamic waves.

More extreme movement

   Adhering to the spirit of paying attention to the innovation of the movement, the master watchmaker specially modified Blancpain’s famous Cal.13R0 manual winding movement to create a new 8-day long-power Cal.13R3A movement, and remove the calendar function, leaving the dial aesthetics Give more design space.

   And through the back can appreciate the stunning beauty of this movement, the ruby ​​bearing is inlaid with a gold sleeve, commonly known as ‘gold inlay.’

   The power reserve display of the watch is located on the bridge, leaving more space for exquisite carvings.

A model of value, a luxury top

   In terms of value, Blancpain has revolutionized the large diameter of craft watches to 42 mm, providing people with different size options, and using Blancpain’s classic “signature” double-layer bezel design and hollowed-out willow hands, It adds a lot to its beauty. The case is made of platinum, which is a luxurious top match.

   Blancpain also equipped this watch with a custom calf leather orphan strap made by Swiss craftsmen, which uses top calfskin. It takes one month from the beginning to the finished product, and the dark gray color is perfectly set off. The mysterious and elegant beauty of the watch.

   This masterpiece of art is unparalleled in the world. It can be called the painstaking work of the Blancpain Masters Studio. Its artistic achievements and watchmaking craftsmanship have brought shock and new thinking directions to the Swiss watchmaking industry and brought watch fans to the world Unparalleled aesthetic experience.

Updated: 9. November 2020 — 9:45
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