Thousands Of Gold Do Not Change Stunning Stunning Enamel Watch

Now everyone is no stranger to the material ‘enamel’. In addition to artwork, more and more brands are trying enamel in the creation of jewelry and watches. ‘Enamel’ is called ‘enamel’ in English. It is said that the two Chinese words originated from the pronunciation of the ancient Chinese name ‘fu’ in western China, and also because it originated from Persia.

Enamel watches are often expensive, because this craft needs to master the fire just right and the craftsmen themselves have extremely high skills and rich experience. For the industry and senior watch fans, if you see a watch’s dial is very shiny, but not colored, it is likely that it is a plain enamel dial. Many brands now use the ‘big fire enamel’, a process that doubles the value of watches because it is rare. It is painted in the same enamel several times during the firing process and then fired and cooled. It must be repeated three times to truly reach the perfect standard. Plain enamel, a few small flaws are very obvious, especially black enamel, the yield is extremely low, the price is high and the quantity is small.

Harry Winston Exotic Bird Theme Watch
WinHarry Winston’s first attempt to combine colored glaze with diamonds. This little-known technique combines traditional watchmaking and jewelry setting techniques, and finally creates beautiful and delicate works that are unique and contemporary. Exotic Birds maintains the classic and elegant square frame of the Avenue series. Under the rich color glaze and gem embellishment, it shows her natural elegance.
Exotic Birds There are four kinds of exotic bird themes, which are Parrot, Peacock, Phoenix and Pink Flamingo. The beautiful figure outlined by smooth lines is completely expressed on the small and exquisite dial, and with the colorful gesture of bird feathers, a pure and simple figurative picture is drawn, and it is casually splashed on the face and case. On the canvas, the rich and natural color glaze perfectly sets off the shining diamonds, which together present a splendid and gorgeous atmosphere, which is really fascinating.
之一 One of the characteristics of these four masterpieces is to reinterpret the gorgeous figure of tropical birds through jewellery setting. All Exotic Birds gems, round brilliant-cut diamonds, and sapphires are specially selected. Jewelry setters reproduce the subtle changes in the color of each bird’s feathers based on the nuances of the gemstone’s color. Precious stones and precious stones and glazes are harmoniously integrated, which is a time-consuming and painstaking masterpiece.
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterflies

The butterfly symbolizing the metamorphosis and renewal is the inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels for more than 100 years. Its figure once again rests on the magnificent new dial, and becomes a limited edition watch treasure.
Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterfly series applies new stained glass enamel technology for the first time. This technique freezes the beauty of butterflies on a three-dimensional dial with magnificent stained glass panes. The case with refined lines and pure individuality was created by Pierre Arpels in 1949 for the PA49 timepiece. The simple central buckle design adds to the richness of the dial. Because the case back is also exquisitely crafted, the watch owner can also enjoy the exquisite carving handwork on the back of the watch.

Blancpain Moon Phase Display Black Enamel Watch

The half-time zone 8-day power reserve watch not only allows the wearer to more accurately adjust the second time zone in a span of 30 minutes, but also has a power reserve of up to 8 days, which is very amazing. Hour scales are painted on the black dome-shaped black enamel dial, and the entire dial exudes different qualities. Compared to the white enamel plate, the success rate of this black enamel plate is lower, because in the production process of the black enamel plate, every little mistake is very obvious, so it is more expensive. In addition to the black enamel dial, this watch also has the characteristics of Blancpain. Long power, full calendar and moon phase display are the most classic Blancpain models.