There Is A Collection Of Behavior Called Auction

Collectors who know something about watch brands may know that there used to be a classification method for watch brands in China. It divided different brands into different categories and divided them into a certain category. Different grades, for example, the well-known Rolex is listed as a first-class rank. In fact, this classification method has a deep historical imprint, because different times have different standards, and each watch factory may have ups and downs in different periods. Therefore, collectors should not simply believe in commercial rankings. , You can focus on today’s major auctions, where it is an important place to measure the popularity of a brand’s collection. According to many years of auction data, watches from Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, and Audemars Piguet not only frequently appear at major watch auctions, but the transaction prices of the auctions have almost maintained an upward trend. It is not difficult to find out that these brands have a long history, and they are mainly manufacturing expensive and limited number of mechanical watches. Therefore, they maintain a strong value preservation and appreciation strength in the auction market.

   Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, when the then Polish nobleman Antoine Norbert de Patek (1812-1877) established a watchmaking workshop in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1845, Mr. Patek and French watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe (1815-1894), the last names of the two founders eventually became the name of the Patek Philippe brand. At present, Patek Philippe is the only independent family-owned watch manufacturer in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, the top ten clocks with the highest auction prices in the world are all Patek Philippe products. The highest auction price was sold in April 2002 by the Antigoron auction house for $ 4,026,524. It is a serial number 1415. HU (calibre No. 929693, case No. 656462) World Time Function Table, manufactured in the 1930s. This watch is made of platinum. This watch is also the most expensive watch in the world.

   In 1755, Jean-Marc Vacheron (1731-1805) established a watchmaking studio in Geneva, Switzerland, and became the historical source of Vacheron Constantin. François Constantin ( (1788-1854) joined the watch factory in 1819 and was responsible for product sales. In 1877, the company officially named it ‘Vacheron & Constantin’, and it has since been called the Vacheron Constantin brand. For 250 years, this watch factory has never stopped producing clocks and has always followed the traditional spirit of watchmaking. The creation of its products has three main characteristics: creative design, top-level watchmaking technology and extremely detailed hand-crafted art.

   Breguet was founded in 1775 in Paris, France by a master watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet. His age was not only the golden age of watchmaking, but he also invented many patents related to watchmaking. For example: the automatic mechanical pocket watch developed in 1780; the reed mechanism of the minute repeater timepiece invented in 1783; and the Breguet-type hands and Breguet-type figures with a sense of design and hollow dots. Therefore, the style of Breguet has been gradually established from the beginning in terms of design and technological innovation. For more than 230 years, it has been favored by distinguished guests (Napoleon, Pushkin) and watch collectors, even modern watches. Trying to get inspiration from antique watches. Therefore, the Breguet watch is also recognized as the winning general in the auction.
   Audemars Piguet originated in 1875 when Jules-Louis Audemars (1851-1918) established a watchmaking workshop in Le Blassu, Switzerland, and later Edward-Auguste Pi Edward (Auguste Piguet, 1853-1919) joined the cooperation. On December 17, 1881, ‘Audemars, Piguet & Cie’ was formally established. Audemars Piguet focuses on the production of mechanical watches with complex functions. For example, the world’s first watch with the minute repeater function is from this company. Today, Audemars Piguet’s multifunctional watches are also the main force in the auction market.
   In short, if a brand wants to become an evergreen at an auction, it must not only have a deep historical accumulation, but also depend on whether the brand has adopted a low-volume and high-price product model from the beginning and its customer positioning. It’s important to say that the heroes did n’t mention the bravery of the year, but it’s not enough that the early works are outstanding. Whether the brand is advancing with the times, using the most advanced watchmaking technology, and integrating the most exquisite craftsmanship is also very important .

Updated: 19. May 2015 — 13:53
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